The Pink Penthouse

Everyone remembers the pink penthouse at the old Penn Hotel. The building is no longer pink but still catches the eye when crossing Endom or the Interstate bridges. What is the story? Hotel Monroe owner John E. Doughtie wanted to expand his hotel. He also wanted a new home. He and his wife were crammed into a suite of rooms in the main hotel. In 1928 he decided to add six more floors and a little bungalow on top of the whole thing for his family. The News-Star described Monroe’s budding fascination with the building: Monroe News-Star, June 22, 1928, Page 9 Bungalow Atop Skyscraper Is Going Up Fast The erection of a bungalow on the roof of a skyscraper building, while seen in other cities, is a brand new idea for Monroe construction. The past few days, the public have watched with interest the erection of the bungalow which is to comprise the future home of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Doughtie, owners of Hotel Monroe. It is on the top of the eighth floor of the new Hotel Monroe and already the construction is going ahead at a lively rate, giving promise of a handsome and unique addition to the homes of the city.

The legend goes that Mr. Doughtie’s wife Myrtle loved the color pink, so it was painted that color inside and out! There was even a pink tub! There is also a legend that says a child living in the bungalow got sick. When the doctor ordered lots of fresh milk as one of the treatments, a cow was hauled up to roof to supply it! When the hotel closed in the seventies, the bungalow was left to rot. In 2009 the building, along with the bungalow, was bought and refurbished. The little bungalow was repainted and expanded into a luxurious home with one of the best views in Monroe!

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