Monroe Residents Assured of Life After Death.

The Richland Beacon-News, October 5, 1895, Page 1


Gail Hamilton declares that recently she fell on the floor in her room in a deadly swoon and felt that she was dying. While in that condition her two brothers, long since dead, appeared to her and seemed glad to see her. She believes that it was an appearance from the spirit world.

This reminds us of a similar instance Uncle Bob McClendon told us at the Calhoun fair, that two weeks before he was lying at the point of death. In fact, the doctors and all his family had given him out and he believed his time had come to “cross the river.” While in that condition, a sort of comatose condition which often procedes [sic] dissolution, he said all his old acquaintances, neighbors, relatives and friends, long since dead, gathered around his bedside, and seemed to welcome him to the spirit land. they came in one after the other, some were difficult to recognize but something would occur to make him recall his long-departed friend. After awhile these shadowy visitors quickly departed and he unexpectedly got better. Uncle Bob said they all seemed to be contented and happy and he had no fear of the change which so many of us dread.

Our friend, E.T. Lankim [sic: Lamkin], tells us that his little son, Willie [Willis Lamkin, died August 24, 1895], clearly indicated just before death that he saw a throng of angels and recognized among them Mr. Lamkin’s mother, who died in 1875, and whom Willie knew only by her photograph.

Who shall solve these mysteries for us? They can hardly be explained as dreams or coincidences. But if they are dreams they are certainly very beautiful and charming dreams. – Monroe Bulleting. [sic].

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