Portraits in the Collection of the Louisiana Law Library

Did you know that several prominent Monroe names have portraits in the Louisiana Law Library? Some of them have been put online.

John Theodore Ludeling, Monroe lawyer and Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court. He built Sycamore Hall: https://louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/lasc-justicesportraits%3A46

Samuel Douglas McEnery, Monroe’s first Governor of Louisiana and a U.S. Senator: https://louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/lasc-justicesportraits%3A54

Frederick G. “Fred” Hudson, Monroe lawyer, District Attorney and co founding partner in Hudson, Potts and Bernstein Law Firm. Hudson Lane is named for him. He owned Sycamore Hall after Ludeling’s death.: https://louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/lasc-nonjusticesportraits%3A25

This one was misidentified at Francis Palmer Stubbs. This is actually his father, Col. Francis Peter Stubbs, Sr. After I caught the error, I notified the Law Library and they (after checking their records) are going to correct it. He was a commander in the Pelican Greys and was a leading Monroe lawyer: https://louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/lasc-nonjusticesportraits%3A48

Judge William Napoleon Potts, Monroe lawyer and judge of the 5th District Court. Co founding partner in Hudson, Potts and Bernstein Law Firm: https://louisianadigitallibrary.org/islandora/object/lasc-nonjusticesportraits%3A37

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