Lynchings Reported in Ouachita Parish Papers: The Twentieth Century

And this is the twentieth century list of names.

Airy, JoeNews-Star2/26/192518Lynched in Bossier City, LA
Allums, EarnestNews-Star5/4/191253Lynched at Yellow Pine, LA
Andrews, LewisMonroe Bulletin2/29/191276Lynched at Tallulah, LA for Murder
Clayton, JohnNews-Star6/26/191834Lynched at Mangham, LA
Clayton, Mr.News-Star6/19/191811Lynched
Comeau, JamesMonroe Bulletin8/28/191316lynched at Jennings, LA
Durden, ElijahNews-Star12/3/191414Sylvester, LA; Lynched
Durden, ElijahWeekly News-Star12/24/191413Lynched at Shreveport, LA
Durden, ElijahWeekly News-Star12/31/191411Investigation
Eaton, WarrenNews-Star10/22/191316Lynched
Eaton, WarrenMonroe Bulletin10/23/191316Lynched at the Negro Knights of Pythias Hall
Faulkner, WillNews-Star2/15/191951Lynched near Shreveport
Hall, “Bulber”News-Star8/8/191815Lynched at Bastrop
Henderson, BreardNews-Star12/12/191416Shreveport; Lynched
Holden, GeorgeNews-Star4/30/191911Killed for insulting a woman by a mob
Holden, GeorgeWeekly News-Star5/1/191911Lynched for insulting a white woman
Holden, GeorgeWeekly News-Star5/8/191951Condemnation of mob by First Baptist Church
Holden, GeorgeWeekly News-Star5/22/191911Grand Jury investigation
Holden, GeorgeWeekly News-Star6/5/191954Editorial Article
Holmes, GilmonNews-Star9/14/192111Lynched in Columbia, LA
Holmes, HenryNews-Star8/6/191411Lynched
House, Wm.News-Star11/21/193231Lynched ; Wisner, LA
Johnson, DanNews-Star8/7/191414Lynched
Jones, JimNews-Star3/1/191811Lynched in Delhi, LA
Joneson, SamMonroe Bulletin9/26/191215Lynched at Grand Cane, LA
Lewis, JimNews-Star3/1/191811Lynched in Delhi, LA
Lewis, JobieNews-Star12/3/191414Sylvester, LA; Lynched
Lewis, JobieWeekly News-Star12/24/191413Lynched at Shreveport, LA
Lewis, JobieWeekly News-Star12/31/191411Investigation
Lewis, WatkinsNews-Star12/12/191416Lynched in Caddo Parish
Lewis, WatkinsWeekly News-Star12/24/191413Lynched at Shreveport, LA
Lewis, WatkinsWeekly News-Star12/31/191411Investigation
Livingston, OscarNews-Star8/4/19316422 years old ; Lynched ; Point-a-la-Hach, LA
McCloud, Andrew (B)News-Star7/10/19341626 years old, Lynched in Bastrop
McCloud, Andrew (B)Ouachita Citizen7/13/19341126 years old, Lynched in Bastrop
McNeal, George (Neal)News-Star3/16/191813Lynched  
Nash, NelsonNews-Star2/20/19333624 years old ; Lynched 
Nash, NelsonNews-Star2/21/193316Lynched for robbing a bank ; Ringold, LA 
Porter, LauraNews-Star7/25/191014Lynched
Powell, WillNews-Star3/1/191811Lynched in Delhi, LA
Pruitt, LouisNews-Star8/7/191414Lynched
Taylor, MilesMonroe Bulletin7/27/191123Lynched at Summerfield, LA
Turner, AllenNews-Star4/1/191462Lynched in Farmerville
UnknownNews-Star10/12/193313African-American male lynched for killing Louisiana Rose
Wade, W.S.News-Star8/24/190911Lynched
Washington, CharlesNews-Star12/12/191416Shreveport; Lynched
Williams, ClydeNews-Star4/22/191811Lynched at Fawndale
Williams, W.C. (B)News-Star10/13/193818Lynched in Ruston for killing R.N. Blair

5 thoughts on “Lynchings Reported in Ouachita Parish Papers: The Twentieth Century

  1. Hello. Allen Turner was my 2nd Great Grandfather. I have heard stories about what happened but I would really like to see what was put in the paper at that time. I have tried finding the article you referenced but haven’t had any luck. Would you possibly be able to assist me in finding the article or lead me in the right direction?


  2. The story that was passed down through our family is that Allen was protecting his son who was being assaulted. After Allen was lynched he was drug through the black part of town and left as a warning to the other black folk in Spearsville.


  3. Allen Turner was my great grandfather I also was told that he was protecting his youngest son from being assaulted by mr McDougal and that he was told to run after he was taken from the sheriff and shot to death


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