Market House Restaurant

Picture of the front of the Market House Restaurant circa 1914. Taken from a newspaper clipping. None of the individuals are identified.

News-Star, December 16, 1911

The Market House Restaurant is conveniently located in the City Market House on DeSiard street and it is under the able and progressive management of the proprietor, Mr. Will Atkinson. This business was established by Mr. Atkinson five years ago, who is a man of large experience in the restaurant business and before coming to this city lived in Farmersville, which is in Union Parish. From a small beginning this restaurant is now classed as one of the most popular in Monroe. When Mr. Atkinson took hold of the place there were only eight seats and today there are eighteen. On Saturdays this place feeds not less than two or three hundred people and six experienced assistants are required. This is one of the oldest eating places in town and was pronounced by the State Board of Health in inspecting places in this city, as being the cleanest in the city. This inspection of the market House Restaurant has been made three or four times. Another special feature of this place is it is the only fire-proof restaurant in the city. Mr. Atkinson has just reasons to feel proud of his success.

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