Albert Gourville Breard (1892 – 1953) and woman.

This little boy comes from the illustrious Breard and Filhiol families. His parents were Robert M. and Heloise A Filhiol Breard. The African-American lady with him is unidentified but was most likely his nanny. Her eyes caught me as soon as I saw the photo. She is decked out in her Sunday finest, wearing earrings and rings. Who was this lady? On the 1900 Ouachita Parish census, we find Seven year old Albert’s household. Included in the home is an 80 year old servant woman named Mariah Reed. Her race is listed as white, but maybe…just maybe…

One thought on “Albert Gourville Breard (1892 – 1953) and woman.

  1. I noticed this woman, and I was like WOW! What an esteemed woman to have her photo taken with her charge!!! I thought that was wonderful!! Honored her!!!

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