Fidelity Bottling Works

On one of my history Facebook groups I am a member of, someone posted a picture of bottles they had from the Fidelity Bottling Works in Monroe. I only found a couple of ads in the 1917 papers. I looked in our City Directories and only found it mentioned in our directories from the 1910’s. It was gone by the 1921 directory. It’s address was listed as 106 Adams, Wm. G. Mattei proprietor. It was apparently located in the area where the bus barn is now.

One thought on “Fidelity Bottling Works

  1. I would like to show you a bottle from the Fidelity Bottling Works I found on the bank of the Ouachita River. I, too, have been struggling to find any information on it but it is a beautiful piece work but the top was missing. It is in the process of being repurposed into a thick glass jar.

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