An Early Ouachita Parish Graduating Class

Oh this one is super frustrating. A label on the photo states it was the photo of Maude Rogers, Parish School Graduation. There is where the trail runs cold. I’ve tried imputing Maude’s name in the search to see if there are any graduation announcements, but no luck. The Ouachita Parish High School (original one) was built in 1895. Our newspapers are gone from 1890 to 1909. The clothing looks like that time period. I don’t even know where it was taken! The few graduation articles I did find in state papers said the ceremonies were sometimes held at the opera house (Sugar Brothers? Garretson’s?) or at the High School Auditorium. I’m stumped!

2 thoughts on “An Early Ouachita Parish Graduating Class

  1. Is this Lora Peppers? If so this is Lee Carbrey, Jr. We emailed some a few years ago on the John C Roger’s and wife’s killing (also Nick Milling) and the resulting lynchings. If so I am sending another photo to your email address ( I am reading this page: The photo I am sending you has some of the names but others are cut off. It is of the Ouachita Parish High School Graduating Class of 1904. I think it was from the newspaper looking at the quality of the photo. Maude Rogers was the Great Granddaughter of the John C Rogers mentioned above. My wife is a descendent of the Rogers and I believe that her grandmother drew the arrow on the scan I am sending you via email.


  2. Miss Zemma Haynes, Miss Lottie Grant, Miss Mattie McClendon, Miss Boyce Sadler, Miss Maude Rogers, R. B. Stevens, Fred Millsaps, Bruton Dawkins, Carl and/or Armand McHenry and probably Miss Sara Nixon and Miss Dorothy Parker should be most or all graduates of the Ouachita Parish High School Graduating Class of 1904.


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