A List of Old Ouachita Parish Plantations

A coworker of mine is working on organizing our vertical file materials and I got nosy last week and opened one of the vertical files she had on her desk. Inside was a couple of handwritten pages compiled by J.B. Filhiol, Sr. with the date of August 1946. The pages listed the plantation homes he knew of in the area. I will transcribe it exactly as he wrote them.

Old residences south of Monroe –

Henry Bry (Layton Place)
Frank Pargoud (L. Ethridge)
Gen. S.W. Downs (Riverview Cemetery – Riverside Sanitarium)
Richardson (Cox)
R.G. Cable (Reform school)
D.K. Dinkgrave (Jimmy Noe)
Col. Morrison (Charleston)
Eli Noble (Harmon)
Linwood (Garret) (Gen. Bethune)
John T. Faulk
John B. Filhiol
Perseverance (G. FIlhiol)
Hopefield (Bres)
Hog & Hominy (Watkins) (Sam Taylor)
Good Exchange (Sanford)
Rosefield (Faust)
The Stir (Gen. Albert Rust)
Mansfield (Hannibal Faulk)
Bosco Belle (H. Bry) (Cordell)
Lafitta (de Graffinreid)
Coco Bend (Squire Harris)
Hopewell (Dr. Simmons)
Waverly (Bres-McLain & Bennett)
Sinope (A. & H. Ferrand)
Esperance (Gov. Hyams)
St. Albans (Maj. King) (Faulkner)
Breston (Chas. Bres) (Hugh Hill)

North of Monroe
Upper Pargoud (Joseph Pargoud) (Cole)
John T. Ludeling (Hudson)

On Bayou De Siard
Ingleside (Richardson)
Limerick (Wilson)
Hucknor (Mason)
Magenta (H.O. McEnery) (Stubbs)
Lone —?., River Stix & Ypsilanti

That last line he probably was trying to remember Lonewa plantation. The names in parenthesis may be who he thought was the original builder and/or who owned it at the time of writing. Nice little list!

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