One of The Oldest Ouachita Parish Obituaries I Have Found

I am testing a new newspaper database and had it search for Ouachita related articles. I found an obituary, written in French, in the Courrier de la Louisiane (New Orleans) August 13, 1821, Page 3 for Marie Agnes Suzeneau Bry, the first wife of Henry Bry. A transcript of the article is given below, along with a (very rough!) translation by Google Translate:

Necrologe – (Communique)

Est decede au Ouachita, le 24 Juillet, Melle. Seuzeneau, espouse de Mr. Henry Bry, aprs quelqu’heures de souffrances et au moment de voir naitre son huitime enfant.  Les bonnes qualities de Mde. Bry lui firent de nombreux amis qui la regreteront longtems.  Elle laisse cinq aimables enfans dont deux en age de sentir la perte qu’ils viennent de faire, et un mari dont une absence suspend le coup qui le frapera a son retour.

     Ellefut portee dans sa tombe environ trente heures apres qu’elle expira:  ceremonie qui fut tres sensigble a tous ceux qui y assisterent ou qui l’apprient.

     Mr. Bry a perdu une bonne et vertueuse epouse, ses enfants une bonne mere et la societe une partie de son ornement.


Obituary – (Communique)

Died in Ouachita, July 24, Miss. Seuzeneau, wife of Mr. Henry Bry, after a few hours of suffering and at the time of the birth of her eighth child. The good qualities of Mde. Bry made many friends who will long regret her. She leaves five kind children don’t two old enough to feel the loss they have just made, and a husband don’t have an absence suspends the blow which will hit him on his return.

     She was carried to her grave about thirty hours after she expired: a ceremony that was very sensitive to all who attended or learned it.

     Mr. Bry lost a good and virtuous wife, his children a good mother and society part of his ornament.

Wow. Just…WOW! This gives us an exact date and place of death, how many children she bore and how many were still living! She apparently died due to childbirth complications, which was common back then. It also sounds like Henry was out of town when his wife died. Ouch. BTW, she was buried in the Bry family cemetery (at Layton Castle) next to her husband.

In 1823, Henry would marry a Tennille daughter (Nancy) and have several more children.

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