Plum Street School – 1952-53

This is another one added from the Brinsmade collection recently donated. The ladies are all identified in the description. Maybe you haven’t heard of the Plum Street School. That is because in 1961, it was renamed Clara Hall Elementary!

One thought on “Plum Street School – 1952-53

  1. My mother taught elementary music at Clara Hall in the 70s & 80s and knew Eleona Brinsmaid and probably some of these teachers. As a side note about teachers: At that time, music teachers made the rounds to five or more schools each week, carrying books, instruments and other supplies in and out of classrooms and in and out of their cars. It was a lot of work but my mom loved what she did until she was forced to retire at 67 (with 38 years of teaching) from a broken back.

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