Northeast Louisiana During the Civil War

Google books is a beautiful thing! I found this book: Tuesday night and I am fascinated by it! Basically, it is full of testimony of people living in Northeast Louisiana (and South Arkansas) during the Civil War talking about Federal and Confederate raids in the area. The widow of John Calderwood was suing the Federal Government for compensation of burned cotton she alleged had been burned by Federal soldiers that came through Monroe. Now why was she doing that when so many others lost so much? Calderwood was a British subject, not an American! The testimony is fascinating. I found out there were three raids on Monroe by Federal forces, none of which shelled Monroe. The names testifying are incredible! Bry, LeBaum, McFee, Ray, Vinson, etc… I even read testimony from Sidney Saunders! If you are interested in Civil War history of Monroe, go check it out!

BTW, it seems from what I read, Federal troops didn’t burn but they did confiscate cotton to take north to sell. It was the infamous troops of “Dog Smith” who burned cotton to keep it going into the hands of Federals! The testimony hints he could be paid off to turn a blind eye though. Really fascinating stuff!

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