The Wooten-Hyle Implement Company Ltd.

On December 29, 1909, the Shreveport Times carried this little paragraph in their paper, talking about a new business that had just organized in Monroe:

The Wooten Hyle Implement Company, Ltd., is a new concern just organized. The company will handle a full line of implements and machinery used on the farm. The Company will occupy a large three-story brick building to be erected adjacent to the V.S. & P. tracks. the officers of the new company are Guy P. Stubbs, president; George W. Hyle, vice president; J.R. Wooten, secretary and treasurer.

Articles in the Monroe News-Star in 1910 described the building as it was being built. It was on Third street, between Jefferson and DeSiard. It was modeled after the Monroe Furniture Company, had two floors and a basement and was 40×140 feet. Frank Masling was the contractor. By June of 1910, the employees were moving into the new building. Later ads boasted the had “Everything for the farm”.

Yesterday, a colleague showed me the below photo of the interior of the building, which she had found in our vertical files. It is only a photo copy, but was something I had never seen before. The site where it stood is now a parking lot. It is unknown when the business closed, but articles do say that Mr. Hyde sold his interest in the business to the Farm Supply Company in 1923.

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