Ed Logan

The following article was published in the Monroe Morning Post, probably in the 1920’s.  It was undated and was found in the papers of the Garrett family.  Very few issues of the Monroe Morning Post survive and the paper this appeared in was probably not preserved.  It makes me sad to know that Mr. Logan was never interviewed.  What stories this man could tell!  Note that the language of the following article would be considered very inappropriate today, but was acceptable during this time period.

Surviving Garret Slave has Known 4 Generations:

‘Uncle Ed’ Logan Recalls Events of 1850.

By W.G. Jasper

  “Uncle” Ed Logan, only surviving slave of the large number once owned by Col. Isaiah Garrett, one-time wealthy attorney and plantation owner of this section, doesn’t know how old he is, but he has known four generations of Garretts.  he remembers distinctly incidents which occurred in 1850 or earlier.  David I. Garrett, district attorney, and grandson of Col. Isaiah Garrett, is convinced from incidents which “Uncle” Ed recalls, that the old negro must be fully 90 years of age.

  The district attorney had the picture shown herewith made a few days ago so that his two sons, David Isaiah, Jr., and Flood Madison, would have something to remember their great-grandfather’s last surviving slave by as they grew older.  “Uncle” Ed is fond of the younger Garrett generation and often visits the youngsters at their home at 708 Jackson street.

  It was on one of these visits that Mr. Garrett informed the old negro that he wanted to have a picture made of him for the boys.  The old negro appeared pleased at the suggestion, but said he wanted to wait a few days.  Two or three days later he appeared at the Garrett home, all dressed for the event.  he wore his best suit, with a handkerchief protruding from the left outside breast pocket, and carried a cane in one hand and a high hat in the other.

  But these things did not constitute the most striking change in the former slave’s appearance.  On his previous appearance at the Garrett home and for many years he had worn a flowing white beard.  But the beard had disappeared.  “Uncle” Ed having been given a slick shave, except for his mustache.  he gave as his reason for shaving the fact that some people might think he was getting old if he had a long white beard showing in his picture.  he is beginning to feel about 60 years old, he says.

Recalls Exciting Times – 

  “Uncle Ed remembers some exciting times of the reconstruction days, one of them being the occasion when some former slaves tried to assassinate Isaiah Garrett, jr., son of Col. Garrett and uncle of the present district attorney.  They fired a charge of buckshot through a window into the head of the bedstead in which he was sleeping, but failed to injure him.  Isaiah Garrett was at that time deputy sheriff under Captain Tibble [sic:  Theobald]  He later became sheriff.

  In his youth Col. Isaiah Garrett graduated from West Point.  He soon resigned from military activities on account of impaired eyesight and came to Monroe and engaged in law practice.  He became one of the most successful lawyers of North Louisiana and at one time was district attorney.  he was Ouachita parish’s delegate to the secession congress at Baton Rouge and, being a Whig, voted against secession.  After Louisiana seceded he equipped and maintained a hospital out of private funds for Confederate soldiers.

  Col. Garrett had a two-story brick residence where the Catholic church and school are now located.  He had a summer country residence in Catahoula parish and had a plantation home on what was known as the Linwood plantation.  The McHenry home is now located on the old Garrett plantation homestead site.  This place is still called Garrett bend.  One of Col. Garrett’s sons later became sheriff and another district judge.

  It was on this plantation that incidents occurred which now stand out among “Uncle” Ed’s early recollectons.  The old negro is now blind with age, but is still remarkable well preserved in body and might live for a good many more years.  During all the years since he was released from slavery he has maintained the old slave-time devotion toward the Garrett family and has earned the regard of that family.

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