4 thoughts on “One of the First Children Born at St. Francis Hospital.

  1. I was born at St. Francis Hospital in 1934. My mother received her nursing training there, and my uncle was Robert William O’Donnell, MD. I was told he was a surgeon there. Is there any information on Dr. O’Donnell available?


    1. There is one picture of the 1929 staff of St. Francis in our collection. There is also his obituary in the News Star, which we have on microfilm. That is all I can think of at the moment, but I will continue to look!


      1. Thanks. I was told that Dr. O’Donnell’s family held a significant position in New Orleans society, that his father and brother (Alex) were judges. My aunt, Jane Mae Conway, was Doctor’s second marriage and was a nurse there at St. Francis. The family lore is that his family never accepted her because of her lower status in society. They had 2 sons. He had 3 daughters from his first marriage. I was born there at St. Francis in 1934.


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