Windmill at Forsythe

Did you know that Forsythe Park once had a big windmill? It was built to hide something.

In the February 20, 1930 issue of the Monroe News-Star was the following article:

Windmill at Forsythe

Monroe citizens yesterday read with approval that the city is building a rustic windmill enclosing the salt water well at Forsythe park. the windmill will be of the old Dutch style and will be built chiefly of concrete blocks saved from street building work. The blocks are of irregular shapes and sizes and will the structure the appearance of having been erected of natural stone.
The windmill will add much to the beauty of Forsythe park and at the same time cover an ugly spot in the park’s broad expanse. Monroe citizens appreciate the city’s efforts to steadily improve the appearance of the parks and streets.

After reading the above article, an anonymous writer suggested a bronze tablet be put inside it in memory of Mayor Forsythe. The city thought it was a great idea and plans were made for one with the Mayor’s name and the date the well was drilled.

After it was built, this cute article about the windmill was found:

People who observe the windmill at Forsythe Park under various conditions state that they can, in their fancy, see it take on the wry face of a country school girl, with, by further stretch of fancy, the blades of the windmill forming streamers of a hair ribbon such as were worn some years ago.

Unfortunately, the October 18, 1937 News-Star announced that heavy rain had weakened the foundation of the windmill. A sinkhole had opened. It was now a public menace, and the order was given to tear it down.

Forsythe Park Windmill

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