Ouachita Parish Funeral Notices

Back in the late 1800’s, Monroe’s newspapers were only published weekly. As a result, if you depended on the newspaper to find out about local funerals, it would already be too late to attend. An ingenious solution was found. Flyers, called funeral notices, were created and passed out to family and friends to inform them of the details of a loved-ones’s funeral. They were also pasted around town. They are very rare to find. The Ouachita Parish Public Library has a small collection of them and they are now online:

Anna Liddell, died June 16, 1884:

Mary Isabella Sanders, died August 7, 1888:

Mrs. Melinda T. Layton, died January 31, 1892:

Robert Layton, M.D., died January 24, 1892:

Mrs. St. Julienne Tennille Moore, died November 23, 1896:

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