Steamboat Landing on the Ouachita – Circa 1905

This is a postcard I bought on Ebay. It shows the steamboat Frank B. Hayne at a landing somewhere in Monroe (Pine street maybe?). The postcard was written on the back with a date of 1912. The image though, has to be a bit older than that.

The Frank B. Hayne was built in Jeffersonville, Indiana in 1904 for the John P. Parker line (hence the big “P” between the smokestacks). It had the machinery from the old Parlor City steamboat (built in 1892) that had sunk in 1902 at New Orleans due to a collision with the Natchez. The Hayne ran up and down the Ouachita river until it was sold in 1908 and renamed the Alice B. Miller. She burned at Vicksburg in 1915.

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