Dr. E. Russ Williams

Many people have asked me through the years how they can buy a copy of one of Dr. Williams’ books.  The Friends of the Ouachita Parish Library have obtained copies of “Encyclopedia of Individuals and Founding Families of the Ouachita Valley of Louisiana From 1785 to 1850” part one (A -K) and part two (L – O) as well as “Spanish Poste d’Ouachita the Ouachita Valley in Colonial Louisiana 1783 – 1804, and Early American Statehood 1804 – 1820”.  They are selling them but supplies are limited.  Go to the Friends website here:  Friends of the Ouachita Parish Library for contact info.

The second most common question I get about Dr. Williams is “Did he ever publish Founding Families of the Ouachita Valley Part Three?” No, he never did.  Almost all of his papers were given to the State Archives in Baton Rouge, but the third volume working copy wasn’t found among his research (to my knowledge)*.  I only saw it once, when he brought it by for us to admire back in the early 2000’s.  I drooled over it!  It is a great loss to area researchers.  Dr. Williams was a brilliant historian.

*Edited 3/16/2021: The working copies of the third volume were found in his collection at the State Archives. The Ouachita Parish Public Library has a copy of one version and there are no plans at this time to publish.

One thought on “Dr. E. Russ Williams

  1. Yes, he was!!! We lost a very knowledgeable person when we lost him. I remember being I awe of him when I happened to be in the library the same time as him. He was so gracious when he turned to me to ask who I was researching. What a find!!!

    I have been blessed to get a complete set from his dear daughter! I can not explain how fortunate I am in finally getting a set.

    I talked with him before he died, and tried to get a copy. I know it was him that led this daughter and I to each other…


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