The King Comes to the Twin Cities

Ad from a 1955 local newspaper.

Hank Snow was nothing to sneeze at. If you know Country music, you know Hank as one of the big founding Opry stars. He was inducted into the Canadian and American Country Music Halls of Fame. He was a big star back in the 1950’s. But, if you read a little further in the above ad, listed in much smaller print was a small opening act for the concert. Yep. Elvis Presley with band mates Bill and Scotty. Hank had taken the talented trio on his tour as an opening act. He made a big mistake though. He introduced the young man to Tom Parker. The rest is history. This would be a mistake Hank would regret the rest of his life. It was the first time the King would visit Ouachita Parish, but wasn’t his last! When he came back, you can rest assured he had top billing!

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