The Old Ouachita Parish High School

OPHS 1Most people when you mention the old Ouachita Parish High School, they think of  the senior housing now known as Ouachita Grand Plaza.  That building was the Parish High School at one time, but it was the second one built.  The above building, which was the first, stood next to the Ouachita Grand Plaza, where the Interstate overpass is now on Grand Street.  It was built in 1895, predating Monroe City High School by five years.  After the new school was built next to it, it became the Junior High and Elementary.  It was torn down in the late 1960’s to make way for the interstate.

The Richland Beacon News of April 6, 1895 quoted an article from the Monroe Bulletin which states:

It will be a noble and beautiful structure and in its classic halls generations of children will be prepared for usefulness in life.  Long after we are dead, that structure will survive as a monument of the culture and patriotism and progressive spirit of Monroe.

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