Christopher Hunt Dabbs

The first photo I would like to highlight is the patriarch of all the Dabbs family in Ouachita Parish. Dr. Christopher Hunt Dabbs:

He came to Monroe during the 1830’s and set out his shingle. He married Julia Washington Muse, a descendant of the Filhiol family, in 1845. They were the parents of several children, whose photos are scattered in this collection. Julia’s image is not noted in the album. She may be among the several unidentified women in this collection.

Dr. Dabbs served as Monroe’s mayor in 1858 and also on the Town Council. He died in 1868 but his grave is unmarked. His wife and children are buried in St. Matthew Catholic Cemetery. Dr. Dabbs wasn’t Catholic. He could still be there, however, or in the Old City Cemetery. We may never know.

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