OPPL Photo Collection Part I

Did you know that the Ouachita Parish Public Library’s Genealogy Department has a large historical photo collection? We have almost 2,000 photos in our collection. If you know of a photo pertaining to Ouachita Parish you think would fit into our collection, please stop by and let us copy it! If you don’t want to donate your photo, with your permission, we will scan it and get it right back to you! Over the next several days, I will post our photo index to show you what we have. Each is identified by a number, so if there is one you are interested in, you will need that number! Some are copies, some are original and some are just newspaper clippings.

1Tennille,  Jane – photo of tombstone (1782-1882)
*2Grand Hotel original in SC
3DeSiard Street – Hotel Frances, Sears, Palace
4John Wayne B/W Photos from The Cowboys
5Oversized Box 1 – Sherman, Jacob – Choudrant, LA; buried in Macedonia Cemetery
6Ouachita Parish Courthouse – Destroyed by Northern Army during Civil War
7City Hall, Monroe, LA
8Courthouse in Monroe, LA
9Monroe Steam Laundry
10Lover’s Lane, Monroe, LA
11Train Depot & New York Hardware – c. 1943
12DeSiard Street – looking east – Krogmire Merchant Tailor, Parisian, Marx, Woman’s Shop, Capitol
13Pargoud Plantation House – built in 1830; possibly oldest structure in Ouachita Parish
*14Breard Mercantile Store – DeSiard & Grand Streets
*15First Baptist Chuch (photo of men of the church-no date)   In SC – Photo from OS Box; identifies Dr. Farrington & C. E. Bynum on back
161932 Flood Monroe 2 packets
17Locomotive -One of original engines for LA-TX line then Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific
18Federal Building in Monroe   12/28/1933Final photo by WPA on back
19Monroe Fire of 1872 -Most of city was completely destroyed.
20Packard Railroad Inspection Car – 1948
21Faulk Bros. Grocery -518 South Grand
22Monroe – aerial view   1947
23Zeigan Residence in 1932 flood
24Saint Francis Hospital – picture by Glenn Lutrell, Oct. 1992
26Morehouse Parish Courthouse
27St. Francis Sanitarium, Monroe, LA – 1920s
28Logging locomotive in West Monroe, LA near Lazarre Point in about 1918 
29Corps of Engineers’ “Waterway” Dredge Boat – working 1927 flood
30Old Little Theatre of Monroe
31Streetcar – rare Jackson & Sharp open car built  c. 1895
32Jackson Street c. 1910 – Jewish Rabbi Home, Temple Sinai w/10 commandments, St. Hyacinth…
33Endom’s Livery Stable
34City of Monroe (paddlewheeler) 1887-1896
35Sternwheeler during the 1932 flood
36Spohn, Samuel Stewart
37Negro World Series 1932 – Monroe Monarchs
38January, I. B., founder of F. D. Thompson Post 521
39Monroe City High School, Class of 1913
40Breard Family – Bryon, Daniel III, Elizabeth, Charlotte, & Satchie
41Breard Family – Elizabeth, Sallie, Annie Laurie Ridley Breard
42Couple on th Ouachita River w/letter from Ms. Mae Lucky
43Swartz Grammar School, 1930-31 – Mrs. Ellen Peevey Harrison’s 1st Grade class
44Swartz Grammar School, 1930-31 – Faculty: Wall, Thomas, Nichols, J.E. Sapp, W. Sapp, Harrison, +2
45Swartz Grammar School, class about 1920
46Monroe Colored High School Class of 1928
47Old Library in West Monroe – Murphy House, 106 Cypress Street
48OPHS early football team
49Old Natatorium – female swimmers c. 1919
50Group photo of a confirmation – June 4, 1919 – names on back
*51Reverend Hastings & wife- First Baptist Church of Monroe
52Mr. Neville, Monroe City School Superintendent
*53First Bookmobile – April 1948 – Mrs. Ray Cole, Jr. & Miss Frances Flanders
*54Forsythe, Andrew A. & Sarah Jane – children of Capt. James Forsythe & wife, Narcissa White
54AForsythe with large chicken image – political ad on a postcard
54BForsythe A. A., Mayor of Monroe
55African-American Gospel Choir
56The Gloom Chasers Jazz Band – Drummer, Oscar Turner Daves (See obituary 11/24/1958)
57Smith, Dr. Oliver Brown, husband of Dr. Elizabeth Shown Mills
58Monroe White Sox baseball team – from Temple B’Nai Israel Archives
59Forsythe Park Windmill- built over old gas well – picture taken 1932 of Mr. Harrison & his mother
60F. D. Thompson Post 521 – The Legion’s Beginnings – photo taken in late 1940s
62OPHS early football team – lost in the finals of the state championship
63Voices of the South- 1951 KNOE presentation Sunday mornings – M. Carroll, R. Smith, T. Perkins
64Monroe’s 1st train station – 1890
65OPPL Main branch 1956 – Oversized larger, matted picture in SCIn SC
*66Ouachita Parish Courthouse, Monroepostcard
67Monroe Fire Department -Oct. 22, 1930
*68Bernhardt Residenceoriginal in SC
*69Old City High School -became Central Grammar;  now Anna Gray Noe Park across from St. Francis 
*70Riverside Sanatoriumoriginal in SC
71Endom, Fred – Mayor of Monroe
*72First Baptist Church West Monroe    (modern)
73United States Federal Building
74Layton Castle
75Halsell, Jim D. Jr. – 1st Louisiana Astronaut 1994
76Layton Castle sketch
77North Grand Street – looking south, Levi bldg, austins, & Penn Hotel on left – photo 1987
78Joseph Ransdell Building – DeSiard Street at Five Points
*79Gosypia – Lake Providence – owned by Brown family could be WPA
80Ouachita River – very low in 1919 facing south to Columbia; copy of original taken by May Read
81Illinois Central Railroad Station, DeSiard St.- photos taken 10/28/1980 – building burned 3/6/2002
82Illinois Central Railroad Station, No. 6th St.- photo taken 10/28/1980 – building burned 3/6/2002
*83Creole Queen – New Orleans Paddlewheel postcard
84Allen Sholars House – 1204 Riverside, Monroe, 2000 – built 1905-06
85Old Post Office Monroe, LA    (1911)postcard (c. 1911)
86F. Varino Grocers
87Jackson Street 1920s – electric streetcar – last one ran in Monroe in 1938
88Ouachita River – RR bridge
89Ouachita National Bank Building, Monroe, LA
90Louisville Pharmacy
91Carso, John & M.F. in pharmacy
92Terzia High School group photo (Richwood High School) – names on back
93Biedenharn Museum – Monroe, LA
94Ouachita River – low water view
95Endom’s Livery Stable – DeSiard Street
96Breard Mercantile Store – Monroe, 1904 – looking north down Walnut Street
97Baton Rouge waterfront c. 1898
98Monroe Office Supply – DeSiard Street, Monroe
100Bernstein Park Dedication – 1928 – Mayor Bernstein, Breard, Poag, Atkinson
101First Church of Christian Scientist
102Layton Castlestamped Griffin could be WPA
103West Monroe – aerial view
104Forsythe Power Station – Monroe, LA
105New City Hall, Monroe, LA – from 1911 postcard
106Southern Hardware – 1905 book
107Sugar Bros. Wholesale Grocers – 112 – 120 Walnut Street, Monroe, LA – started in 1891
108Monroe Steam Laundry (very old photo & copy of a 1923 advertisement)
108Monroe Steam Laundry (very old photo “Visitors Week” c. 1920)Deleted 118 and moved to 108 sleeve
109Monroe Baseball team – “Monroe Sports 1950”
110Monroe Furniture Co. – No. 2nd St. looking south, by RR 1953-54
111Hemler, William & Lula – includes some genealogical notes on family
112Hollywood, Monroe, La -No. 4th & Hudson Lane – became Pagoda Restaurant
113Hemler, John
114A. S. Kuhn Whiskies & Wine – 528 -530 DeSiard St., Monroe –  from Temple B’Nai Israel Archives
115Breard Street, Monroe, LA – from Snowy Day postcard
116Mansfield Historical Marker – Battle of Mansfield or Sabine Cross Roads 4/8/1964
117Cotton Port Plantation Home built by J. P. Cosley c. 1855 – 811 Trenton St. West Monroe, LA
119Ouachita National Bank Building, Monroe, LA – main banking room before remodeling  
120Sharp, Jr. -Atty. James – Celebration of Life
*121Dr. Cole – in military uniform In SC – Photo from OS Box; photo made at Billings studio N.O.
122Seivers, E. J. 
1231927 Flood  (in SC)set of Jared postcards Jared worked for Griffin at one time we have 1 thru 34 and 36 thru 40 but 35 is missing
123AGriffin Photo of Flood of 1927
124Ingleside Plantation Home – 5511 DeSiard Road, Monroe, LA – Sketch on card, 1970
125Crosley Elementary – Class of 1957
126American Legion Memorial Stadium
127Hasley, Phineta Wooten – Early citizen 1800-1878
128Monroe Buildings – Endom Bridge, Union Oil Mill, Austin’s, Bayou DeSiard
129Rust Bucket – originally a paddlewheeler; new owner added a center pod with a diesel engine
130Hodgins, Jim – head football coach at OPHS 1946-1956
131Wafer, Miss – accompanist for the OPHS choir; a senior when photo was taken
132Brown, Maxine – OPHS Class of 1960 – voted “Friendliest
133OPHS – Home Ec. Dept. classroom in building constructed in 1895
134OPHS – manual training classroom in building constructed in 1895
135Pardue, Benjamin West – Family Photo taken Christmas Day 1904 in Downsville (names on back)
136McClendon Cotton Yard – Commerce Street , West Monroe
137Oversized Box 1 – Neville High School Band 1961 – Kennedy Inaugural Parade – 4₵ stamp
138Monroe Power Plant – 1890
139Ouachita River –  houseboats, boating events & recreation
140Tennille,  Benjamin, Sgt. – headstone
141Breard, Jean Louis Alexandre de – headstone
142Monroe Steam Laundry c. 1920 – very old photo
143Endom Bridge -Ouachita River – 1987 photos
144Bry, Judge Issac Henry- DAR Monument – Representative at LA Constitution Convention 1811-12
145Ouachita River Bridges in Monroe, LA
146Endom Bridge – 1985 photos
147Fort Miro DAR Bench – commemorates the founding of Fort Miro on Sept. 8, 1790
148DAR Chapter House -built c. 1832
149Tenille, Benjamin -headstone
1501797 Land Grant DAR Monument – commemorates land grant to the Baron de Bastrop
151Bayles’ Fish Market – West Monroe – Photo take 1985
152Tennille Cemetery
153Monroe, LA – aerial views
154Don Juan Filhiol DAR Monument – commemorates his donation of property as a seat of justice
155Ouachita River 
156140th Anniversary DAR Monument – commemorates raising of 1st American flag on 4/15/1804 
157Filhiol Plantation Home – built 1855 by grandson of Don Juan Filhiol
157AFilhiol Plantation Home – built 1844
*159Lover’s Lane (very old photo)original in SC 
160Progressive Men’s Club
161Brothers, Lieutenant James K.
*1621932 Flood , West Monroe – postcards & photos
163Missing – Huey P. Long
164Riverside Country Club – flooded
165NLU Libraries on printed card – 1931-1939; 1939-1963; 1963-1999; 1999-
166Fort Miro Stockade Monument – commemorates building of stockade in 1790
167Kalil Home – corner of No. 4th near Hudson Lane, Monroe, LA
168Greenlee & Hurd
169Mary Lea Saunders Apartments across the street from Kalil home
170301 Hudson Lane, Monroe, LA
171Mary Lea Saunders Apartments in 1930s – corner of No. 4th & Bres
172logging in Franklin Parish, LA – submitted by Cyndy RobertsonSee Louisiana Digital Library
173Agriculture – harvesting of sugarcane in 1920s
174OPHS Homecoming early 1940s
175Early Citizens – Morris, Carroll, Grant, Crownrich, Rinehart
176Myrick’s Cotton Gin & Grist Mill c. 1908, Girard, LA – John Raines Myrick in picture
177Progressive Baseball Team
178Monroe Street Cleaners – old days
179See 54B
180Ouachita Parish High School Banquet
182Bailey, Dr. M. B. & family
183Faulk, Leonidas Barkdull with Kaplan, Ethridge, Johnston, Marx, Newton, Massengill
184Elementary School – 33 Breard Springs
186Copy of New Five Points (from Black Book) Monroe, LA  – larger copy in OS Box 1original in SC –
187Meyer Bros., Ltd.
188Lover’s Lane – old pictureoriginal in SC
189Monroe Country Club (Black Book)
*190Monroe City Hall (Cannon in front of building)original in SC could be WPA
191OPHS  on South Grand Street, Monroe, LA
192Sig Haas Residence
193Streetcar – last trolley car 
194Monroe, LA – high water 
195Old Charity Hospital – Black Book
196Sig Haas & Son Men’s Wear
197Northeast La. Jr. College
198Vaudeville Moving Pictures Theatre
199McGuire, Joseph Bennett
200Reagan, President Ronald – at Monroe Airport with NLU band
201Surghnor, Dr. Graham
202Aby, Dr. Thomas
203Paramount Theatre
*204Natatorium – Streetcar and old cars in background   (copy and  Griffin photo)could be a good copy
205“Welcome” (Capt. Cooley’s steamboat)
205“John Howard” steamboat
205Cotton Boat – Era No. 2 – only picture extant of the Era series of boats
205“Nettie Quill” steamboat
205A steamboat named Monroe
*206Ouachita National Bank Building (before remodeling exterior view of bank)  (1950s)
207Streetcar 108 – Municipal Street Railway
208Ouachita River – low water stage 1907, Monroe, LA
209Captain L. V. Cooley & steamboat “America,” built 1898
209“America” (steamboat) built 1898; owner L. V. Cooley
209Cooley, Captain L. V.
209America (steamboat)
209America – steamboat built in 1898
209America  (steamboat)
210McGuire, Maj. Thomas & Mary E. w/ Joseph, Herman, Manning; J.S. Jones- Traveler’s Rest 1889
211Seales, James H.
212Breard, D. A. & Sallie E. (nee Mims)
213Copley Keys Mize House
214Georgia Tucker Elementary School A, B (new #214)
215Old 5-Points (See # 220)
216Old Trenton Landing -1875, West Monroe, LA – Steamboat Ora – Capt. Elias B. Cryer – *card
217McClain, Lemuel Dawson – Residence on Jackson & Oak
218J.S. Bloch Wholesale Liquors- 101 N. Grand Street -later Ferd Levi’s & in 2015 Cotton Restaurant
219Block High School Band, Joneville, LA
220L. R. Powers Grocer c. 1911 – 5 Points (No. 6th & DeSiard) – same as #215
221Mills, Miss Belle (1879-1960) picture c. 1899 -Charter member of First Baptist in West Monroe
222J. D. McGee Residence – 2317 Trenton St., West Monroe – built in 1907 & razed in 1969
223Gabriel, Mr. – Crossing guard for Lida Benton School, Monroe, LA in early 1950s
224Four Horsemen – local KMLB staff
225Monroe, Bird’s Eye View of old First Baptist Church, City Hall, Monroe Central High, St Matthew’s
226Monroe Buildings – Griffin Studio; Central Savings Bank & Trust Co.
227Layton Castle – 1133 South Grand St., Monroe, LA -*card Pen & Ink Sketches by Hilda I. Colbert
228Delta Airlines’ Planesmay be copies
229Bright-Lampkin-Easterling Home
230Delta Ship Service Co., Inc    (modern)
231F. W. Woolworth Co.
232F. Strauss & Sons -1928
233Corner of DeSiard & No. 4th Streets
234Jane Tennille Hughes DAR monument
235Civic Center – 1987 photos
236Cheeves, Dave
237Monroe  City Hall – 1987 photo
238Alvis Hotel – DeSiard Street
*239Brown Paper Mill Offices in 1932 FloodSee 1932 Flood Collection in SC
240DeSiard St. – Monroe, LA – early 1900s
241Fort Miro monument in French language
242Terzia High School Band  (later Richwood High School)
243Monroe Restaurant – Rose Lea Marks pictured with staff
*244Ouachita Parish Police Jury – 1968
245Myatt, Alex
246State Fair Parade – Elks Lodge Entry 1910
247Old Colored High School  – 3rd & 4th Grade classes of Mrs. McClanahan & Mrs. Ida Burton
248Central Savings Bank & Trust Co. – 300 DeSiard St. – Grand Opening 1925
249Monroe Hardware Co., Inc. – 1889 on Washington St.
250Hotel Alvis – Luxury Room w/monogrammed bedspread
251Monroe Buildings – Old Ouachita High, once used as a theater; Little Theater; Strauss
252Selman Field – 1950s
253Purvis, George – founder & early Elder of Grace Episcopal Church
*254Monroe, LA – Aerial views 1940 – postcard
255Red Cross “Grey Ladies” – 1940s WW II
256St. Francis Sanitarium, Monroe, LA – from hand painted postcard -1930s
257Pierce, Ms. Arnetta – first female RX
258Lee Family – George, R.V., Loyce, George Jr.
259Rash, Emily
260First Baptist Church – St. John & Grammont Streets, Monroe, LA
261Haynes, John T.
262W. R. Mitchell’s Store 
263Presbyterian Church, Monroe, LA
264Ouachita Parish High School – from Pelican yearbook 1915
265Malone, Doyle L. – Malone Stadium at ULM was named after him.
266Saint Paschal’s Church, West Monroe – Confirmation Class May 25, 1941
267Municipal Airport
268Monroe Train Depot – Missouri Pacific RR 
269Monroe Fireman – last annual parade of volunteer firemen (names on photo)could be old copy
2701932 flood – LA Training Institute
2711932 flood – Monroe Zoo
27219th C. Schools – Watson, Old Lapine, Peniel, Oak Grove (Okaloosa)
273Schools Maintenance Crew c. 1930s
274Municipal Natatorium
275Hay Marketing -1909original postcard to SC
276Ouachita Parish Court House – 
277Hotel Frances – built in 1931 – Cherokee Ball Room on top
*278Hotel Alvis   (1948)*postcard
279Lea Joyner Bridge
280Natatorium – Salt Water 
281Biedenharn Museum & Gardens
282Twin City Queen  –  1986 & 2004 photos
283Masur Museum
284New Baptist Church, Monroe, LA
*285Endom Bridge – Traffic Bridge 1906 (*old postcard, 1911)
286Paramount Theater – interior photos
287Charity Hospital ambulance – 1944  
288Liguori, Sister
289Monroe City High School
290St. Francis Hospital – established 11/14/1911
291Butler Motel & Coffee Shop – Hwy. 80, West Monroe, LA
292Ouachita National Bank Building
*293Lover’s Lane – *postcard
294G. B. Cooley Tuberculosis Sanitorium, West Monroe, LA
295Brown Paper Mill 
296Trousdale Home – 117 Hudson Lane, Monroe, LA
297E. L. Neville Home – 217 Hudson Lane – Christmas Shop
298Endom Bridge
299Riggs, Mrs. – librarian; picture taken her senior year at OPHS; voted Most Intelligent
300Trenton Street, West Monroe, LA
301Monroe City High School  – later Central Grammar School – now Anna Gray Noe Park
302DeSiard Street c. 1890s – USA’s oldest publicly owned transit system 1906-2006 – 100 Years
*303Miss Bliss Pierce Monroe (of New Orleans) – old photo 1888Mealy
3041871 Monroe Fire  – Ruins of the City – Ouachita Telegraph 1/27/1872  Page 3, Column 1Mealy
305OPHS football team 1948 – North LA Champions -Coached Hodgins & Holliman
306Holliman, Coach Herbert H. – OPHS basketball coach 1950s
307Smith, Dr. Elizabeth D. Irby Crow
308Stubbs & N 3rd intersection, Monroe – Tommy Sullivan’s old residence
309Monroe City High School Football Team – Fall 1911    (names on back)Nelson Abell identified
*310Monroe Steam Laundryoriginal in SC
311Railroad Bridge – photos 1986
312Houseboats on Ouachita River – 1986
313OPHS – early school bus
*314Monroe Post Office – employees (names on back)  (1916?)some identified
315Red Cross Headquarters  Refugee Camp – West Monroe 1927 -photos by Jared
316“Natchez” 1855  (Steamboat)
317Crosley School Class – 1954-55
318Crosley School Class – 1956
319Georgia Tucker School – photos
*320Fudickar HomeMealy
321Slagle Home  – ? Empty envelope
322Bookmobile – in front of St. Joseph’s Nursing Home
323OPPL – main branch pictures
324OPPL – Carver Branch Library 1956- 116 No. 10th St.  original oversized image was trimmed and is in SC/Historical Images)
325Central Savings Bank and Trust   (1950s)could be copy
326Georgia Tucker Elementary School A, B, C  (new #326)
327Desiard and Jackson Sts. intersection – early 1900s  (Dr. Smith Dentist upstairs)looks original
328Anna Meyer Library – winter 1940 photo
329Huckaby, Congressman Jerry (Arkansas) – autographed photo
330OPHS football team – 1932
331OPHS Ladies Volleyball Team
332Georgia Tucker Elementary School A, B (new #332)
333Strauss & Sons
334Pine Street, Monroe, LA
335First Missionary  Baptist Church – Board of Deacons & Trustees  – 507 Swayze St., Monroe, LA
336Monroe, LA – aerial view afer snow
337Swartz Grammar School faculty photo – 1930-31
338Grant, Reuben Henry & wife Emma Florence Smith – daughter Leila in R. H. Grant Store, Eros, LA
339Crosley Elementary School students group photo with military vehicle
340Hotel Alvis – view of lobby
341Crosley Elementary School
342The Palace 
343Dredge Boat (government boat on Ouachita – snag boat)
344F. P. Stubbs sword – presented to Maj. F. P. Stubbs by Jefferson Guards, Dec. 1894
345Georgia Tucker School – 1920
346Monroe City High School – copied from a card photo made in 1907
347St. Francis Sanatarium, Monroe, LA
348DeSiard Street, Monroe, LA – First Merchant’s bank on right; Ferd Levi/Bloch’s Liquor on left
349West Monroe refugee cam/1927 flood – nothing in envelope – See # 315.
350Cedar Shingle Mill in Girard, LA – c. 1908  – John Raines Myrick pictured
351Myrick Residence in Girard, LA c. 1908 – John, Edwin & William Myrick in picture
352Myrick bee hives – Girard, LA
353Frances Hotel – built in 1931 – corner of Harrison & Jackson – 1986 photo – now Frances Towers
354Monroe Buildings – 1980 photos
355Hotel Virginia
356Lovers’ Lane – Monroe, LA
357Columbia Shuttle Crew –  James D. Halsell, Jr., Pilot
358Frances Towers
359Calhoun Baseball Team c, 1910
360Sapp, Lillie & Junius – pictures made in 1920s show carbon black in air at Swartz, LA in 1920s-30s
361Durden, Frank – Headstone 1864-1939
362Old Country Club, Monroe, LA
363Tirmenstein, Bob & Lucia
364Dames of Victorian Era (Faulk, Cryer & Williams)changed # from 515
365Saul Adler’s Esso station – 1939
366Swartz Grammar School faculty photo – c. 1937
367Salt Water Natatorium – Monroe, LA
368O’Kelly Residence – No. 6th & Washington Streets, Monroe, LA
369Biedenharn, Emy Lou
370City Market, Monroe, LA -corner of Catalpa & DeSiard Streets -torn down for Peoples Homestead
371Natatorium – Monroe, LA
372Ouachita River, Monroe, LA
373Monroe, LA – St. John Street
374Monroe, LA – DeSiard Street
376U. S. Court House & Post Office, Monroe, LA.
377U. S. Post Office, Monroe, LA.
378Central Savings Bank & Trust Co. –   corner of Grand Street
379Ouachita River – Birdseye View- Monroe, LA
380Walnut Street, Monroe, LA – early years
381Swartz Grammar School – 1930-31 -Miss Eddie Thomas’ 1st Grade Class (some names on back)
382Monroe Power Plant – water, electric light & power plant constructed in 1921
383OPPL – West Monroe Branch constructed as a home c. 1900; used as library from 1945
384Monroe, LA -Birds-eye View
385Ouachita Parish Court House 
386OPHS athletes – boys traci
*387Monroe City High School – *old postcard & old photo
388OPHS – old building
389OPHS boys basketball team – early days
390Progressive Men’s Club touring Canal St., New Orleans
391McGuires’s Gravel Pit -photo taken in 1909
392Cross Slew
393Monroe City High School basketball team -1922  (names on back)
394Stubbs, Frank P. -Captain
395Paramount Theatre – interior view
396Brown, Timothy O. & family
397Frances Hotel handrail – art deco c. 1930s – photo c. 2005
398Swartz Grammar School – c. 1920 -Mr. J. E. Sapp, principal & teacher with students
399Paramount Theatre formerly Saenger Theatre – DeSiard Street, Monroe, LA
400Paramount Theater 
402West Monroe City Hall
403Locomotive – George B. Franklin – Heisler -Holly Ridge, LA -1960
404OPPL –  office
405Missing – St. Paschal’s Church
406Faulk Bros Groceries and Feedstuffs18 South Grand photo given by Mrs. Haynes Harkey 323-2920
407Washington Street, Monroe, LA
408506 Stubbs Avenue, Monroe, LA
409506 Stubbs Avenue, Monroe, LA
410Railroad Bridge 
4115 – Points – 1980 photos
412Washington Plaza – photos
413NY Hardware & Furniture Co. –  1980 photos
414OPPL – West Monroe Branch – Dr. Gene Gates & Travis Heard in picture
415OPPL – Anna Meyer Libraryincludes program photographs
416OPPL – West Monroe Branch, Clayton & Cypress Streets – interior view
417OPPL – Ouachita Valley Branch – front desk area
418OPPL – Ouachita Valley Branch – adult reading/study area
419OPPL – Mural @ Main Branch – Depicts history of Ouachita Parish
420OPPL – Carver  Branch – reading/study area
421OPPL – Carver Branch – Service area & Children’s area  – Mrs. Irene Dotson & Albertine in picture
422OPPL – Anna Meyer Branch (Jackson Street) – photos
423Monroe, LA  – Spring 1973; also ONB & LA State Building (formerly VA Hotel)
424OPPL – Main Branch – Copy Services
425OPPL – Bookmobile – National Library Week – April, 1975 – Raymond Crowell & Eura GuessIn SC only
426OPPL – Storytime – National Library Week – April, 1975 – Marilyn JerniganIn SC only
427OPPL – Main Branch – National Library Week – April, 1975 – Violet Kulcke & Marion DupontIn SC only
428OPPL – Main BranchIn SC only
429Mehl, Joyce; Flanders, Frances; Bentrup, Maude (NLU Librarian); Walker, George (NLU Pres.)In SC only
430OPPL – Main Branch (A, B, C)In SC only
431OPPL – Main Branch – Children’s RoomIn SC only
432OPPL – Main Branch remodelingIn SC only
433OPPL – Main Branch – National Library Week – April, 1975 – Mac Ward & Julia AvantIn SC only
434OPPL – West Monroe Branch on Cypress StreetIn SC only
435St. Paschal’s Catholic Church – old school
436Oversized OPPL sketch (Anna Meyers written on back)In SC only
437OPPL – Main Branch – Microfilm reader (Jan. 9, 1969) – Violet KulckeIn SC only
438OPPL – Main Branch – Architect’s sketchIn SC only
440OPPL – Main Branch – Display case : Toys of Yesterday – Wheeler, AdineIn SC only
441OPPL – West Monroe Branch on Cypress Street – Librarian, Lorraine Wise c. 1968In SC only
442OPPL – Ouachita Valley Branch – exterior viewIn SC only
443OPPL – Ouachita Valley Branch – side entrance area & meeting roomIn SC only
445Monroe, LA – St. Francis Hospital & parking garage
446OPPL – Anna Meyer Library – Pat Bledsoe & Howard Coy c. 1970sIn SC only
447Oversized OPPL West Monroe Branch, Cypress Street – constructed 1958In SC only
448OPPL – Anna Meyer BranchIn SC only
449OPPL – Carver  Branch – National Library Week April, 1975 – Irene Dotson, Lib. & Cynthia Davis
450OPPL – Main Branch -National Library Week -April, 1975 -Ruth Bruner; Martha A Henry; Mrs.ButlerIn SC only
451OPPL – Anna Meyer Branch – National Library Week April, 1975 – Marjorie Stephan, Lib.In SC only
452OPPL – Main Branch -National Library Week -April, 1975 -Violet Kulke, Lib.In SC only
453OPPL – Main Branch -National Library Week -April, 1975 – Julia Avant; Harry Addison, local authorIn SC only
454OPPL – Avant, Vidrine, &  LandreauxIn SC only
455OPPL – Carver  Branch – interior view; opened Oct.  4, 1964In SC only
456OPPL – Children & librarianIn SC only
457St. Matthews Church, Monroe, LA – photos
458DeSiard St. – Monroe, LA – Bernhardt Bldg., Ferd Levi, Endom Bridge
459First Baptist Church – Monroe, LA
460Penn Hotel – Monroe, LA
461 ?
462DeSiard Street, Monroe, LA
463Quitman Girls Basketball  team – 1942 Winnfield in Quitman – names on back of photos
464Standard School – Class of 1918 at 1st Baptist Church ( Belle Mills 2nd row, 2nd from right)
465Mrs. Ruth Daniels Kidd Mason Cain (1882-1961)
466Mills, Loyce
467Monroe City High School  1913 Class Pictureby Church
468West Monroe City Hall
469Ray, Senator John – photographed in Washington, DC by Matthew Brady
470Lida Benton Elementary School – Mrs. Dupree’s 2nd Grade
471The Palace Department Store – groundbreaking for NLU location
472Early Aviation – Huff Daland Duster 1920s name changed to Delta in 1930s
473Early Aviation -Crowd gathers at airport July 4, 1934 as first airmail leaves Monroe
474Monroe Cab Company – Street car used a a cab stand in Monroe
475OPPL – loading bookshelvesIn SC only
476OPPL staff picturesIn SC only
477OPPL – Carver  Branch – interior view; opened Oct.  4, 1964In SC only – #477 and oversized #1460 are the same
478OPPL – Ouachita Valley Branch – interior viewIn SC only
479Meade, Eleanore H. – of Gramercy
480Washington Plaza 
481No. 2nd & DeSiard Streets, Monroe, LA – locaion of Bruno’s Shop (News Star World 10/10/1937)
482No. 4th & DeSiard Streets, Monroe, LA -Downtown Wigs & Bell’s Pharmacy
483McKeithen, Governor – Otto Passman 4th from right on stage
484Herring, Lydia – wife of Mayor Andrew Herring
485Style Shop
*486Barkdull Faulk Elementary SchoolIn SC – Photo from OS Box
487Grand Street, Monroe, LA   – photo is missing
488Central Bank, West Monroe, LA – next door to City Bar, Trenton St. in !960s or 70s
489Penn Hotel – Monroe, LA
490Endom Bridge – photos
491Ferd Levi Building –  corner of DeSiard & N. Grand 10/86; DeSiard looking west to Endom Bridge 
492300 Stubbs Ave. , Monroe, LA
493Grammont Street, Monroe, LA – State Building formerly Virginia Hotel; Penn Hotel; Baptist Ch.
494DeSiard St., Monroe, LA – Bernhardt Bldg., Premier Bank formerly ONB
495Capt. Cooley’s pleasure boat on Ouachita – METO
496Crosley Elementary School class with teacher- picture taken April 1, 1953
497Crosley Elementary School class with teacher
498May, Earle E. – son of Nola & Cooley May
499Sutton, Buddy
500Sutton, Fulton

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