1922 Squeedunk – Downtown Monroe

Never heard of the Squeedunk yearbook? Well, that is because it eventually was renamed the Monroyan. That’s right, this was the yearbook for the old Monroe City High School. This 1922 yearbook had a drawing of DeSiard Street from Endom Bridge. You can even see a trolley car coming up the road!

3 thoughts on “1922 Squeedunk – Downtown Monroe

  1. My mother in law was cleaning out the attic of her childhood home recently and discovered a Monroe City High School ‘Squeedunk’ class of 1925 yearbook! It was so neat looking through it! We are located in northeast Alabama and the 100 year old home has been in her family for 80 years, they have no idea how it could have gotten there or whose it was. My google search of the school brought me here. So neat.


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