A Mealy Photo Mystery.

In the time around the Civil War, the Larkin Jamar family moved to Richland parish from Alabama. One of them went to Monroe to have E.W. Mealy take his photograph and I happened to acquire said image.

J.J. Jamar?

How do I know it is a Jamar family member? Written on the back is the name, J.J. Jamar. I have hunted through the census records, but nothing fits perfectly. However, there was one man in the family named Joseph Frederick Jamar. He was born in 1850, married his younger brother Abe’s widow and moved to Lonoke county, AR where he died in 1930. Could the above photo be Joseph? I don’t know. Still, it is a very interesting “likeness”! I almost expect him to speak from the photo, “I’m your huckleberry!”

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