Buick Goes Around the World

Back in 1924, Buick decided to take one of it’s cars on an around the world trip to prove that they are good cars and can take all driving conditions. On it’s trip it was passed from dealership to dealership with only a spare tire and gas. When it arrived back in New York, it was put on a traveling exhibition. In April, 1926 it made a stop in Monroe. When I saw this photo for sale on Ebay, I knew we had to have it for our collection. It was snapped in front of the City Hall and shows Mayor Bernstein, Mr. Lennon of Lennon Motors (Monroe’s Buick dealer at the time) and Tommie Russell, a Lennon Motors employee. The area Buick representative is also in the photo. Pretty neat little treasure, as there are few photos I have seen of this Buick. Some auto forums I have found online are of the opinion that it may have been sold after it was exhibited as a used car!


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