Past Presidents of ULM

I thought it would be a great time to compile a list of past University of Louisiana at Monroe presidents since we are in the middle of selecting a new one. In it’s almost ninety year history, the college has had eight presidents. Number nine will soon be named. They are:

Dr. Clyde C. Colvert 1931 – 1944

Dr. William Rodney Cline 1944 – 1950

Lewis Cecil Slater 1950 – 1958

Dr. George T. Walker 1958 – 1976

Dr. Dwight D. Vines 1976 – 1991

Lawson L. Swearingen 1991 – 2001

Dr. James E. Cofer 2002 – 2010

Dr. Nick J. Bruno 2010 – 2020

To learn more about their lives, see: and

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