The Biography and Genealogy Files of the Ouachita Parish Library Part II: L – O Names

L–Biography (La-Le)(W.M. Police Chief Larry)”LaBorde announces retirement from W.M.” News-Star, Wednesday, March 26, 2003
“Designing Duo” (Sondra & Jacquelyn LaCroix) News-Star, Friday, March 25, 2005
“‘Big Cat’ On The Prowl” (Ernie Ladd) News-Star, May 23, 2005, Page 1C 
J.B.”Lafargue apparent autobiography printed” Avoyelles Heritage, The Weekly News, Marksville, LA, July 1, 1999, Sec. 1, Page 2
“J.O. Lancaster announces for parish tax assessor” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, July 26, 1979
“The Beauty from Breaux Bridge” (Ali Landry, Miss USA) Acadiana Profile, Vol. 17, No.3 
“DRAWN: Hamp Law, a self-made cartoonist, has work in cards, magazines and history” News-Star, November 26, 2006, Page 1D
Funeral invitation for Robert Layton, M.D. (1863-1892)
Coozan Dudley LeBlanc: From Huey Long to Hadacol by Floyd Martin Clay (Foreword by Edwin W. Edwards) advertisement retrieved from Internet on 5/24/2001
“The Billy Ledbetter Story” Louisiana Twin Cities, December, 1986, pp. 19-20
Judge Tammy “Lee Sworn In As First African-American Female Judge” The Monroe Dispatch, December 21-27, 2000 
Tazinski “Lee Gets Two Articles Published” The Monroe Dispatch, June 5-11, 1997 
Photos of Theodis Lee, Harlem Globetrotters
Mrs. Helen LeFevre – Ouachita Citizen, March 20, 1997, Page 2A
“Thomas W. Leigh” Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 875
“Louisiana’s Fighting Marine: Creole Who Led Corps Looks Back” (Major Geneal John A. Lejeune) The Times-Picayune, No Date
“Louise Gray Lemert” obituary, News-Star, Saturday, August 19, 1995, Page 12A
“Monroe man worked on B-29’s bombsight” (Harold Lewing)  News-Star, August 6, 2005, Page 1A
“Ruston sculptor to chip in on Monroe beautification” (Jack Lewis)  News-Star, July 9, 1994
“Public art moves in downtown” (Jack Lewis)  News-Star, November 2, 1994
“Goodness Gracious! ‘Great Balls of Fire’ scorches the big screen..” (Jerry Lee Lewis) Times-Picayune Lagniappe, June 30, 1989, pp. 20-22
L–Biography (Li-Ly)“Works in Progress” (Ross F. Lindblad of Ruston) Louisiana Life, May/June 1987, Page 61
“Woman Here Dies At 100” (Mrs. L.L. Lieber) Monroe Morning World, September 2, 1967
“James C. Liner, Sr.” Ouachita Parish Biographies, Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) pp. 691-692
“Work Without Words” (Mr. & Mrs. J. U. Liner, deaf-mutes since infancy and business owners in Monroe) The Times-Picayune N.O. States Magazine, March 28, 1948
“Mr. Henry Albert Little” obituary, News-Star, January 13, 1999
Chancellor Robert R.”(Livingston Purchased Louisiana for America” Unsourced
“C.C. Lockwood photographs the Yucatan” magazine Sunday Advocate, May 7, 1989
“Modern Vintage: Jewelry designer Nicki Loflin…” News-Star, October 17, 2004, Page 1D
Judge Larry”Lolley looks to move to district court” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, june 27, 1996, Page 12A
“Sons of the South: James Longstreet” by Clayton Rand ©1951 (in Times-Picayune, No Date)
“The Love Brothers” (Dr. Prentiss Love, Roosevelt Love, Roy Love) The Monroe Dispatch, February 3-9, 2000
“Emblems of the Great State of LOUISIANA Under 10 Flags” printed under Sec. of State Paul J. Hardy & Gov. Edwin Edwards
“Dr. George H. Lowery Jr.”Author, Conservationist, Professor of Zoology at LSU, Ouachita Citizen, April 12, 1963 (Also a typed card with an article about Louisiana Birds, the book he had just published at that time)
“Ludeling, John Theodore” article from Dictionary of American Biography, Vol. VI (This article includes information about Isaiah Garrett.)
“Aged to perfection” (Miles Luke)  News-Star, March 6, 2005, Page 1D
“George L. Luffey” Louisiana Twin Cities, January 30, 1985
George”Luffey dispenses medical aids, education” News-Star, February 29, 2004, Page 18 (2004 Annual Report) 
“Dual threat: (George) Luffey helped ULM’s baseball team get going, then ge got down to business” News-Star, August 17, 2005, Page 1C
John L., Sr.”Luffy honored for humanitarian efforts” News-Star, Friday, April 26, 1996, Page 1D
John L., Sr.”Luffy honoredby volunteer group” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, May 2, 1996, Page 12A
“Man crafts sweet music out of wood” (Hilton Lytle)  News-Star, December 20, 1992, Page 3B
La Baume, Jean-Joseph (1) (OPPL’s Copied Set) Biographical and Genealogical Information on family of Joseph de la Baume (1731-1834)
La Baume, Jean-Joseph (2) (Original Set) Biographical and Genealogical Information on family of Joseph de la Baume (1731-1834)
La Baume, Jean-Joseph (3) Biographical and Genealogical Information on family of Joseph de la Baume (1731-1834)
La Baume, Jean-Joseph (4)  Legal documents and Sundry Data on La Baume and Allied Families
La Baume, Jean-Joseph (5) Research on Joseph de la Baume
La Baume, Jean-Joseph (6) One-page essay on Jean Joseph de la Baume’s role as first lieutenant of the Ouachita Post
7-page Internet article “LA BAUME. Joseph (Jose) De La Baume” in 1828 DeWitt Colony Census-Surnames H-N retrieved on 10/6/2008
“Footprints in a Pioneer Land: The Story of Joseph de la Baume”  Katsy, November 1981
Transciption of legal document submitted to the Honorable Chief of the Department of Texas dated Dec. 12, 1825
Copy of letter from Frank and Ann Cline to Ms. Pricilla Roosevelt dated April 28, 1997 
“History of El Capote Ranch” East Texas Historical Journal, Fall 1974, Vol. XII, No. 2, P. 3
“Historic ranch founded in 1806” San Antonio EXPRESS-NEWS, Saturday, March 4, 1978, Page 1B
Copy of a letter to Manuela (La Baronne D’Arcy) about project on de la Baume
Information about De la Baume’s marriage to Marie Kintrek on February 24, 1778
3 Packets of descriptions of translated communiques (records/reports) sent to various persons by de la Baume
La Baume, Jean-Joseph (7) “Memorial will honor Miro’s second leader” News-Star, February 10, 1989, 1D
Presentation “Jean Joseph DeLaBaume, Commandant of Fort Miro, 1800 by Francis X. Cline, Monroe, LA, April 30, 1989
“The City of Monroe Proclamation” declaring April 30, 1989, a special day in the history of the U.S., of Louisiana, and of Fort Miro.
Program for Dedication of Historic Marker by Descendants of Jean Joseph de la Baume & Colonial Dames of the XVII Century
Specimen of De LaBaume’s and Filhoil’s signatures, 1785
Copy of letter from Joseph de la Baume, from Nacogdoches, 1803, requesting permission to move to Bexar.
“Local Cemetery Being Restored” Unsourced
“de laBaume more than just a ‘footnote'” News-Star, October 11, 1998, Page 1D
“Area changes, grows under de laBaume ” News-Star, October 18, 1998
“War looms during busy time in de laBaume’s life” News-Star, October 18, 1998
La Baume FamilyGenealogical information on Hypolite La Baume, Josephine Smith (1st wife)  and children; Hypolite , Annie Emerson (2nd wife) and sons
Copies of marriage licenses for the above
Confederate Rolls of Prisoners of War
Funeral Notice for Hypolite LaBaum – November 30, 1907
Lafitte, Jean“Lafitte Grave Believed Found in Yucatan Village” The Times-Picayune, December 19, 1948, Sec. 3, Page 10
“Seadog Who Burned Out the Pirates” Dixie, Times-Picayune States ROTO Magazine, July 19, 1953, Page 10
“Gambie: Cruelest of the Pirates” Dixie, Times-Picayune States ROTO Magazine, January 6, 1957, Page 18
“Miss DeGrummond (author of The Baratarians and the Battle of New Orleans) Tells Story of Lafitte, His Men” Unsourced
“150 Years Can Shroud Truth: Many ‘Facts’ on Lafitte in Battle May Be Fiction” Unsourced, ca. 1962
“Lafitte’s Trap” Deep in Dixie, January 12, 1969
“Lafitte’s Hideout is a Fun Spot” Louisiana Life, Summer 1969, Page 27
“Exiles And A Hurricane” Deep in Dixie, May 31, 1970
“Pirate to the Rescue!” Deep in Dixie, June 23, 1974, Page 7
“Drive Through ‘Pirate Country’: Lafittes’ Stomping Grounds Remain Lush and Romantic” The Times-Picayune, July 21, 1974, Sec. 3, Page 10
“Lafitte Won’t Rest in Peace” Dixie, November 28, 1976, Page 52
“There’s Still Hope for a Jean Lafitte National Park” The Times-Picayune, December 5, 1976, Sec. 2, Page 8 
“Jean Lafitte: Corsair of the Coast” TEXAS, Houston Chronicle Magazine, May 25, 1986, Page 6
4 Internet Articles: “Jean Lafitte: Gentleman Pirate of New Orleans” retrieved on April 11, 2001
“Great Characters of New Orleans: Jean Lafitte c. 1782 – c, 1829” retieved from the Internet on April 11, 2001
“Jean Lafitte” Unsourced
“Jean Lafitte Began Rise to Pirate Fame in 1803” Unsourced
“The Case of the Freelance Pirate” Deep in Dixie, No Date
“The Schooner at Charley’s Lake” Deep in Dixie, No Date
“The Man Who Wanted Pirate’s Gold” Unsourced
“New Orleans’ Homes: 18th Century House Boasts Legend of Lafitte” Unsourced
“Louisiana ANCESTORS: Family, famous pirate linked by his crime” by David Veach, Genealogy columnist/The Times-Picayune, April 18, 1999 (Retrieved from Internet 6/27/2001)
Lamkin, Speed“Broadway Producer Buys Speed Lamkin’s New Play” Unsourced (c. 1955)
See Hillyer Family“Storied Reflections: Fond Memories Pervade This Louisiana Home” Southern Accents, May-June 1988, pp. 137-143
Copy of cover from his 2nd novel: the Easter Egg Hunt
Landrieu, Mary L. (Senator) & (Frank Snellings)
“Once upon a wedding: Vows exchanged in fairy-tale setting” News-Star, Monday, October 24, 1988
“Information Guide on Federal Programs and Services for Louisiana Communities” Presented by U. S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Louisiana, 1998
Langhorn, Betty (Honey Babe)
“Betty Langhorn: Monroe’s Legendary Bag Lady” Louisiana Road Trips, July/August 2016, Page 20
“Honey Babe (Betty Langhorn)” by Roosevelt Wright, Jr., The Free Press Archives, No Date
“Betty ‘Honey Babe’ Langhorn: Monroe’s First Black Baglady”The Monroe Dispatch
Conclusion “The Honey Babe Story: Did She Drown Taking A Bath?” The Monroe Dispatch, February 13-20, 2003
“Mournful Monroe story plays out on stage” News-Star, February 10, 2003
“Honey Babe’s Treasure” A Drama in Two Acts By Roosevelt Wright, Jr., February 14, 2003 (18th Annual Black Heritage Drama)
“Negro Woman Hit By Auto Is In Hospital” Monroe News-Star, Thursday, January 29, 1953, Page 5
“Accident Victim Not Believed To Be Serious” Monroe News-Star, Friday, January 30, 1953, Page 8
“Flames Destroy Liberty Hill Baptist Church” Monroe News-Star, Tuesday, November 12, 1953, Page 1
“A south-side Nego woman …’Honey Babe’…committed to the East State Hospital…insanity”  Monroe News-Star, Thursday, November 21, 1957, Page 3
“Aged Woman Found Dead in Water Ditch” Monroe News-Star, Saturday, May 3, 1958, Page 5
“Card of Thanks- for expression of sympathy during the death of our Aunt, BETTIE LONGHORN…. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bartlett and family.” Monroe News-Star, Sunday, May 25, 1958. Page 34
“Betsey Langham in the 1910 U. S. Federal Census”
John Langhorn 1930 and 1940 Census records from
Marriage license for John Langhorn and Betie Burnett dated July 10, 1909
1913-1914 Monroe, La. Directory – Langhorn Jno (Bettie), lab, 513 n 8th
Certificate of Death for John Langhorn on 11/29/1946 
Certificate of Death for Bettie Langhorn on 5/2/1958 
Office of the Coroner of Ouachita Parish: Report of Death of Betty Langhain
Larche FamilyGenealogical information on the Lucien Napoleon Larche Family, Monroe, LA, whose home was formerly at 216 Arkansas Avenue
Research prepared and submitted by Mary Alice Larche Sanders (Mrs. A. C. Sanders) of Helena, AR on April 15, 1968
La Salle, Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de
Bookmark: Louisiana Tricentennial – LaSalle’s Expedition 1682-1982
“The Luck of La Salle” Deep in Dixie, August 4, 1963
“Honors to LaSalle” Unsourced 
“La Salle Put State on Map April 9, 1682” The Times-Picayune, April 9, 1967  (PIES’S A LA MODE)
“LaSalle Monument Dedicated” The Bell Tel News, Louisiana, June 1967
“Down the Bayou: State’s Growth Proves Vision, Foresight of La Salle Correct” Unsourced
“State’s history begins with La Salle in 1682” Baton Rouge Times, April 10, 1988
“Robert Cavalier, Sieur de LaSalle (1643-1687)” retrieved from Lone Star Junction Home Page©1995-96
“LaSalle an intricate part of area’s history” News-Star, ca. 1998
“The Virtual Museum of New-France: Cavelier de La Salle” retrieved from Internet 6/27/2001
“La Salle, Robert Cavelier, sieur de” retrieved from Internet 5/14/2001
“La Salle, Robert Cavelier, Sieur de” retrieved from The Handbook of Texas Online,  5/14/2001
In SC?WPA Papers: Chapter 111. Further Exploration–la Salle and Tonti.
Le Datto Family  (“Le Dart”)  Copies of letters and a card, written in Italian and translated (Dated June 5, 1972)
Laveau, Marie“Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen” Dixie, October 28, 1973
Mysterious Marie Laveau Voodooo Queen and Folk Tales Along the Mississippi by Raymond J. Martinez, 1956
“Queen of Exaggeration” January 8, 2001 Unsourced
“Voodoo queen’s story one of healing, faith” Unsourced
“Popess of Voodoo’ documents revealed” Unsourced
“Saved for a Second Death” Deep in Dixie, No Date
“Marie Laveau, Voodoo Priestess” Louisiana Road Trips, October 2006, Page 10
“The Voodoo Queen: Marie Laveau and New Orleans Voodoo” retrieved from Internet 4/28/2001
Ledbetter, Huddie (Leadbelly)
“‘Ever-lovin’ light’ shines on monument to ‘Leadbelly'” Shreveport Journal, Friday, June 11, 1982
“Leadbelly Honor Long Time Coming” Calendar, Sunday, August 18, 1982, Page 92
“Leadbelly: More than a legend” The Times Sunday Magazine, January 15, 1989, Pages 10F-13F
“Huddie ‘Leadbelly’ Ledbetter” Shreveport Journal, February 23, 1989
“Huddie Ledbetter music to be ‘Alabama Bound'” Shreveport Times Magazine, May 14, 1989, Page 6H
“Leadbelly’s legend recanted” News-Star, July 11, 1993
“Leadbelly: the midnight special” Louisiana Life, Winter 1995/96, Pages 28-31
Lee FamilyLee-Chennault Connection
James Henry Lee & William Wallace Lee – brothers
Shadrach Hugh Lee and Jessie Beatrice Lee Chennault – 1st cousins
Robert Edward Lee – Claire Lee Chennault – 2nd cousins
Carolyn Lee Seegers
Lee, Robert E. Family“Sons of the South: Robert E. Lee” 42nd in a Series by Clayton Rand, 1951, Times-Picayune, Sunday, July 11, 1965
Genealogical information on the family of Robert E. Lee
Lehmann, CharlieGrandpa Charlie Lehmann: Carl Adelbert Ferdinand Henrich Lehman by William Hadskey, July 3, 1982
Leigh, William FamilyCopies of inscriptions on the gravestones of Judge William Leigh and his wife, Rebekah Watkins Leigh attested to by William Leigh, Jr. on January 22, 1931 and notarized by Katherine H. Cole
Copies of entries in the Leigh Bible and the tablet in Old St. John’s Church, Richmond, VA, attested to by Nancy E. Lewis on January 30, 1931 and notarized by M. A. Murphy
Copies of extracts from Williams Family Bible attested to by Mary Leigh Subling and notarized by Mary Willie Carson on January 13, 1931
Copies of extracts from the Lewis Family Bible attested to by Robert P. O’Connor and notorized by Gordon Price on May 29, 1967
Attachment to Supplemental Line of Nancy Ellyson Lewis for application for membership in N. S. Colonial Dames XVII Century
Lilly, Ben“The Hunt Lasted Four Years” Deep in Dixie, The Times-Picayune States ROTO Magazine, October 7, 1956
“Ben Lilly: Louisiana Legend” Louisiana Woods & Water, November 1971, Pages 19-22
“Bear-hunting Ben kept on going” News-Star-World, Sunday, December 4, 1983, Page 1B
“The Legend of Ben V. Lilly” Louisiana Road Trips, August 2006, Pages 41-43
“Hunting With Holt & Ben: Both men guided Theodore Roosevelt on Louisiana hunts.” Tres Bella Magazine, Page 16, No Date
Lincoln, AbrahamPicture: “Lincoln studying on the Banks of the Sangamon” Unsourced
“Washington , Lincoln Clouded in Myth But Statue of Both Great” Unsourced February 17, 1963
Copy of Chapter XIV “19 Adventure 1828” in Lincoln’s Youth: Indiana Years, 1816-1830 by Louis A. Warren
Correspondence from Samuel J. Ross, LCDR USN Retired regarding information about Lincoln and the “Cock of the Walk” contest  in New Orleans
“Abraham Lincoln Research Site” retrieved from the Internet on 7/30/2001
“Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination” retrieved from the Internet on 7/30/2001
In SC1934 Replica of Lincoln’s Notebook
Littlefield FamilyGenealogical information on the Ancestry of James Littlefield and his wife Elizabeth John Bolton
Logwood, Eaton“The Murder of Primus Johnson and Eaton Longwood” retrieved from Internet (Mississippi State University) on 10/24/00
“The Killing of Primus Johnson and Wounding of Eaton Logwood” The Ouachita Telegraph, Friday, November 3, 1876, Page 1, Column 4
“The Campaign of Terror” The New-York Times, October 26, 1876, Page 1
“Tilden in Ouachita Parish” The New-York Times, December 3, 1876, Page 1
“The Louisiana Investigation” The New-York Times, December 31, 1876, Page 7, Col. 3
“Southern Republicans” The New-York Times, April 30, 1877, Page 1, Columns 1-2
Copy of William Harvey’s Inquest for Primus Johnson murder
Letter (4/5/2001) from Sonya Fox to Ann, Mary, and Friends regarding progress on finding information on Logwood ancestors
Copy of Marriage record for Eaton (Etan) Logwood and Jane Hollins
Copies of 1870 CensusRecords for Ouachita Parish, Louisiana
 “Ouachita Parish Police Jury and Jurors: 1873  Eaton Logwood” Encyclopedia of Individuals and Founding Families of the Ouachita Valley of Louisiana from 1785 to 1850, Part One A-K, by Russ Williams Jr., 1996, Page 533
Copies of Police Jury Records 1873-1876
Copies of marriage records for Logwood family members witnessed by Eaton Logwood
Copy of Death Certificate of Eaton (Ethan) Logwood
Copy of Succession of Eaton Logwood dated May 21, 1877
Copies of legal documents regarding purchase of property
Email regarding Descendants of William Logwood ca 1831-ca 1936
Copy of 1880 Census Record in New Orleans, LA
Handwritten research notes on Logwood family
Copy of death record of Mary Logwood in 1900
Obituary for Ethen B. Logwood, Times-Picayune, October 31, 1954
Logan, Horace (Hoss)“‘Hayride Days’ proposed” News-Star-World, Sunday, February 23, 1986, p. 3 (Entertainment Television Section)
“Hoss rounds up friends for Hayride” News-Star-World, Monday, January 26, 1987, Page D1
“Now Hoss has his ‘hay’ day” News-Star, Friday, July 31, 1992
Long, Earl (Governor) 1Long Our Next Governor sticker
(1940-1961)EARL K. LONG For Governor blue ballot ad for election on February 20, 1940
JAMES A. NOE-SAMPLE BALLOT ad against EKL on January 16, 1940
Campaign Letter from Earl K. Long, Attorney-at-Law, dated November 28, 1955
“Right the Wrongs With LONG!” campaign booklet for January 17, 1956 Governor’s race, 6 pages
“The truth abot Governor Earl K. Long” The American Weekly, September 20, 1959
“Former Governor Earl K. Long Closes Out Eventful Career” Louisiana Police Jury Review, April 1961, pp. 23, 25, 27-28
The Earl of Louisiana, A.J. Liebling © 1961
Long, Earl (Governor) 2Photos of the Longs, The Times-Picayune (Dixie), Sunday, July 26, 1981
(1981-1998)“Stumping With Uncle Earl: Adventures along the campaign trail in the 1930s” The Times-Picayune (Dixie), Sunday, August 22, 1982, pp. 8-18
Brochure for Earl K. long Louisiana State Commemorative Area in Winnfield, LA
“Long enjoyed bargaining for the ‘pore folks'” News-Star-World, Sunday, April 21, 1985, Page 1B 
“Winnfield mayor says Longs taken for granted” September 7, 1985 Unsourced
“Film crew finds Earl Long legacy lives on in Winn” The Shreveport Times, Sunday, May 7, 1989, Page 1A
“The legacy of EARL K. LONG: Life of colorful politician fuels movie plot” News-Star, Sunday, May 7, 1989, Page 1D 
“Saline ready, but not exactly excited about film” Unsourced
“Newman fits the part in funny, historic look at ex-governor”  Unsourced
“Blaze Starr” News-Star, May 8, 1989
“McKeithen wishes an earlier Long were portrayed” News-Star, May 8, 1989
“Monroe man fondly recalls Uncle Earl”  News-Star, May22, 1989, Page 1D
“‘Miz Blanche’: Earl’s affair with Blaze meaningless” News-Star, December 13, 1989, Page 1D
“The Woman Behind the Movie About the Scandalous Romance” The New York Times, December 14, 1989, Page 23
“‘Uncle Earl’ projected double image; book captures both” News-Star, February 25, 1990, Page 17A
“An Earl Long story” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, October 9, 1990
“Brother Earl is topic of Long family reunion” News-Star, August 30, 1993
“Long legacy lives on: Event hails style, deeds of ‘Uncle Earl'” News-Star, August 27, 1995
“Rayburn was master at cutting deals, loved Earl Long” News-Star, July 28, 1996
“Earl Long: One of a kind” News-Star, December 31, 1997, Page 3A
“EKL a politician who truly cared about people” News-Star, September 13, 1998
Long, Gillis“Gillis Long’s Papers Donated” LSU Magazine, Spring 1988, Vol. 64, No. 1, Page 7
Long, Huey P. (Governor) 1 – Newspaper articles 1963 – 1985
Photocopies of The Monroe (LA.) News-Star, September 10-11, 1935 containing articles about Long’s death, etc.
“New Order of Politics Died With Huey Long”  September 14 – Unsourced
                                             *Unsourced page 135 from book(?) “St. Martin: Where the Old and NEW Louisiana Are Enshrined for  All Time” (Huey P. Long’s speech that opened his campaign for governor in the fall of 1927) 
“New Book on Huey Long Said To Be Interesting” (Huey P. Long, Southern Demagogue or American Democrat?, 1963) Unsourced Article
“Huey Long Helped Moore Get Started” November 1967, Unsourced
“New Long Biography Monumental Work” The Times-Picayune, November 9, 1969, PIE’S A LA MODE
“Report to the citizens” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, December 18, 1969, p. 2A
“Huey Long statue delayed by death” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, September 6, 1973, p. 3
“Huey Long Era: H. Lester Is Last Remaining Round Robineer” Shreveport Journal, July 4, 1975
“Huey Long ‘Skipped’ 7th Grade” News-Star-World, July 2, 1976
“I Remember Huey…A Time of Mixed Emotions” Sunday Advocate, Baton Rouge, October 24, 1976, E3
“Long play was longtime idea fo playwright” News-Star-World, Wednesday, July 29, 1981, Accent Sec. (“Callie’s Boy”  by Dr. George Brian, first script written about Huey’s boyhood
“Picture From the Past” The Times-Picayune (Dixie), December 13, 1981
“Looking Up: In the spotlight and shadows” The Times Sunday Magazine, Baton Rouge, March 6, 1983, p. 30
“Kingfish began in lean days” News-Star-World, Sunday, March 13, 1983, Page 1B
“Huey came long way in short time” News-Star-World, Sunday, March 13, 1983, Page 1B
“Picture From the Past” The Times-Picayune (Dixie), April 10, 1983
More info in SC“For Reveille Seven, it’s been a Long time” News-Star-World, Monday, December 3, 1984, Page 1A
“Monroe man proud of censorship fight” News-Star-World, Monday, December 3, 1984, Page 1A
“Kingfish” The Times Sunday Magazine, Shreveport-Bossier, March 17, 1985 (Cover)
“The LONG LEGACY” The Times Sunday Magazine, Shreveport-Bossier, March 17, 1985, 11F
“Broadsides printed for Huey Long” The Historic New Orleans Collection Newsletter, Spring 1985, Vol. 3, No. 2, p. 13
“Huey’s Long Legacy: Kingfish’s power plays tolerated no opposition”  News-Star-World, Saturday, August 31, 1985, Page 1A
“Huey’s Long Legacy: Long oil tax fueled fistfight” News-Star-World, September 1, 1985
“Huey’s Long Legacy: Pandemonium reigned at Capitol”  News-Star-World, Monday, September 2, 1985, Page 1B
“‘Kingfish’ attracted Hollywood interest” FUN/September 6, 1985/Baton Rouge, LA, p. 10
“Program to mark 50th year of Long assassination” News-Star-World, Saturday, September 7, 1985, Page 1B
“Winnfield mayor says Longs taken for granted” September 7, 1985 Unsourced
“State library exhibit travels with ‘Kingfish'” News-Star-World, No Date
More info in SC“Monroyan among 7 who defied Long” News-Star-World, Sunday, September 22, 1985, Page 1B
Long, Huey P. (Governor) 2 – Newspaper articles 1989-2004
“Catching the Kingfish: After 40 years, ‘All the King’s Men’ finally becomes a play” Chicago Tribune, Sunday, July 3, 1988, Page 12, Section 13
Pictures of Huey from Leisure Supplement Advertiser (Lafayette, LA), September 15, 1989, Page 2
“The Kingfish” (Opening night at the Monroe Civic Center), News-Star, March 16, 1990, Page 1D
“Huey Long is still a hot topic” News-Star, March 16, 1990, Page 1D
“Huey comes to life in ‘Kingfish'” News-Star, March 17, 1990
“Winnfield merchants Long for tourism” News-Star, September 21, 1992 Page 5A
“Not much celebration at Capitol for Long’s birthday”  News-Star, August 29, 1993 Page 1B
“Long’s legacy remains” Ouachita Citizen, September 2, 1993 (One Man’s Opinion by Sam Hanna)
“On the road with Huey: Long follower was there when Kingfish was shot” Sunday Magazine (Baton Rouge), August 22, 1993 
“Huey would have liked the turnout”  News-Star, August 31, 1993 Page 7A
“Insurance files shed light on colorful Long” The Times-Picayune, October 24, 1993, Page B1
“Insurance records add to portrait of Kingfish” News-Star, February 27, 1994, Page 5B
“Louisiana’s history shows a state divided” News-Star, December 28, 1997, Page 1A
“Series focuses on state’s political giants” News-Star, December 28, 1997, Page 1A
“Launch for a legacy: ‘Every man a king'” News-Star, December 29, 1997, Page 3A
“Huey Long’s legacy extends into 21st century” News-Star, January 9, 2000
“THE KINGFISH: Dictator or icon?  Huey Long’s legacy under debate” News-Star, December 8, 2002, Page 1A
“New museum features animatronic Huey Long” News-Star, August 31, 2004, Page 3B
Long, Huey P. (Governor) 3 – Newspaper articles about controversies and impeachment
“Herman Deutsch Reminisces: Events Leading to Hanging of La. Woman in 1929 Retold” The Times-Picayune, January 17, 1963, Page 4, Sec. 2
“Deutsch Explores Huey Long ‘Murder'” (The Huey Long Murder Case)  The Times-Picayune, February 17, 1963
“Controversy lingers over Long’s death” News-Star-World, September 3, 1985, Page 1B
“Sen. Long: Huey victim of plot” News-Star-World, September 9, 1985, Page 1A
“Author relates ‘Kingfish’ assassination theory” News-Star-World, October 30, 1986, Page 3B
“Book says guards’ ricochets killed Kingfish” News-Star-World, March 15, 1987, Page 10B
“‘Kingfish’ author says Long shot by guard” News-Star-World, March 11, 1988, Page 1B
“Body of alleged killer of Long to be dug up” News-Star, June 26, 1991
“Gun, files from Long assassination believed found” News-Star, September 12, 1991
“Long body said key to killing: Best clues may lie with Kingfish” News-Star, June 30, 1991, Page 1A
“‘Who shot Huey Long?: The questions won’t go away” Morning Advocate, August 22, 1993, Page 1A
“Long’s death shrouded in mystery: Many diagree on what happened that day in 1935” News-Star, August 22, 1993, Page 1A
“Long’s death shrouded in mystery: State remembering life, legacy of the ‘Kingfish'” News-Star, August 22, 1993, Page 1A
“Doubt lingers on Long’s death: Skeptics claim Kingfish shot by bodyguards” News-Star, August 23, 1993, Page 1A
“Graveyard sleuth raised new questions about Long’s death” News-Star, August 24, 1993, Page 1A
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Lynch Family1-1) Emma Riller Lynch
1-1)  Donal Lamkin Lynch married Alice S. Lynch on June 27, 1929
1-1 & 2) Copy of BLACK LIST, Vicksburg, Aug. 20, 1864 – original located in the Old Courthouse Museum in Vicksburg
2-1) Copy of information about death, marriages, and births, taken from a Bible in possession of Mr. D. L. Lynch of Monroe, LA
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de Marigny, Bernard Xavier (de Mandeville)
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May FamilyGenealogy of the May Family submitted by Winston May
May Family history beginning with Joseph May
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McDonald/Wade Families
Genealogical information and legal documents (45 pages)
5 Items from a folder labeled Bo Belle McDonald including envelope addressed to Mrs. W. W. McDonald, Jr. of Jonesboro, LA, and an obituary for Mrs. Loula McDonald, 88 , of Jackson Parish
McDonogh, John“Sons of the South:  John M’Donogh” The Times-Picayune, 17th in a series by  Clayton Rand
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McElroy Family“Skull Crushed With Club, Fred McElroy Dies Sunday Enroute to Monroe for Aid” Monroe News-Star, August 7, 1916, Page 1
“Obituary: Andrew McElroy” Monroe News-Star, January 17, 1928, p. 10, col. 2
“Obituary: Mrs. Ellen McElroy” Monroe News-Star, March 14, 1929, p. 8 col. 1
Receipt for Andrew McElroy funeral arrangements
McEnery FamilyLarge Genealogical Table of McEnery Family
Letter from John W. McEnery, Major General, Denver, CO,  with genealogical information about publishing a new (2nd) verision of the McEnery family tree
Annex A – Samuel Douglas McEnery (34)
Annex B – Douglas Wiltz McEnery (342)
Annex C – Ruth McEnery Stuart (16)
Annex D – Recollections of Elizabeth Parks Duncan (3441)
Annex E – Wales, Dinwiddie County, VA (Gray, Watkkins, McIlwaine, Gilliam, McEnery_
Annex F – Pages From “Irish Pedigrees or The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation” by John O’Hart
Memorial Addresses: Senator Samuel McEnery (by Mr. Foster, of Louisiana) pp. 9-22
“The Old War Horse is Dead”  Monroe News-Star, June 28, 1910, Page 1 (Headline and photo)
“Senator M’Enery’s Death Unexpected”  Monroe News-Star, June 28, 1910, Page 1 
MacFarlande FamilyGenealogical information from photocopies of The New Testament owned by Malcolm M Farland (1811-1899)
Pages from Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Philadelphia, Jordan, Wilfred, ed., 1933, pp. 162-167+
McGee Family“McGee family on of three early ‘country’ settlers in Trenton Street area of city” Ouachita Citizen, Wednesday, September 14, 1988, Page 4B
McGehee Family“McGehee Ancestry” (11 pages)
Legal document from Samuel McGehee authorizing  liens to R. H. Day to marry his daughter Lucretia Adline McGehee in 1851
McGuire, Mary and Thomas
“In Memory of Mrs. Mary Mcguire” Monroe News-Star, June 28, 1912
“McGuire Papers About Local People Excellent”  Unsourced (article by Frances Flanders)
McGuire, Robert Forbes“Past Lives Again In Vivid Painting” Monroe Morning World, Sunday, September 20, 1059, Page 1C
Information on Audubon and the McGuires Unsourced
“A biographical sketch: Dr. Robert Forbes McGuire” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, November 30, 1978, Page 4B
“Dr. McGuire’s Diary” Profile of Ouachita, July/August 1980, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 44-47
“Diarists record variety of events” News-Star-World, Sunday, July 17, 1983 
Accounts of Death in the Diary of Robert Forbes McGuire, 1818-1852
Copy of letter to Robert dated February 10, 1824
McHenry Family“Selman had early aviation roots” News-Star, May 27, 1989 (Photo taken by Pat D. McHenry, flight instructor)
Copy of photo in above article with photols of Pat with planes on back of photo
“Expand College Flying School: New Class For Training 90 Students Will Start September 15” Unsourced
Photo of “Patt Di Mac Henry y los cadetes:…”  Unsourced
“Loca Child Taken To Shrine Hospital For Burned Children” Monroe News-Star, Tuesday, March 9, 1965, Page 10A
Copies of family and career black and white photos some with names, most without names
Color photos of Pat and his mother, Lula Vivian Rawls McHenry in June 2009
McIntosh FamilyAddenda to McIntosh Family Tree contributed by Mable Watson Nash on 8/5/1974
McKeithen, Fox“Fall paralyzes McKeithen” News-Star, Friday, February 18, 2005, Page 1A
“5-term secretary of state ‘last colorful politician'” News-Star, Friday, February 18, 2005, Page 1A
“McKeithen faces ‘fight of his life'” News-Star, February 19, 2005, Page 1A
“McKeithen ‘determined'” News-Star, February 22, 2005, Page 1A
“McKeithen dies at 58” News-Star, July 17, 2005, Page 1A
“McKeithen’s funeral Tuesday open to public” News-Star, July 18, 2005, Page 1A
“Honorable Walter Fox McKeithen” obituary, News-Star, July 18, 2005, Page 3B
“McKeithen, in letter, said it was an honor to serve state” News-Star, July 19, 2005, Page 1A
“A farewell to Fox: Hundreds turn out to pay last respects” News-Star, July 20, 2005, Page 1A
“McKeithen’s efforts, affability brought growth for parish” News-Star, July 20, 2005, Page 1A
“McKeithen to ‘take care of Old Faithful'” News-Star, July 20, 2005, Page 10A
McKeithen, John J. (Governor)
“the fabulous face of Louisiana” Travel brochure with message from McKeithen
“McKeithen’s Appointment Creates Row” Monroe Morning World, January 23, 1972
“McKeithen’s 2 Terms Call to Mind other ‘Firsts’ in State” (Bayou Lafourche Bureau)  Unsourced
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“John McKeithen–don’t let his country boy look fool you” Shreveport Journal, March, 1984
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“It isn’t bragging if you’ve done it, and McKeithen has” News-Star, May 21, 1995, Page 1A
“McKeithen rise, fall fiery, spectacular” News-Star, January 31, 1998, Page 3A
“‘Big John’ dead at 81” News-Star, June 5, 1999, Page 1A
“Caldwell residents take time to remember their favorite son” News-Star, June 5, 1999, Page 1A
“Governor John J. McKeithen” obituary, News-Star, June 5, 1999, Page 10A
“McKeithen led Louisiana through tumultuous times” News-Star, June 5, 1999, Page 10A
“Surveying His Domain” 9-ft. bronze statue on Northwest Plaza of the Louisiana Superdome 
“Big John’s first grandchild” Ouachita Citizen, July 24, 1999
“Widow of former Gov. McKeithen dead at 84” News-Star, March  25, 2004, Page 6A 
“‘Bought Peace’ Records: Gov. McKeithen arranged KKK payments to suppress racial violence” News-Star, April 25, 2016, Page 1A
“Peace At A Price” News-Star, April 26, 2016, Page 1A
McLeroy, Reggie“Ruston artist’s stamp take wing” (Gannett Capital Bureau) Unsourced, 2001, Page 1A
“Ruston artist finds inspiration outdoors” News-Star, June 2, 2002, Page 6C
“A lil’ wisdom: Reggie McLeroy inspires people through the ‘filosophies’ of Lil’ Daddy and his recent achievement of being the artist for the Independence Bowl”  News-Star, January 15, 2006, Page 1D
Me-Mi–Biography“Eli W. Mealy: Monroe’s Premiere Photographer” Louisiana Road Trip, November 2013, Page 11
Dr. Earl Mercer “Mercer steps down from post at Children’s Home” Ouachita Citizen, January 9, 1991, Page 10A
“Funeral Services To Be Held Friday For Joe Messina” Monroe News-Star, June 9, 1960
“Mary Messina” obituary,  Monroe News-Star, January 15, 1979
“Memory of Anna Meyer Lives on Through Her Kindly Nature and Generous Charity: Library Is One Monument To Benevolent Spirit of Early Citizen” Unsourced, 1930
“Northeast Louisiana Pioneer 2002: Anna Slade Meyer, Philanthropist, Mother of Ouachita Parish Public Library”
Ruth Phelps Mickel “Monroe woman state mother of year” News-Star, March 28, 1995 
Rodney Milburn “Opelousas museum features exhibit of track star Milburn” The Advocate Baton Rouge, LA, No Date, Page 1B
A.E. Miller “A Store (Miller & Kahn, Inc.) Where Every Good Citizen Can Buy on Credit” 6th Annual Progress Edition Monroe News-Star, November 25, 1929
“Paralyzed at 17: Gavin Miller’s award-winning film documents his devastating drunk-driving accident” News-Star, January 30, 2005, Page 1D  
Genie Miller “Woman found niche in farming” News-Star-World, Sunday, March 25, 1984, Page 1B
Mr. George Mills “Rites for Retired Teacher” Unsourced
“Walter A. Mills” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1096
Rev. Spiller Milton “Full Circle” News-Star, April 24, 2005, Page 1D
“Honors for Claude Minor, Sr.” The Monroe Dispatch, May 22-28, 1997
Dr. Claude Minor, Jr. “Dr. Minor’s Hospital Dream May Soon Become Reality” The Monroe Dispatch, August  10-16, 2000
“As the Rev. Willie Minor retires from preaching due to health problems, his church community honors his ‘Major career'” News-Star, October 2, 2005, Page 1D 
“Chamber honors Melinda Mintz” News-Star, January 14, 2005, Page 1B 
“Melinda Fleisher Mintz Presented Rambin-Silverstein Award” Monroe chamber of commerce mid-week Review, Wednesday, January 19, 2005, Page 1
Menyweather Family“Contributors of Ouachita Parish: A History of Blacks To Commemorate the Bicentennial of the USA (1776-1976)”
Portrait of Frances & Thomas Washington Menyweather, Great Grandparents of Mary Roberson
Biography: A Synopsis of the Art Career of Bernard Menyweather 
“Art Exhibit to feature Menyweather’s works” The Monroe Dispatch, June 5-11, 1997, Page 8
“Local Artist Features Work At Museum” The Monroe Dispatch, October 4-14, 1998
Meredith FamilyEmail from Lora Peppers to Pat Ezell regarding Rev. Thomas Meeridith’s obituary in The Ouachita Telegraph, Saturday, September 24, 1887, Page 3, Column 1
“The Rev. Thomas E. Meredith’s Three Letters to James Dixon Roberts, 1884-1886” The Louisiana Genealogical Register, June 2001, Vol. XLVIII, No. 2, pp. 119-125
Merrick, Dr. George D. “North Delta President Merrick Is Re-Elected” Monroe News-Star, July 22, 1977, Page 3
“Candidate’s death ends May runoff: Veterinarian dies in Rayville, worked for civl rights move” Monroe News-Star, April 18, 1986
“George D. Merrick” obituary, Monroe News-Star, April 18, 1986, Page 7B
“Dr. George D. Merrick”, The Monroe Free Press “The Quest for Freedom Supplement” February 17, 1990
Ancestry: U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010
Miles, Earnie“Mile’s A Minute” News-Star, January 20, 1991, Page 1D
“Gospel extravaganza: Earnie Miles, host of ‘The Earnie Miles Show,’ celebrates 25 years on the air” News-Star, June 26, 2004, Page 1B
“Earnie Miles still rolling: For 35 years Earnie Miles has been the one constant African-American presence on local television, The Free Press, August 2, 2014, Page 1
“Louisiana TV pioneer Earnie Miles dead at 89” News-Star, January 26, 2017, Page 6A
Miller Family (TN)1850 Census – Tennessee: Index to the Surname “Miller” transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler, gift of Ann Lane, June 1978
Miller, Joseph H., Sr. & Jr. – Miller Funeral Home
“Miller (Jr.) heads largest black firm: Numerous enterprises require 100 employees” News-Star-World, June 29, 1986, Page 1E
“Miller, Josep H., SR.” The Free Press “The Quest for Freedom Supplement” February 17, 1990, Page 8
“Joseph Miller Sr.” obituary, News-Star, February 24, 1991, Page 5D
“Joseph Miller, Sr.” Biography
“J. H. Miller, Sr. Community Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” 
“Joseph Miller Jr., iconic Monroe businessman, dies” News-Star, December 15, 2015, Page 6C
Reliable Life Insurance Co. Premium Receipt Book
Receipts  for pre-arranged funerals
Funeral instructions – samples
Mills, Newt VirgusMills, Newt Virgus, 1899-1996 – Biographical Information
“Citizens’ and Officials’ Mass Meeting!” Sunday, September 29, Monroe, Louisiana, Neville High School Auditorium
“VOTE FOR CONGRESSMAN NEWT V. MILLS” Monroe Morning World, October 8 or 11, 1942
“Newt Mills remembered” Ouachita Citizen, July 4, 1996, Page 2A
“The Political Graveyard: Ouachita Parish, La. Retrieved from the Internet on 4/18/2001
Mintz, Saul“Mintz stays dedicated to the town he loves” News-Star, February 29, 2004 (2004 Annual Report)
“Businessman, philanthropist Mintz dies” News-Star, September 16, 2012, Page 1A
“Saul A. Mintz” obituary, News-Star, September 20, 2012
“Saul Mintz, a life well lived” obituary, News-Star, September 20, 2012, Page 5B
Miro, Esteban Rodriquez Spanish Governors of Louisiana: “Esteban Rodriguez Miro 1744-1802” retrieved from the Internet on 7/10/2001
“They Built Louisiana: Esteban Rodriquez Miro” by Clayton Rand, 1942
Mitchell FamilyFamily tree of Mitchell – Grant and Allied families
Copy of picture of W. R. Mitchell (1856-1927)
“Descendants of Cadeville pioneers to be honored” News-Star-World, Saturday, October 17, 1987
“W.R. Mitchell, Leader Here Passes Away” Ouachita Citizen, March 31, 1927, Page 1
“The Mitchell Family: From Cadeville to WM, members leave mark” Ouachita Citizen TEMPO, Wednesday, August 10, 1988, Page 1B
Copies of pictures with genealogical information provided by Jim Mitchell
Thumbnail sketch of 1838- Antioch Cemetery by James Edward Mitchell
Copy of Inventory Family Photograph Album by Jim Mitchell
Flooding and Personal Stories provided by Jim Mitchell
Correspondence from Jim Mitchell (2003-2006) to Allied families, Lora Peppers and Larry Foreman
Color photograph of Frances J. Mitchell’s new marker, dedicated November 2005 at Antioch Cemetery
Information from retrieved 7/8/2004
Information about Kathleen Mitchell retrieved 7/8/2004
Ancestry Chart of James Edward Mitchell
Letter (8/31/2001) of congratulations from George W. Bush on James E. Mitchell’s retirement from the FBI
Information on Sarah Mitchell, Grants, and Landrums
Research by James E. Mitchell on 17th Rgt. LA Confederate States Army-Chronology
“Vicksburg: Fall of the Confederate Gibraltar” by Terrence J. Winschel
Letter from James E. Mitchell, 2nd g. grandson of Pvt. Lewis Mitchell, who was assigned to the 17th Rgt. 
Program for Confederate Grave Marker Dedication for Private Lewis Mitchell on March 13, 2004
Mo-My–Biography“Biographical Sketch of Dr. John Wesley Monette” Murphy, March 4, 1937
“Friends: Meet Mitchell Montgomery”  News-Star-World, Sunday, June 21, 1981
George Moody “Genealogist to share black oral history”  News-Star-World, Monday, February 25, 1985, Page 1D
James W. Moore, Jr.  “Moore succeeds with diversiy, balance” News-Star, February 29, 2004, (Annual Report)
“Milton Moore: Attorney, councilman dons judge’s robe” News-Star,  January 15, 1989, Page 1D
“Jarvis Moorehead, Quarterfinalist: Savannah Onstage International Arts Festival” The Monroe Dispatch, March 2-8, 2000, Page 10
Charles G. “Chuck” Morgan  “Morgan named broadcaster if the year” News-Star, Monday, March 4, 1991, Page 5A
Col. John E. Morris  “Miss Faulk’s Scrapbook” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, March 29, 1979, Page 5A
Billy Muffett  “Pitchin’ history”  News-Star, Monday, June 23, 2002, Page 1C
John M. Munholland  “Miss Faulk’s Scrapbook” Ouachita Citizen, Thursday, February 1, 1979, Page 4B
“Personal Sketching of John Beverly Stone, George Spencer and William Milton Murphy” by Minnie S. Murphy, March 21, 1937
“Monroe Educator: Irma W. Myles honored with last rites” The Monroe Dispatch, Aug. 26-Sept. 1, !999
Johnny Myers  “Monroe golf pro Myers dies at 84” News-Star, Wednesday, October 16, 2005, Page 1A
Moffit, John“Winnsboro hails Olympian” News-Star, July 24, 2004
“Moffitt wins jump medal” News-Star, August 27, 2004, Page 1C
“Winnsboro rejoices as Moffitt soars to silver” News-Star, August 27, 2004, Page 1A
Monette, JamesOutline/Notes  of James Monette Diary
Copy of pages from Index of Probate Records from 1870-1900
Copy of information from 1860 Census Ward No. 3
Montgomery FamilyChapters of A Montgomery and Cole Record, a book being compiled by Marian Legerwood
Correspondence between Billie Davis Jones from Marian Legerwood
Research on Alexander Montgomery, etc.
“The Montgomery Family” article by Rev. Reid Montgomery in publication of the Heritage of Rockingham County, NC
Family Group Form for James Montomery and wife Rebekah
Copy/Translation of letter November 15, 1842
Clan Montgomery Society International News Magazine, Summer 2004, Vol 23 No2
The Gardien: Clan Montgomery Society International News Magazine, Spring 2005, Vol 24 No1
The Gardien: Clan Montgomery Society International News Magazine, Summer 2006, Vol 25 No3
Montgomery (John) Family
Index to Decendents of John and Margaret Montgomery by Raymond F. Montgomery
Moore, G. BeldellG. Bedell Moore’s Personal Account of 15 Day Trek Through Texas, January 11 – February 13, 1877
Morgan, Oliver J. Copy of Will of Oliver J. Morgan filed October 15th 1800
Copy of Sucession of O. J. Morgan filed November 12, 1860
Morris, Marion“Hundred Years of War and Peace: Marion Morris Pauses to Relate Experiences” Unsourced (March 5, 1946)
“Salina’s Oldest Citizen Still Going Strong At 103” Unsourced
Moses, George“Monroe store owner dead at 79” News-Star, April 3, 1993, Page 3B
“George Moses” obituary, News-Star, April 4, 1993, Page 3B
Tom Morris’  “More Opinion” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, April 9, 1993, Page 5A
“Friends remember Moses” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, April 23, 1993, Page 4A
“Monroe’s true gentleman lived an eloquent sermon of virtue” News-Star, April 27, 1993, Page 7A
Mulhearn Family“Alwine Louise Mulhearn” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 952  
“Peter Sherlock Mulhearn” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1410
“Thomas Henry Mulhearn” Story of Louisiana Vol. 4, page 443, 1963 Biographical Section
“Mulhearn Funeral Homes: German immigrant founds business spanning 112 years” Bicentennial Section, Ouachita Citizen, March 9, 1983, Page 10A
“Local funeral director president of state group”  Ouachita Citizen, July 10, 1997, Page 6A
“Professional development” (Mike Mulhearn) News-Star, 1997
“Mulhearn Funeral Home–history in the making” News-Star, Business to Business, August 2001, Page 8
“Mulhearn Funeral Homes: 86 years” Delta Business, December 2015, Page 26
Myatt Family“Alexander Myatt” b. 1836 Biographical Louisiana, (Digitized by Google, University of Chicago Library)
In SC“Capt. Myatt Plantation Was Early Social Center” Ouachita Citizen, Friday, August 10, 1962, Page 1A
Postcard from Capt. A. Myatt sent from Luna, LA, in 1898 to protest the price of bacon (submitted by Hazel Averett Douglas with additional info)
“Minnie Ball Taken From Capt. Alex Myatt’s Head After 35 Years” Lafayette gazette, September 17, 1898, Image 4, retrieved from the Internt
Copies of affadavits and other information about Capt. Alex Mayatt’s service in the Civil War
“Alexander Boatner Myatt” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) p. 1036
N–Biography“Cynthia Day Neely 1989: An artist for all seasons” Ouachita Citizen TEMPO, Wednesday, November 15, 1989, Page 1B
J. Cary Nettles  “Former Monroyan In Vital Space Role” Monroe Morning World, July 3, 1966, Page 1B
Sons of the South: Francis T. Nicholls by Clayton Rand in The Times-Picayune, July 25, 1965
“Bronze Plaque Marks Place of Francis T. Nicholls’ Birth” The Times-Picayune, 1964? 
Mrs. Ann Eliza Noble death annoucement March 20, 1875
Flemming Noble death annoucement April 13, 1886
“Happy 117th Birthday – Rev. Therlow T. Noble” The Monroe Dispatch, May 27-June 2, 1999, Page 3
“Reverend Noble Passes On At Age 117” The Monroe Dispatch, August 26-September 1, 1999
C. Ann Norsworthy  “Game captures Cottonland in trivia” Monroe Morning World, November 3, 1985
“Through Central Louisiana: the trail of Solomon Northup” Louisiana Heritage Magazine, Spring 1969, pp.14-15
Nabors, Louis“Secret of his success: Opera star headlines fund-raiser” News-Star-World, May 3, 1988, Page 1D
“Power of Voice: Louis Nabors is the head of the vocal department at ULM…” News-Star, September 18, 2005 Page 1D
Neal, Mike“Neal chosen Monroe chamber president” News-Star, November 20, 1990 Page 1A
“Chamber chiefs can make it happen”  News-Star, November 25, 1990 
 “The Real Mike Neal” News-Star, December 9, 1990 Page 1D
“Mike Neal” Indian NLU Drumbeat, Spring 1991 
Neal, Paul J.“Wossman Principal To Receive Honor” Monroe Morning World, April 12, 1970, Page 4A
“Testimonial event to honor Paul J. Neal” Ouachita Citizen, April 16, 1970, Page 8A
Program for Testimonial Banquet – Paul J. Neal – May 12, 1970
Photo of Paul J. Neal accepting first copy of the 1969-70 edition of the “Excelsior” yearbook, Monroe Morning World, April 18, 1970 Page 14B
“School Principal Points to Value Given By Books” Unsourced
“Three Generations of Students Here Guided byNeal” Monroe Morning World, May 10, 1970, Page 1B
“Paul Neal Is Honored At Civic Center Auditorium” Monroe Morning World, May 13, 1970 Page 2A
“Civic leader, educator Paul Neal dies” Ouachita Citizen, September 21, 1988
Nesbit FamilyMr. and Mrs. M.K. Nesbit “Celebrate Golden Wedding” Springhill News
Neville, Ernest“Few Pages From Well Filled Book of Aide To Supt. E. L. Neville” Monroe Morning World, November 19, 1927, Page 13 
“Ernest L. Neville, Ph.B.” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) pp. 747-748
“Monroe’s Beloved Educator: For Over Thirty Years A Fine Inspiration” The Hour Glass, August 15, 1933,  Vol. 1, No. 6 
“hometown heroes & local legends: The Neville House” DeltaStyle Magazine, September 2005. p. 66
Nibling/Grimes/Nichols Families
Bible Records – Nibling and Grimes Family presented by  Mrs. Frederick H. Richardson, LA Soc of the N.S.D.A.R
Bible Records – Nibling and Nichols Family presented by  Mrs. Frederick H. Richardson, LA Soc of the N.S.D.A.R
Bible Records – Nichols Family presented by  Mrs. Frederick H. Richardson, LA Soc of the N.S.D.A.R
Nicholson, Collie J. “Northeast Louisiana Pioneers: ‘Man with the golden pen'” News-Star, February 23, 2003, Page 1A
“Williams: Nicholson ‘made Grambling what it is'” News-Star, September 21, 2006, Page 1A
Nicholson, Thomas“Nicholson takes over at OEDC” News-Star, May 28, 1998
“Silverstein winner finds perfect fit” News-Star, January 17, 1999, Page 1E
“The power of positive thinking” News-Star, January 17, 1999
Photo of Tom Nicholson receiving the David C. Silverstein Memorial Civic Award, Ouachita Citizen, January 21, 1999
“Nicholson survives banking’s wild ride” News-Star, February 29, 2004, Page 6 (2004 Annual Report)
Noble Family“Lambda Kappa Club hears program by parish historian” The Richland Beacon-News, Rayville, La., Thursday, March 26, 1992, Page 9 
Article includes picture of R. West Hatch house builts ca. 1958 where Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Noble III were living with their 2 children.
Pages from Charlie Noble’s Diary and other information about the Noble family
Charlie Noble married Agatha Faulk in Logtown on October 1, 1875.
Noe, Anna Gray“Mrs. Noe Succumbs At Residence Here” article appeared in the Monroe Morning World, March 21, 1972, Page 1A  
“Council Honors Memory of Late Mrs. James A. Noe” News-Star, March 28, 1972, Page 6A
“To Honor the Memory of Anna Gray Noe 1901-1972” News-Star, October 12, 1991, Page 3A
“Portrait sculpture unveiled honoring Anna Gray Noe” News-Star, October 14, 1991, Page 1A
“Laine reception” News-Star, October 27, 1991, Page 1D
Noe, James A. (Sr.)“NOE, James A.” Unsourced biography written 8 years after he came to Monroe
Platform information for the James A. Noe (Gov.) & Earl K. Long (Lt. Gov.) Election, 1959
Biographical Notes on James Albert Noe, Unsourced
“Former Governor Noe Dies In Houston At 85”  Monroe Morning World, October 19, 1976 
“Noe Rites Set Thursday”  Monroe News-Star, October 20, 1976 
“Gov. Noe dies in Houston at age 85”  Ouachita Citizen, October 21-27, 1976 
“Services Today For James Noe”  Monroe News-Star, October 24, 1976 
“Abbey gives Monroe window its blessing: City’s seal earns date with queen” News-Star, October 19, 1995, Page 1A
In SC“The James A. Noe Fish Hatchery” Date: 4/22/36
Noel/Long FamiliesBible records submitted by Mrs. A. E. Montgomery, Sr.: Joe Winlock Noel & Angeline Long married June 2, 1898
Norris Family“Data on Norris and Kindred Families” Edgefield County Historical Society Bulletin, 1956
Norris, Dave (Mayor)“Dave Norris” Louisiana Twin Cities, January 30, 1985
“Norris enters third term with change in mind” News-Star-World, April 6, 1986, Page 1B
“West Monroe Mayor Dave Norris: On-the-Job Diversity and a Willingness to Work” Business Journal, November 1986, pp. 27-29
“Norris deserved another term” News-Star, March 15, 1998
Photos at “Norris celebration” News-Star, December 27, 1998
“Norris plans to run for re-election as West Monroe mayor” News-Star, June 22, 2005
O–BiographyBarney Oakland  “The ‘Swede’ Descendent of the Vikings” The Hour Glass, July 15, 1933, Vol. 1, No. 4
Guy O’Banion  “O’Banion remembered as gruff” Ouachita Citizen, October 18, 2001 (Photo on back)
Keith Odom “Only in Louisiana” News-Star, December 11, 1994, Page 1D
“local legends and hometown heroes: Lauren Ogles Is Making A Mark On The World” DeltaStyle Magazine, November 2004, Page 6
“Travis Oliver, Jr.” Story of Louisiana Vol. 4, page 538, 1963 Biographical Section
“William Courtney Oliver” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) pp. 706-708
Huey P. O’Neal  “Military plays big role in collapse of communism” News-Star, July 8, 1990, Page 14A
Chief Justice Charles A. O’Niell  “O’Niell Honored on Anniversary” The Times-Picayune, May 18, 1943?
Odell, Bruce“Tami and Bruce Odell: Ruston’s gold medal potters” Louisiana Life, Winter 1994/95, pp. 38-41
“the magic of raku” DeltaStyle, March 1999
Ogg Family“Margaret Isola Ogg” obituary, News-Star, April 8, 1997
“Rev. T. Earl Ogg” obituary, News-Star, April 8, 1998
“Rev. T. Earl Ogg” News-Star, April 9, 1998
“Pastor’s career spans generations” News-Star-World, April 30, 1983, Accent Sec.

8 thoughts on “The Biography and Genealogy Files of the Ouachita Parish Library Part II: L – O Names

  1. Hi, do you happen to have copies of the four Ernest Neville pieces, of do you know if the Ouachita Parish Library might have them? I’m a Monroe native and resident, curious to learn more about Mr Neville. The best I’ve found so far is from (“Read More”):

    “Respected educator of the Monroe City Schools. Founder of Neville High School.

    “Bio published in ‘Who’s Who in The Twin Cities’:

    “NEVILLE, Ernest L.
    “Superintendent of the Monroe city schools. Born near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, January 17, 1876. Attended the University of North Carolina, 1894 to 1896, from which he was graduated in 1900 with the degree of Ph. B. While decidedly modest as to his athletic ability, Mr. Neville is known to have been one of the best tackles North Carolina ever had on her football teams. As to the ability along this line, Fred Fudickar and Dan Breard, of this city, can attest. After graduating, Mr. Neville was principal of the Glenwood High School, Glenwood, North Carolina, for one year, and in September, 1901, came to Monroe as assistant principal of the city school here. In 1910 he became superintendent of the entire city system, which position he has held continuously ever since. From one building with seventeen teachers and 600 pupils, the system has grown until today [1931] there are five buildings, eighty-four teachers and 2500 pupils enrolled. A $500,000 high school building is now in process of erection at Forsythe Park to bear his name [This would become Neville High School]. Mr. Neville’s hobby is boats and he is the owner of three – two motor boats and one house boat. Mr. Neville has a remarkable memory for names and figures, a sense of humor that is all compelling and a personality that is always evenly balanced, even under the most trying of circumstances. In fact, it is stated that he has never been known to have lost his temper. Mr. Neville has done much for the promotion of Chautauqua, and for all that stands for civic welfare, in which he is naturally a leader of force. Under his skillful managment the cause of education of the city of Monroe has gone forth by leaps and bounds. In 1904 he was married to Miss Allie Davis of Monroe, who is also much beloved for her sweet and amiable characteristics, serving as a worthy assistant to her husband. They have one child, Sara, a recent college graduate, and who is at present acting librarian at the city high school. Mr. Neville has filled all chairs in Western Star Lodge No. 24, F. & A. M. He is an active Rotarian and takes deep interest in espousing every worthy cause. Family residence, 217 Hudson Lane.”


      1. Thank you! I was referring to the four listed above:
        • “Few Pages From Well Filled Book of Aide To Supt. E. L. Neville” Monroe Morning World, November 19, 1927, Page 13
        • “Ernest L. Neville, Ph.B.” Williamson, Eastern Louisiana (1939) pp. 747-748
        • “Monroe’s Beloved Educator: For Over Thirty Years A Fine Inspiration” The Hour Glass, August 15, 1933, Vol. 1, No. 6
        • “hometown heroes & local legends: The Neville House” DeltaStyle Magazine, September 2005. p. 66


      2. We have the Monroe Morning World article, the Eastern Louisiana book and may have the Hour Glass. We have a few of them upstairs in Special Collections. The Delta Style magazine may still be at Reference. You would have to ask them.


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