1907 Confederate Reunion in Monroe

This photo was taken on January 19, 1907, in front of the Masonic Hall on Walnut Street. It was the 100th anniversary of Robert E. lee’s birthday.

The men, from left to right, are identified:

10. Hon. A.J. Herring (mayor of Monroe at one time).

11. Dr. C.B. Johnson, who was the son of veteran L.G. Johnson. He was a child during the Civil War, but was with his father most of his time in service.

  1. Wm. H. Duff, Co. I, 25th La. Inf. and Co. B 16th & 25th La. Regts. Consolodated.
  2. H.W. Awl, Co. D 1st Batt. Trans. Miss. Dept.
  3. E.W. Mealy, Co. A 16th Miss. Inf.
  4. W.J. Bowman Co. K, 12th La. Inf.
  5. Samuel W. Hill, Co. F, 6th La. Inf. and Commissioned Lieut. of Engineers R.E. Lee’s Army.
  6. S.W. Mill, 4th La. Batt. Inf.
  7. M.J. Duty, Engineer Navy Dept.
  8. Capt. Joe Carrolton (Joe W. Carleton), 17th La. Inf.
  9. John G. Boutz, Co. F, 12th La. Inf.

12. Capt. W.P. Renwick, Co. B, 3rd La Inf.

13. Capt. Alex. Myatt, Co. K 31st La. Inf.

14. S.N. Camp, Co. H, 46th Ga. Reg.

15. Mr. Hallack, Forrests Cav.

16. James Tolston, Bentons (Bell) La Battery

17. J.Q. Graves, 4th La. Batt. Inf.

18. John E. Hanna, Co. I, 3rd La. Inf.

19. Judge George Wearco, A. Hampton Legion, S.C.

20. L.G. Johnston, Suttler, 37 Miss. Inf., also in Barksdale’s Brigade Cav, then assigned to Engineers Corps.

21. Dr. D.H. Key, 1st Lieut. Co. B, 3rd Ark. Inf. Commissioned Capt. Co. E, 3rd Ark. Inf. Resigned, and Commissioned Assistant Surgeon and Assigned to 5th La. Cav.

22. Dr. E.N. Potts, 2nd Lieut. Co. F, 12th La. Inf.

23. Fred Vollman, Co. A, 4th La Batt. Inf.

Number 12, Capt. Renwick, was the commander of the Henry W. Allen camp of Confederate Veterans at this time.

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