The Monroe Cook Book is now online!

Back on Halloween, I told you about a priceless artifact in our collection that was around 114 (now 115 or so!) years old. I thought it would never be scanned because of it’s age and fragility. Well, my boss did it!

Some of the names and businesses are incredible! There is no date on this and we can find no mention of it in Louisiana state newspapers. I immediately noticed R.M. Filhiol’s name as a director of the Ouachita National Bank (2nd page of this document). That was Roland Filhiol who died in 1906. This dates the book to around 1905 or so. The women who submitted recipes went by their husband’s names. You will see some VERY big names here! I indexed them all and give page numbers if you would like to see a particular lady’s submission!

Morgan, W. (Miss)1
“A Friend”23, 45, 79
Ammans, Julia (Miss)35
Anderson, E.W. (Mrs.)58
Apgar, H.D. (Mrs.)47
Baer, I. (Mrs.)27
Baer, Leopold (Mrs.)3
Ball, John (Mrs.)45
Ball, M.E. (Mrs.)5
Beard, J.C. (Mrs.)73
Behrem, F.B. (Miss)42
Benton, T. O. (Mrs.)59
Bernstein, Arnold (Mrs.)35
Bigger, Hugh (Mrs.)13
Bovenkalman, L.J. (Mrs.)31
Bradley, Bessie (Miss)42
Bradley, J.B. (Mrs.)58
Brantley, E.O. (Mrs.)21
Breard, D’ Armond (Mrs.)9
Breard, J.M. (Mrs.)15
Breard, R.M. (Mrs.)2
Brooks, A.J. (Mrs.)19
Brown, Mrs.54
Bynum, W. (Mrs.)49
Byrds (Mrs.)63
Carruth, G.N. (Mrs.)19
Cohn, Leon (Mrs.)54
Collins, Sadie (Miss)69
Copeland, G.W. (Mrs.)18
Cossman, F.J.63
Davis (Mrs.)9
Davis, Elma (Miss)51
Davis, Pearl (Miss)51
Deland, O.W. (Mrs.)42
Dixon, C.T. (Mrs.)65
Downs, Geo. (Mrs.)33
Duff, W.H. (Mrs.)43
Duffy, P.J. (Mrs.)7
Emanual, Ida (Mrs.)14
Endom, Louise (Miss)61
Evans, H.T. (Mrs.)75
Evans, M.K. (Mrs.)65
Faulk, Beatrice B.71
Faulk, C.T. (Mrs.)54
Faulk, M.O. (Mrs.)34
Faulkner, Janie (Miss)61
Faulkner, M.D. (Mrs.)30
Fauntleroy, C. (Mrs.)50
Felkner, C.F. (Mrs.)14
Ferry, Ed (Mrs.)49
Ficher, R. (Mrs.)7
Fisher, Mamie (Mrs.)23
Flournoy, T.E. (Mrs.)34
Fluker, B.K. (Mrs.)30
Forsythe, A.A. (Mrs.)71
Fox, W.B. (Mrs.)62
Friedlander, S. (Mrs.)42
Fuller, S.L. (Mrs.)21
Fury, J.L. (Mrs.)19
Ganier, G. (Miss)11
George (Mrs.)35
Gimler, L.J. (Mrs.)11
Girod, C.C. (Mrs.)41
Glen, Walker (Mrs.)53
Godwin, Frank (Mrs.)22
Goldman, Simon (Mrs.)34
Gordon, W.L. (Mrs.)69
Green (Miss)67
Green, D.C. (Mrs.)57
Green, Katherine (Miss)75
Guerriero, L. (Mrs.)77
Gunby, Andrew A. (Mrs.)6
Haas, Sig (Mrs.)57
Hall, L.E. (Mrs.)37
Hanna, J.55
Hartley, C.P., Jr. (Mrs.)79
Heinberg, I. (Mrs.)38
Herring, Andrew (Mrs.)50
Herring, John (Mrs.)47
Hilton, (Mrs.)21
Hilton, E.R. (Mrs.)14
Hilton, Mathilde (Miss)34
Hudspeth (Mrs.)45
Illingsworth, J.B. (Mrs.)22
James, K. (Miss)51
Johnson, J.J. (Mrs.)27
Johnson, Mary (Miss)22
Johnson, S.A. (Mrs.)37
Johnston, W.P. (Mrs.)71
Jones, Benson (Mrs.)27
Jones, W.L. (Mrs.)79
Kahn (Mrs.)39
Kahn, Elise (Miss)13
Kaliski, Emile (Mrs.)15
Kaliski, Marcus (Mrs.)41
Keith, J.W. (Mrs.)67
Keller, A. (Mrs.)6
Keller, John G. (Mrs.)34
Kern, Fannie (Miss)3
Kern, Joe, Jr. (Mrs.)26
King, T.A. (Mrs.)51
Kuhn, I. (Mrs.)53
La Baum (Mrs.)58
Larkin, J.E. (Mrs.)55
Latsch, A. (Mrs.)31
Lawton, Minnie (Miss)38
Lemle, Julius (Mrs.)26
Levy, S. (Mrs.)53
Lively, C.H. (Mrs.)33
Loftin, E.L. (Mrs.)77
Loftin, Lola S.41
Malaine, W. (Mrs.)42
Malikowski, P. (Mrs.)62
Mangham, Joe (Mrs.)2
Marx, Corrine (Miss)77
Marx, Evelyn (Miss)42
Marx, Jake (Mrs.)17
Marx, Rosalie (Miss)77
Marx, Sig (Mrs.)46
Marx, Sol (Mrs.)77
Masur, Clara (Miss)77
Masur, Pauline (Miss)18
Matterson, Ed. (Mrs.)14
Matthews, I.H. (Mrs.)5
McCabe, J.G. (Mrs.)55
McCabe, J.H. (Mrs.)67
McCarthy, L. (Mrs.)38
McCormick, J.H. (Mrs.)46
McCoy (Mrs.)25
McCranie, C.A. (Mrs.)2
McDonald, Mary (Mrs.)61
McEnery, H.C. (Mrs.)75
McGrath, Lizzie69
McHenry, M.A. (Mrs.)47
McMullen, Frank (Mrs.)26
Meyer, L. (Mrs.)62
Mire (Mrs.)2
Monk, R. (Mrs.)43
Montgomery, J.C. (Mrs.)65
Moore, F. (Mrs.)41
Moore, John G. (Mrs.)17
Morgan, F. (Mrs.)54
Mounger, J.E. (Mrs.)53
Mulder, J.H. (Mrs.)39
Muller, W.A. (Mrs.)25
Nelson, R.J. (Mrs.)41
Newman, C.D. (Mrs.)33
O’Kelly, Jennie (Miss)13
Oliver, E.S. (Mrs.)61
O’Reily, P. (Mrs.)69
Osterman, Frank (Mrs.)55
Parker, Charlie (Mrs.)23
Pettit, F. (Mrs.)35
Prewett, M.E. (Mrs.)7
Prichard, D.M. (Mrs.)33
Prichard, Olive (Mrs.)50
Prichard, R.C. (Mrs.)8
Quarrels, H.E. (Mrs.)39
Rabun, M. (Mrs.)41
Ray, H.C. (Mrs.)73
Renaud, A. (Mrs.)8
Renwick, J. (Mrs.)7
Roberts, W.V. (Mrs.)6
Rolleigh, Eugene (Mrs.)21
Rosenblum, H. (Mrs.)34
Roth, W. (Mrs.)73
Sanchez, F.T. (Mrs.)37
Saurel (Mrs.)25
Scales, S.J. (Mrs.)30
Schuster, Carrie (Miss)31
Sherron, W.W. (Mrs.)43
Shipp, W.H. (Mrs.)67
Sholars, Allan (Mrs.)25
Smimh (Smith?), J.A. (Mrs.)58
Smith, C. (Mrs.)65
Smith, Helen (Miss)18
Sparks, R.C. (Mrs.)39
Spaugh, John (Mrs.)23
Spaugh, Marvin (Mrs.)53
Stack, Maggie (Miss)3
Stafford, J.M. (Mrs.)49
Starts, B. (Miss)53
Stephenson, J.M. (Mrs.)22
Stevenson, D.M. (Mrs.)14
Stewart, Almeda30
Stubbs, F.P. (Mrs.)57
Stubbs, Lida (Miss)61
Sublett, W.B. (Mrs.)5
Sugar, Callie G.69
Surghnor, Graham (Mrs.)18
Surghnor, M.F. (Mrs.)1
Swayze, D. (Mrs.)37
Taylor, Warren (Mrs.)31
Tew, E.C. (Mrs.)37
Theobalds, A.E. (Mrs.)17
Thomas, Calvin (Mrs.)33
Tillman, M. (Mrs.)55
Van Emburgh, M. (Mrs.)38
Vaughan, Henry (Mrs.)73
Vollman (Mrs.)79
Walker, S. (Mrs.)67
Walker, W.A. (Mrs.)54
Ware, J.T. (Mrs.)7
Watkins, M.A. (Mrs.)22
Watson, W. (Mrs.)26
Weaks, Geo. (Mrs.)3
Webb, R.P. (Mrs.)27
Webb, T.T. (Mrs.)9
Weil, S.D. (Mrs.)46
Welch, J.W. (Mrs.)21
Westenberger, G.L. (Mrs.)18
Windes, Eugene (Mrs.)49
Windes, John (Mrs.)9
Wood, G.L. (Mrs.)62
Young, Ada M. (Mrs.)46

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