Tonga Lounge

This second shirt I found on Trenton brought back a strong memory, even though I never walked in the doors that I remember. I was too young!

As a kid, I loved the Twin City Mall. My favorite bookstore was in a corner of it and I just loved wandering around the shops with my parents. My most vivid memory of the mall was two mysterious heavy wooden doors that kids were not allowed to go in. Being forbidden, it just made it all the more mysterious. I would stand outside and wait for someone to open those doors so I could get a peek at what was inside. I remember how dim and dark it looked and the smoky air that billowed out. That was my introduction to the Tonga Lounge. I never got to try their famous Scorpion drink. Tonga died when the mall closed and I never got old enough to go inside. The Tonga lives on in the memory of Monroe residents, and I will smile every time I put on this shirt!

Front cover of a Tonga Island menu.

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