Early Ouachita Parish Coroner’s Records 1862 – 1929: Part I A-K Names

Fifteen years ago, I was allowed in the basement of the Ouachita Parish Courthouse to nose around in the records. Thrown in the bottom of a filing cabinet, I found some very old coroner's reports, dating back to 1862. We got permission from the Clerk of Court to spend a couple of weeks down there … Continue reading Early Ouachita Parish Coroner’s Records 1862 – 1929: Part I A-K Names

Richardson Funeral Home

As well as Burton/Good Citizen records, Ouachita Parish Public Library has records for the Richardson Funeral Home from 1954 - 1976. They are contained in three volumes and have been indexed by name and by date. NameDate of DeathPage #Book #Adoner, John12/26/1960180Book AAlexander, Carl8/10/1971125Book CAlexander, James8/11/1964290Book AAlexander, Shirley2/9/1959123Book AAllen, Elijah3/20/1975264Book CAllen, Henry6/8/1972130Book BAllen, Henry6/9/1972152Book CAllen, … Continue reading Richardson Funeral Home

Burton/Good Citizen Funeral Home Index

Part of the collection of the Ouachita Parish Public Library's Genealogy Department are copies of funeral home records. Included are records for the above two funeral homes, from 1954 - 1978. Many years ago, a name index was compiled. The following names are included: NamePage #Book #?, Arthur111Book A?, Charley123Book A?, James169Book AAdams, Alice120Book AAdams, … Continue reading Burton/Good Citizen Funeral Home Index

The Pre Civil War Murder of Jailer Abram Williams and the hanging of “Tennessee Jack”

             I found the following article one day while I was browsing pre Civil War newspaper of Monroe.  This crime was shocking and brutal by even today’s standards.  What drove this young man to do what he did can only be imagined with sympathy and horror.  He paid for it though, with his life. The … Continue reading The Pre Civil War Murder of Jailer Abram Williams and the hanging of “Tennessee Jack”

Jim May: West Monroe’s Own Holt Collier

Many people know of Holt Collier, who led Teddy Roosevelt on his famous area bear hunt, which gave birth to the Teddy Bear.  Did you ever hear of West Monroe’s beloved hunting guide Jim May?  He was well known enough in Ouachita Parish to have had his obituary posted in the News Star, way before … Continue reading Jim May: West Monroe’s Own Holt Collier

Some Ouachita Parish History sites

I have recently found a great blog on WordPress, where the author has posted items from her personal family history collection: https://okellyfamily.wordpress.com/ The O'Kelly family has deep roots in Ouachita Parish. There are some great transcriptions of family letters as well as some family photos concerning the O'Kelly family as well as some interesting historical … Continue reading Some Ouachita Parish History sites

The Shooting of W.S. Wade

Written for Louisiana Road Trips back in 2013:             August 22nd of 1909 was an exciting day in the little town of Monroe.  A fire burned down Capt. L.D. McLain's lumber mill, just north of where the old cotton seed oil mill still stands.  It was estimated that the loss would exceed $100,000.  People were … Continue reading The Shooting of W.S. Wade

The First Mardi Gras Parade in Monroe

Happy Mardi Gras! It is parade day in Monroe! I'll be on one of the floats tonight, but I'll be in disguise! If you recognize me, yell, "Throw me something!" Here is a Mardi Gras themed article I wrote for Road Trips a couple of years ago.             Many people in the area believe the … Continue reading The First Mardi Gras Parade in Monroe

The Love Story of Roland and Inez

I thought this would be a very appropriate story for Valentine's Day! Back in 2008, I found a forbidden love story, involving one of the most important families in Ouachita Parish history. I did not want to offend the family involved, but I really wanted to share the story since it was so beautiful and … Continue reading The Love Story of Roland and Inez

The First Female Legally Hung in Ouachita

            The first woman to be executed is quite unusual, since she made it all the way to a trial and legal execution.  At the time of her death, the local citizens usually doled out the punishment themselves in the form of lynching.              The facts of the case come down to us through newspaper … Continue reading The First Female Legally Hung in Ouachita