The Last Annual Parade of the Volunteer Firemen

The above picture was taken on St. John street near the turn of the century. I think that steeple is First Baptist Church but that is just a guess. It was taken by early Monroe photographer, E.W. Mealey.

The Ouachita Parish Public Library also has a copy where most of the men are identified. The ones listed are:

A.J. Herring, Chas. Schulze, Geo Hebeler, Wm. Schulze, ? Nawandy, A.C. Farrington, A. Renaud, G.F. Moore, Lee Powers, Ike Kuhn, W.H. Awl, Rofe Meyer, A.J. Renaud, J.A. Hekin, A.J. Nawandy, W.A. Whitfield, F.C. Peters, C.W. Hunt and A. Steinau. The lady on the float was the Queen of the parade, Lydia Herring.

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