Isaiah Garrett Donations

A couple of days before the hurricane, a lady came into the library to meet my boss and I. She had some photos, books and documents she wanted to give to us. As I looked at them, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

Yep. That is a book owned by Isaiah Garrett! That is his signature too! It is chocked full of his notes in the margins!

This one I have posted before. It is Isaiah’s son Franklin in front of his law office in the 1890’s. North Carolina has one too and I posted a link to it when I found it. Now we have an original copy too, which will be added to our Digital Database!

This one comes with a puzzle. It once hung in the Garrett Law office when it was a museum. It is an original letter from Isaiah along with his business card. The puzzle is the picture. The family has always maintained the photo is Isaiah in his West Point uniform when he graduated in 1833. My immediate thought is that photography was in it’s infancy. Highly unlikely it was a photo from that time. The uniform isn’t quite right. The only son of his who went to a military school was his youngest, Thomas Abel Garrett. He attended VMI for a couple of years in the early 1870’s before he left to attend Law school in Germany. That man’s uniform looks just like a VMI uniform. Is is Thomas? Don’t know.

This next one made me gasp.

“This book was on the Buckeye when she sank.” I was shocked. Wow. Just…WOW.

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