OPPL Photo Index, Part II

501Bayou DeSiard – one photo dated 11/14/1946; some others taken of algae overgrowth
502NY Hardware & Furniture Co. -625 DeSiard St. – photos taken 10/28/1980
503Community Band
504Houseboats on Ouachita River 
505Ouachita National Bank Building – 1986
506Monroe, LA
507Barrow, Clyde – tombstone
508Parker, Bonnie – tombstone
509Eros Methodist Church – photos 1986
510Anders Residence, Monroe, LA
511Paper mill in Hodge, LA
512OPHS Class of 1939 Reunion – decorations and notes on those who prepared them
513The Palace
514Little Red Schoolhouse, Monroe, LA – 710 Stubbs Street
515Georgia Tucker Elementary School (Color photos)A, B, C, D (new #515)
516Jackson Street, Monroe, LA – Homes of Bernstein & Easterling c. 1914
*517Salt Water Gas Wellpostcard
518Austin’s Restaurant – Old Western Union Building
519Adminisration Building, Northeast Center of LSU, Monroe, LA
520Ruston State Bank hot air balloon – Nov. 1985
521Methodist Church, Chatham, LA – Nov. 20, 1984
522Dalley Lodge, Chatham, LA – Nov. 1984
523New Orleans, LA – International Trade Mart 1986
524Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA – St. Louis Cathedral 1986
525JAX Brewery, New Orleans, LA – 1986
526New Orleans, LA Historical Marker – founded & named by Bienville in 1718
527The Steamer “New Orleans” – Historical Marker
*528Brownville, LA – 1932 Flood – photo by Jaredpostcard
529Methodist Church, West Monroe, LA 
530St. Matthew’s Church, Monroe, LA 
531E. A. Conway Memorial Charity Hospital, Monroe, LA
532New Baptist Church, Monroe, LApostcard with 1 cent stamp
533Presbyterian Church, Monroe, LA – old photopostcard with 1 cent stamp ?? No stamp on card in envelope
534Frances Hotel – 1947 photo, 1986 photos, fall photo
535Miller- Roy Building – 1001 DeSiard & 10th Street – built in 1929 -named after 2 Af-Am doctors
536Union Oil Mill – photos
538Monroe postcards
539DeMoin Motel, West Monroe, LA
540Monroe TraveLodge,  401 Grammont Street
541See 54Apostcard
542Grammont Street, Monroe, LA – Birds-eye view, Monroe, LA
543Mardi Gras – early 1900s – masked adults
544Breese Lumber Yard Sawmilloriginal to SC
545Sandel Library NLU – Nov 1980
546Holiday Inn
547Henry Bry Park Stone – May 7, 1983 – commemorates 4th District  Judicial Judges-110 DeSiard St.
548American Legion Hall – snow picture
549Menyweather, Mr. & Mrs.  (Thomas & Frances)
550George, Jorga Barkham
551NLU sign – Nov 1980 – 700 University Ave., Monroe, LA
552Temple B’Nai Israel 
553Pagoda Restaurant, formerly Hollywood Restaurant – corner of No. 4th & Hudson Lane, Monroe
554Mills Sr., George Lee – photographer E. W. Mealy
555Mills, Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” – photographer E. W. Mealy
556Temple B’Nai Israel 
557Mills, Belle
558McClain Family Monument – Old City Cemetery, Monroe, LA
559Stubbs family headstones – Mary Church, Margaret Linton, Frank, Ella, Virginia, Francis
560Fenski; Terzia headstones – Old City Cemetery, Bastrop, LA
561Lee, Capt. Thompson Wood – headstone Old City Cemetery, Monroe, LA
562Jewish Cemetery – Monroe, LA – Strauss, Lowenburg
563Confederate Monument- Old City Cemetery, Monroe, LA
564Saunders, Sidney W. (1848-1889) Monument – Old City Cemetery, Monroe, LA
565Richardson, William Wall – Old City  Cemetery, Monroe, LA
566Kelly, Henry W. – Old City Cemetery, Bastrop, LA
567Schraag, Jacob F.  Headstone (Died June 15, 1873) – Old City Cemetery, Monroe, LA
568McQuiston, Evelyn Davie headstone (Apr. 17, 1901 – Dec. 28, 1901) Old City Cemetery, Monroe
569Mellor, Rebecca, wife of John C. (Mar, 13, 1795-Dec. 5, 1827) Old City Cem., Monroe, LA
570Mellor, George C. – Old City Cemetery, Monroe, LA
571Broken headstones – Old City Cemetery, Bastrop, LA
572Gross, Solomon (Jan. 23, 1845-Mar. 8, 1926) – Jewish Cemetery, Monroe, LA
573Weil headstones – Jewish Cemetery, Monroe, LA -Michael, Julia Friedheim, Corinne, Henry L.
574Old Monroe City Cemetery – statues
575Shakespeare (14 postcards)On envelope: Set of 9 Collotype cards Bas Reliefs (North Façade) 25₵envelope reads: Set of 9 Collotype cards Bas Reliefs (North Façade) 25₵
576West Monroe High School 
577St. Francis Hospital – 1950s-60s cars parked in front of building
578NE Junior College of LSU
579Downtown West Monroe – 1985
580Ouachita Parish Court House – 1987
*581Rutledge Street West Monroe in snow
*582Canal Street, New Orleans, LA   (postcard printed in Germany)postcard (printed in Germany)
583Monroe, LA – ariel view 1960s
584Siesta Apartments-Hotel – 5200 DeSiard Road, Monroe, LA (5 minutes from Airport)
585Hill, Jr., Rev. Warner Washington
586Barkham, Mrs.
587Grain Silos & cattle – Roland Road, Monroe, LA
588Gibbs, III, Lawrence
589Mills brothers – Lee, Willie, Ernest – Dec. 15, 1900
590Lee, Jr., George – as child
591Barrington, Richard – helped establish 1st school for blacks in Monroe (article on back)
592Houston sisters -Lula H. Barkham & R.V. H. Mills  – R.E. Hansens , Cabinet Portraits
593Barkham, Lula Houston
594Mills Sr., George Lee
*595Lovers Lane -from Mary Louise Devereux
596Rodney, MS – homeplace
597Horse-drawn milk wagon
598Mardi Gras – masked children in N.O. c. 1930s
599Municipal Street Railway – taken on Riverside Dr., Monroe, LA c. 1920
600Theobalds, William Thomas – Pelican Greys, Ouachita Parish sheriff, Knights of Pythias/Honor
601Seales, Capt. James Hayden – veteran of Civil War; pioneer of Ouachita Parish
602River boats – “Summer Girl” – 1913
603McGuire, Nimrod & Elizabeth
604Monroe Country Club 
605Grand Street, Monroe, LA 
606Ouachita River Bridges
*607Postcards – 1936 & 37  (4 postcards from Gettysburg, PA and VA to Mr Bert McGee)4 postcards from Gettysburg, PA and VA to Mr Bert McGee
*608Natatorium (1922)   postcardpostcard – 1922
609Bayou in LA
610Conway – Charity Hospital in Monroe
611Chennault, Claire Lee3 total 2 are damaged
612Monroe City High School
613Monroe business – Delivery trucks c. late 1920s
614Anna Meyer
615Rodney, MS 
616Old Jewish Synagogue – Jackson & Oak (Temple Sinai) Monroe, LA
617The Gloom Chasers Jazz Band – Drummer, Oscar Turner Daves (See obituary 11/24/1958)
618Ouachita Parish High School – 601 South Grand St., Monroe, LA – Brief History
620308 Stubbs Avenue, Monroe, LA – resident, Mitchell Denoux 1980
621500 Stubbs Avenue, Monroe, LA – resident, Bella Scherck Davidson
622Bayou DeSiard – 1947  (8 aerial images)8 aerial images
623Ouachita River – 1946   (3 aerial images)3 aerial images
624Monroe, LA – 1946, 1947, 1967   (19 aerial images)19 aerial images
625LaFourche Swamp – 1947   (2 aerial images)2 aerial images
626Bonnie & Clyde marker – killed May 23, 1934
627Ouachita Valley Fair – 1986
628Hamlet, George Byron: 1st African-Am. Mayor of Monroe, Sheriff & Chief Postal Inspector of O.P.picture from National Archives
*629Steamboat  c. 1934  (identified as steamboat on Ouachita River labeled Griffin)identified as steamboat on Ouachita River labeled Griffin 
630St. James Packet built in 1850 & exploded in 1852moved to 846 Steamboats
*631“John B. Maude”, “Edward J. Gay”, 2 other steamboats
632Sutton Marine    (image identified as Sutton girl)image identified as Sutton girl
633Neville High School
634Robbins, Charlie & Francis (Charlie is father of Francis, Amelia’s father)
635Saunders, Amelia Robbins (Sister-in-law of Sidney Saunders)
6361947 Freedom Train – locomotive, Monroe, LA
637301 Hudson Lane, Monroe, LA – built by John P. Parker, various owners – picture 1986
638Menyweather, Bernard – artist, includes biography
639Municipal Golf Course (MUNY) & Bayou DeSiard Golf Course
640Pecanland Mall
*641West Monroe, LA (street scene with snow, house and car)street scene with snow, house and car mounted
*642West Monroe, LA (street scene with snow, house and car)street scene with snow, house and car mounted
*643West Monroe, LA (street scene with snow, house and car)street scene with snow, house and car mounted
644South Grand, Monroe, LA
645Austin’s Restaurant – Old Western Union Building
646Mr. and Mrs. Billy Taylor (wedding picture)wedding picture
647Trenton Street, West Monroe, LA
648West Monroe, LA – back of the buildings on Walnut Street
649LA Purchase Gardens & Zoo – train & boat
Second Drawer of Picture Files Begins Here* indicates possibly an original 
650Twin City Queenmultiple photos taken from the deck of the TCQ
651Lance ResidenceN 7th & Stubbs – 611 Stubbs
652Trenton Street, West Monroe
653Faulk Bros Groceries and Feedstuffs(Scan from 653)
655View of the Ouachita River, facing west
656View of the Ouachita River, facing south
658Surgnoir, Dr. Graham
659Mills, W. J.
660W. J. Mills Grocery StoreCotton Street ?
661Braswell & Mills Merchandise   (WW II)Trenton St., WM
662Edwards, Gov. Edwin
663Postmanphoto of an unidentified postman
664Stubbs Ave. Monroe
665I-20 Bridge 
666Jackson St., Monroe
667ULM Campus – Olin Hall
668Stubbs Ave. MonroeHouse – 700 Stubbs
669Stubbs Ave. MonroeHouse – 700 Block House
679Stubbs Ave. MonroeStubbs & N 7th – 700 & 702
671Stubbs Ave. Monroe  (Oct. 1980)705 Stubbs
672Southern Hardware (ICRR) (Nov. 1986)108-110 Walnut St., Monroe
673Ouachita Candy Company
674Mr and Mrs George SuttonMonroe
675Roselawn & N 5th IntersectionMonroe – 500-501
676St. John Street, looking northplus copy of post card and notes on back
677House?      Late 1920sNotes on back
678Dance hall at the Nat
679Dodds family & cemetery records
680Smith, Dr. Oliver BrownHoward, Jan & Nan’s GG Grandfather
681Forsythe Park Swimming Pool
682Ouachita Parish Maintenance Building
683Grand Street, Monroe
684St. John Street, looking southVirginia Hotel, Baptist Church, Courthouse
685Peter’s Furniture FactorySouth Grand, John Peters in white shirt w/hands in pocket
686Rodney, MSAmerican Memory Digital Item Display
687Rodney, MSHabbs, MS, 32 -ROD V, 1-3
688Autrey House – MuseumA Log Dog Trot, built 1849 in Lincoln Parish
689Autrey headstones
690Rodney, MS
691Rodney, MS
692Rodney, MS
693Rodney, MS
694Rodney, MS
695Rodney, MS
696Rodney, MS
697Rodney, MS
698Rodney, MS
699Krogmire/Trousdale BuildingDeSiard Street
700Desiard Street photosPhotos taken 10-28- 1980
701N 5th & Stubbs
702Aerial view of Monroe
703Ouachita River History“The Ouachita Story”
704N 3rd & DeSiard Streets
705Ouachita Parish Courthouse
706Washington & Walnut StreetsMcCook’s ; Milner Motors  – 212 Walnut 
707Walnut  StreetWarehouse Restaurant
708DeSiard St. from N & S Grand Corner  (Oct. 1986)
709LA Library Conference 2004    (3/24/2004)LLA Ribbon Cutting
710Grand Street, Monroe
711Oversized Box 1 – LA Confederate Veterans Union of 1912 (LA ROOTS, Jan.-Feb., 1999)
712Bayou DeSiard Bridge
713Fuller, John & Celeste plus family story
714Flanders, Frances     (May, 1980)
715John C. Ransom Residence101 N 2nd Street
716Boat races on Ouachita River
717Jemison, Edwin F. – c. 16 years oldAmerican Memory Digital Item
718Varino Wholsale Produce Warehouse in West Monroephoto pf the Varino Wholesale Produce Warehouse
719Chimney StackFranklin Parish
720Chimney  StacksTensas Parish
721Myles High School – BasketballSterlington, LA
722First Baptist Church(from Ollie Burns collection)
*723The Palace employees -old group picture, no date, no namesIn SC – Photo from OS Box
724Portrait of Herman Meyer, husband of Anna MeyerIn SC – OS Portrait of Herman Meyer (reproduction, 1901)
725American Red Cross
726Robbins, Francis EugeneAmelia’s brother
*727Sheppard, O. S. (original)Franklin Parish
728Sugar, Leon Gross
729Jones, Laura TaylorBuried in Old City Cemetery
730Spatafora & Surmans (Drugstore)Drugstore
731Monroe Colored High School
732Sherrouse Elementary School
733Neville High School
735Monroe City Schools: collage of early schoolsIn SC – Photo from OS Box
736Georgia Tucker Elementary School
737Monroe City High School
738KMLB in the ONB building 1931
739KNOE – DeSiard Street
740Cheniere School
*741Montgomery, A. E. (Far left insurance man)
*742VA Organization – Forsythe Park
743Cadeville Lodge
744missingphoto of an unidentified college in Texas
745Drew Elementary
746Herring, Mayor
747Female Academy – Lida Benton taught thereIn SC – Photo from OS Box
*748H. M. Carter & the Columbia (boats)Copy of Ship William fees – $40
749Oversized  Box 1 – G. C. Moore Building (early 1900s)Carolina Hotel – WM – G. C. Moore Bldg, Commerce St.
750OPHS reunion of 1939 class – missingGeorge & Roy Cole Riser
751Robert F. Mulhern & 1932 Ambulance
752Mulhearn’s Funeral Home & Hearse
753Moore, Jr. , ?lsom
754Rosenbloom & Cassidy  (1932)
755Reitzell, John
756Pump house cave-in  (1932)
757Mulhearn’s Funeral Home (1932)
758Young, Mrs. J. E. (1932)
759Monroe Steam Laundry cave-in  (1932)
760Fuller, Huston (1932)
761Bell, Mrs.
762Mulhearn Residence (1931)
763St. Francis physicians
*764Prominent Women from Alto, LA  – Ball, J. A. (Mrs.)
*765Faulk, Mary
766Garret Furniture – photos
767Garrett, Isaiah – photos
768V. S. & P. Railroad Depot
769Paramount Theater (mid 1920s)
770Francis Hotel   c. 1930
771Photo Housed in Display Case Front Main
772Photo Housed on Wall Special Collections Room
773Photo Housed on Wall Special Collections Roomphoto of India King Stubbs namesake of Spec Coll Room
774Photo Housed on Wall Special Collections Roomphoto of Frances Flanders
775Photo Housed on Wall Special Collections Room
776Cahn’s Saloon – DeSiard Street
777Shamrock Bar – formerly Louis Guerriero’s Saloon  Desiard St.
778Old Cheniere School
779Swartz Elementary School
780Bristle Ridge School
781Old Guyton School
782Dewitt, Dr. Milam (Monroe Charity Hospital)
783Cobb, Dr. Julian
784Monroe Race Track (horses)  (1911)
785Central Savings Bank and Trust Company – South Grand
786DeSiard Street, looking east – c. mid 1950s
787St. Mary’s Baptist Church 1950s)
788Narcissa Garrett’s diary  (photos)
790Jackson St., Monroe  (old photo – color) 
791Williams, Capt. Harry M. – biographical info 
792Smith, John Henry – biographical info 
793Wilson, Woodrow – named Robert Ewing colonel 
794“Fred A. Banks” (steamboat) 
795“Fred A. Banks” (steamboat) 
796“Belle of D’Arbonne (steamboat) owner Capt. H. M. Williams 
797“Stella” (steamboat) 
798“Willie” (steamboat)  
799“D Stein” (steamboat) 
800Williams, Samuel John – step-father of H.M. Williams 
801Vicksburg National Military Park – book of post cards 1986
802F. Varino Co., Inc.
803Monroe Civic Center – B & W Drawing & Color Post Cards
804Kalil’s Dry Goods Store – 1st floor of Alvis Hotel
805Columbia, South Carolina – Camp Jackson Souvenir Folder
806Alvis Hotel – DeSiard Street
807Silverstein, Harry
808Mississippi Queen (Riverboat)
809Cole, Dr.     – veteran
810“Twin City Queen” captain
811Monroe City Hall – St. John & Grammont – 1957
812Mt. Nebo Cemetery (Pardue Cem 1974) Downsville, LA
813Ship Island – Civil War Prison, Fort Mass. 1863-64 (notes)
814Weaks Supply Co.  (History & Pictures)
815Grant, Reuben & Emma, daughter of Dr. Elizabeth Irby Smith
816Finley, Chuck – Professional Baseball Star from area
817Surghnor, Graham – Masonic Register
818Bohemia Hotel – Walnut & N Grand
819Heuhn, Wilson, Clare, Loyd, Swagerty
820Gloom Chasers  (Dance Advertisement)
821Col. F. P. Stubbs Residence
822Horse-drawn school bus
823Swartz Saw Mill Store (1913)
824Oversized Box 1 – Swartz Grammar School (1921-22)  – students in front of building
827White’s Ferry Road Bridge  (1909)
827Jackson Steet, Monroe, LA (1909)
828Synope Plantation – in Caldwell Parish on Ouachita River
829Saenger Theatre – Built c. 1915-1916
830Ouachita steamboat   (1931)
831Bird’s-Eye View  – Monroe & West Monroe, LA
832Nurses’ dormitory
833Monroe Sanitarium – 1700 Jackson St. in 1906
834OPHS – 1948 class officers at 1968 ReunionL to R: Pres. Quinn Becker; VP Louise Harris; Sec. Jim Padget; Treas. Jo Chisholm
835Loch Harbor Baptist Church 
837Loch Arbor School – Swartz area
838Sarvis, Agnes 
839Strauss, Fred “Pop” – known for philanthropy
840Slagle, Clarence Edward
841Selman, Augustus James
842Standifer, Charles B.
843Sherrouse, Charles B.
844Slator, Robert Nicholls
845Oversized Box 1 – Sanders, Jared Young  c. 1910 (Governor & Senator) – newspaper 6/29/1910
846Oversized Box 1 – Steamboat travel on Ouachita River – late 1800s-early 1900s
846Steamboat  c. 1934identified as steamboat on Ouachita River labeled Griffin 
*846“St. James” steamboat (Packet) built in 1850 & exploded in 1852; owned by Capt. W. Wright
846Steamboat Landing, Monroe – c. 1930s
846Thos. B. Florence (steamboat) – picture taken c. 1917 (V.O. Wilson, Sr., fireman on boat)
846Scotia (paddlewheeler)
846Ouachita River Scene, Monroe, LA – Steamboat Era
846“Ouachita” steamboat – summer 1929
846Loading cotton & cotton seed, on steamboat – Ouachita River, Monroe, LA
846Bob Blanks (steamboat) – going through the bridges at Monroe, LA
8461952-53 watercolor of Steamboat Richmond in New Orleans Harbor, 1867 – by Am. Boyd Cruise
847Oversized Box 1 – Central Grammar School
848Oversized Box 1 – Capt. Henry Williams’ residence w/ family c. 1930- 410 Wood St., Monroe
849Canary Motel & Trailer Park – 3882 Cypress St., West Monroe
850Jackson Street, Monroe, LA – at turn of 20th Century
851 DeSiard St., looking east from Ouachita River Bridge (mid 1900s)
852Washington St. from Albert Marx collection, Oldr Monroe Scenes
853The Old Swartz Mill – turn of the 20th C.
854Old Central Grammar School 
855Confederate Veterans Reunion -at the turn of 20th C.
856Synope Plantation – Louisiana Heritage v. 1 1969
857Loch Arbor Baptist Church – mid 1920s photo
858300 block of DeSiard St. looking east toward Five-Points c. 1902
859St. John St. – early 1900s
861DeSiard Street, Monroe, LA in 1904
862DeSiard Street, Monroe, LA, horse-drawn wagons & buggies
863St. Francis Hospital & Sanitarium – News Star Nov. 1912 and St. Francis Griffin Photo
864St. Matthew’s Parochial Grammar & High School – c. 1928
865St. Matthews ‘s Rectory 
866Catholic Church – Corner of Jackson & Grammont Streets, Monroe
867Rumpus Room, Hotel Frances – 1930s
868St. Francis Sanitarium – c. 1913
870DeSiard Street, Monroe, LA – RR bridge & parking lots
871Huey Long
872Ouachita parish Public Library employees
873Ouachita parish Public Library employees
874Monroe White Sox – Champions 1938 & 1939
878Monroe City League 1912 baseball team
879Pelicans baseball team  – LTI     Champs of City League
881Mattie – steamboat built in 1908
882Claiborne School – old, old school building
883Etiquette classroom – unidentified school
884Classroom – unidentified school c. 1900
885Unidentified school c. 1900
886Open-air school bus c. 1900
887Unidentified school c. 1900
888E. N. Faulk Residence -built 1906 at 1201 Trenton St., West Monroe 
889Drew School – c. 1900
890Ouachita Parish High School – c. 1900
891Drew School – c. 1900
892Rilla School
893Bluff Springs School #1
894Claiborne School – old, old school building
895Calhoun High School – 2 old buildings
896Ouachita Parish Grammar School – South Grand Street, Monroe, LA
897Unidentified school classroom & students
898Art Project Contest in unidentified old building
899Ouachita Parish High School 
*900John H. Hanna – steamboat burned in Plaquemine about 1887
901Ouachita River c. 1950
902Rabun’s Pressing Club – 100 block of Commerce St.until early 1920s
903DeSiard Street c. 1920 plus photos of last Monroe Street Car
904Stubbs, Guy- Stubbs Plantation, Monroe LA in 1940
905Monroe State Bank –  corner of DeSiard & St. John Streets
906Wolff, Dr. Irving – first resident doctor at St. Francis
907Sandel, Dr. William
908Monroe Physicians- The Monroe (LA) News-Star – Dec. 6, 1940
909Monroe Physicians
910Oversized Box 1 – Monroe Physicians (names on back of this copy)original photo in SC “History of Hospitals”
911McGuire, Dr. & Mrs. – Portrait by John James Audubon
912Wright, Dr. Robert – Photo missing
913McGuire, Dr. Robert – came here in 1819; diary at ULM
914Milam, Dr. DeWitt – c. 1972 – original A347 “History of Hospitals”original A347 “History of Hospitals”
915Bookmobile – 1963
916Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – outside
917Oversized/matted  OPPL West Monroe branch 1956In SC
919OPPL Carver Branch 1964original #919 in SC
920McGuire, Rev. John A. – First Baptist Church of Monroe
921St. Paschal’s Catholic Church -before renovations in 1940 W.M., LA
922Oversized Box 1 – Monroe/WM buildings  – commerce, recreation, government, etc
923Oversized Box 1 – Monroe/WM buildings  – Delta Airlines, Steamboat, Natatorium, etc
924Oversized Box 1 – Monroe/WM buildings  – churches, schools, etc
924AEarly Monroe Houses of Worship
924 BEarly Monroe Schools – St. Hyacinth Academy, City High School, Parish School
925Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
926Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
927Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
928Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
929Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
930Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
931Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
932Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
933Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
934Anna Meyer Branch Ouachita Parish Public Library – inside
935Snelling, Dr. John – Military Service Info & Photo
936Porter, Dr. Baxter Staples – Biographical Info & Photo
937Tisdale, Dr. A. Dent – Photo
938Adams, Dr. Jesse Lucas – Biographical Info & Photo
939Wolff, Dr. Irving J. & Kathryn Kelly- Biographical Info & Photo
941Monroe, LA c. 1951
942Bernstein baseball field 
943Natatorium – Forsythe Park c. 1951
944Garnier Apartments – Park Ave. & 12th St.
945Monroe/West Monroe, LA c. 1951
947Head, McGuire, Cryer, Crosley, Standifer, Hasley – Early CitizensEarly Citizens
948Faulk, Rinehart, Duncan, McGuire, Williams, Cryer, Carroll, CoxChildren of Trenton
949Mount Vernon, Mount Olive, Pine Grove, Cypress CreekNineteenth Century Schools
950John Thomas Chappell Home – 1203 Trenton St.- Built 1900
951Heard’s Market – 219 Trenton St. – early 1900s
952Flournoy, Ransom, Rinehar, Dobson, Lee, HeadYesterday’s Children
953John Thomas Chappell Home – 1203 Trenton St.- Built 1900
954July 4, 1904 Parade in West Monroe
955Haynes-Burt Home- 1001 Trenton St. – Built 1899
956May Day Parade Float c. 1904 – Trenton Street
957West Monroe State Bank – 233 Trenton Street
958West Monroe State Bank – 233 Trenton StreetG. B. Haynes building , corner of Trenton & Natchtoches Streets
959G. B. Haynes Home – 1101 Trenton Street – built c. 1896
960W. L. Morris Store – 121-131 Commerce St. – built 1885
961Vaughan,  Dr. J. B.
962Masur, Louis
963Faulk, Dr. Robert Williams
964Faulk, Robert Guy & daughter – son of Leonidas Barkdull Faulk
965Reid, Saltzman, Mitchell, Faulk – Legion Auxilary Hostesses
966Faulk Jr., Clarence E.
967Faulk, Robert McClendon – June 15, 1938
968Faulk, Sara Nell Rhymes
969Faulk, Senator J. J. – Born 1851  (June 1932 article)
970Faulk, Ford, Noble, Hatch
971First Methodist Church, Monroe, LA
972Faulk, Leonidas Barkdull
973Faulk Sr., Clarence E. – died in Monroe in 1967
974Oversized Box 1 – Faulk, Ivey A., Miles, Oscar L.; Montgomery, A. E. (1917)
975Louisiana Methodist Conference  Anniversary  – 1847-1947
976Wossman, Julia
977Monroe’s first Mayor – Capt. G. W. McCranie
979Walnut Grove School -Henry Camp collection
*984Okaloosa School
*988Lapine School (with tree)
996Monroe Municipal Airport – 22 old photos
997St. Charles Colored Catholic School
998Children’s Clinic
999Riverwood International  (Manville) – 34 photos
1000Olla Standard High School – Class of 1929

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