The Bright-Lamkin-Easterling Home

The yellow home in the foreground of both pictures is known as the Bright-Lamkin-Easterling home, located at 918 Jackson Street. The other home was owned by Mayor Henry Bernstein. The Bright-Lamkin-Easterling home was built by railroad tycoon William Bright in 1890. He had sold his railroad (The H.C. & A.) to Jay Gould and invested in a home on the fashionable side of Monroe. It cost $7000 to build. It is now on the National Register.

3 thoughts on “The Bright-Lamkin-Easterling Home

  1. This house is absolutely gorgeous and in need of repair/refurbishing because it’s gone unattended for years! It could be a wonderful home or a learning center for those who want to show off Monroe’s glory days and life in the late 1890’s. It’s beautiful ❤️ I always dreamed of having a house like this one day with all the character and charm that was a stunning beauty inside and out.

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