George E. Breece Lumber Company

This one comes from the Ouachita Parish Public Library collection and was labeled ” Breece Sawmill”. I am not so sure. I think it is the same mill, but a much older company on the site. The site of this particular lumber mill is now Grayling Lane in Monroe. Some of the Lumber companies that have existed at this site:

1893: Sheets Lumber Company
1897: Monroe Lumber Company
1907: Grayling Lumber Company
1924: G.E. Breece Lumber Company (the son of the owner, George, Jr., became Monroe mayor!)
1935: Superior Lumber Company

That photo looks much older than the 1920’s. If it is correctly identified (i.e. the site in the photo DID become Breece) which of the three earlier businesses is it? We may never know.

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