Downtown Monroe, 1972

Who would have thought that two photos of downtown Monroe in the summer of 1972, could be found in the collection of a New York art museum? The Metropolitan Museum of Art no less! Today, on the 151st anniversary of their opening, I thought I would share a Monroe item found in their collection!

The Met is the home of the collection of Stephen Shore, a nationally recognized photographer. You can read about him here:

Apparently, during the summer of 1972, he made a stop in Monroe, on his way to Amarillo, TX. You can read about that trip in the above Wikipedia article. Two of his photos he took that day you can view online on the Met’s webpage. The first appears to be a photo of Harrison Street showing the Francis Tower and a sign for Durrett’s Furniture.

The second photo in the collection seems to have been taken near the intersection of Walnut and DeSiard.

You can see the Endom bridge and Austin’s and Cotton buildings! Neat little snapshot of Monroe!

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