How the Community of Luna Got It's Name.

When you drive south down Highway 557 in Southwest Ouachita Parish, you may see a sign for the unincorporated community of Luna. Have you ever wondered how the community got it’s name? Among Dr. Williams’ papers I found a one page document written by Ms. Eva J. Gewin about how Luna got it’s name.

Back in 1967, Ms Gewin relates, she was visited by a cousin, Mrs. Gatah Campbell Colbert and her son. Mrs. Colbert was compiling a family history book. Mrs. Colbert was the daughter of Naomie Jordan Campbell, who lived around the turn of the century in the area.

Mrs. Campbell was frustrated by the poor mail service in the area. She was homesick, and could only communicate with her distant family through the mail. The mailman on horseback, only visited the area two or three times a week. She decided to write a letter and complain to Washington about the poor service. The reply soon came back. If she could submit a community name that wasn’t already in use, they would establish a post office at her place and make her postmistress. Twice she submitted community names and twice the reply came back, “Already in use.” Thus frustrated, Mrs. Campbell decided to think about it for a few days.

A few days later, as she was cooking on her stove and thinking over things, she opened the oven door to place some cornbread in to cook. There, something caught her eye. A small label with the stove name was affixed to the inside, “Luna”. That would be a good name to submit! She did and it was accepted. In 1897, Mrs. Campbell became the first postmaster/mistress of the newly named community of Luna!

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