Charter Members of the Monroe Chapter, N.A.A.C.P.

Monday, I found that the Library of Congress had the records of the N.A.A.C.P., including local level chapters. After consulting with my boss about it, she wrote them inquiring how to get copies of the Monroe documents. The next morning (yesterday) they were in her e-mail! We will be looking into getting the microfilm for our collection, but I was blown away by the first thing I found!

It seems Mr. N.S. Pierce wrote the organization on Dec. 6, 1925 to inquire how to join, and information on how to organize a local chapter. he was told he needed fifty charter members. Mr. Pierce gave the names of Louis Tillman and Lester and Aaron Jackson as persons who might be interested in helping locally. After a couple of letters asking if they needed anything else, it appears the matter was dropped. Then on April 22, 1926, Mr. S.B. Smith asked for materials on the organization that he could pass out and start organizing. Materials were sent. Sixty-three members gave $1 each to start a chapter in 1927. On Dec. 12, 1927 their application for charter was approved. The names of those sixty-three men and women are incredible. They are doctors, morticians, railroad workers, beauticians and even a housewife. See how many names you can recognize!

J.M. RowlandPlastererPresident
W.F. ShermanStockman I.C.R.R.Vice-President
J. Leo HardyInsuranceSecretary
A.L. BrunnerMerchantTreasurer
Dr. S.D. HillPhysician
Alex JohnsonMinister
L.A. JacksonInsurance
Dr. John T. MillerPhysician
John H. HodgeMechanic/Carpenter
Chas. I. RossInsurance
Anderson SurryAdvance Boiler Maker M.P.R.R.
C.H. MyersMechanic M.P.R.R.
Rev. B.R. JacksonMinister M.E. Church
Jessie GoinsMerchant
James S. WashingtonLocomotive Fireman I.C. R.R.
P.J. ThompsonMerchant Ice Man
Kelso GrahamCotton Sampler/Carpenter
Southard RaimeyGrocer
Geo. WrightMachinist Helper I.C.R.R.
John W. BrooksFireman Cotton Mill
Foster m. BrooksMerchant
Mrs. C.H. MyersHair Dresser
W.M. JacksonInsurance Agent
Walter ClaggettCook
S.C. LamotheUndertaker
W.D. WrightInsurance Agent
Geo. W. ChatmanInsurance
Geo. W. HastonBrakeman A.L. & M. R.R.
John A. BeckwithContractor
Mrs. A.L. BrunnerFormer Teacher
Outtz, R.W.Brakeman M.P.R.R.
Raymond O. PiercePharmacist
David HodgeInsurance Agent
W.W. BrownInsurance
Chas. ColvinProprietor Cig. & Billiard Hall
Dr. J.C. RoyDentist
Dr. J.B. ThompsonD.D.S. [Dentist]
Dr. G. McClanahanPhysician
J.E. ReidDruggist
C.W. WhiteTransfer Man
G.H. WashingtonJeweler
Willis B. YoungProprietor Barber Shop
R.L. PierceClerk
Joe DuncanBarber
B.D. LoperBarber
Dave PriceBarber
Henry WilliamsUndertaker
A.C. ThompsonBarber
I.B. JanuaryTailor
(Mrs.) L.E. LamotheEmbalmer
Rev. L.E. CraigMinister C.M.E. Church
H.O. BrownChef Cook
Chas. BaskingChauffeur
Wm. MedlockContractor
Chris RoggersonSwitchman
R.H. BurnsHotel Proprietor
Mrs. M.G. MillerHouse Wife
John CarterBrakeman
Joseph HobsonBrakeman
L.O. RodgersMerchant
Wilber N. ReidClerk
Wyley WhiteFarmer
John W. WestGrocer

Just to add a note. I am still going through the papers and I am just incredibly shocked at the amount of history I am seeing and I am not all the way through it. There are membership lists, correspondence with Thurgood Marshall (!!!!), copies of programs held… a keyhole light on race relations in the 20’s and 30’s. I am REALLY impressed with a man that keeps being mentioned over and over in the papers as being brave and one of the real movers and shapers of that early movement, Mr. C. H. Myers, mentioned above as one of the charter members. He later became Chapter president. I can find NO mention of him (his first name was Charles) in any of the books about our African-American history. I don’t even know when he passed away or where he is buried! I wanna know more about this man!

I am having a medical procedure tomorrow, so won’t be posting until next week so I can recover. Be safe, wear your mask, and I’ll be back Monday!

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