Chee Chee: A Real Jailbird!

Back in 1930, the following article was published in the News-Star. It tells about an unlikely mascot of the Ouachita Parish jail!

News-Star, June 27, 1930, Page 14


Chee Chee, pet of the Ouachita parish jail, has gained his freedom. He finished serving his term yesterday afternoon and was released.

By blood Chee Chee is a wild Mallard duck. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t know he is supposed to be wild and isn’t. He made one of the best pets the jail has ever had. He paddled around after the inmates as fast as his legs could carry him when taken out of his box. Although he came from a wild Mallard egg, Chee Chee was hatched by a chicken hen and immediately thereafter was adopted by his owner, W.W. Guillory, trusty at the jail, who was serving a term for a liquor law violation.

Guillory was released from the jail several days ago. he did not take the little duck with him on leaving, thinking he might leave him there for a jail mascot. After a few days, however, he said he felt lonesome without him and returned to take him home. The duck is now more than twice as big as it was when placed in the jail about six weeks ago.

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