Claire Lee Chennault

I’m just SO excited! I’m getting way ahead of the department by posting this, but I couldn’t wait! I took these two photos with my cell phone, so sorry about the poor quality! We received several scrapbooks from a local organization and my boss is in the process of going through, documenting each page, then salvaging what she can from them. It is a very long process, but everything (or most of it) will be available online in the future. I’ll let you know when. She is nowhere near done! She called me up one morning to show me two photos she had just found and my jaw dropped! The first one is General Claire Lee Chennault leading in a member of the Royal Court of the Louisiana Purchase Ball reenactment, May 1953. It was held as part of the Junior Charity League’s annual convention that year. I’ll post the second photo next to it tomorrow!

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