A 1938 Speech Study in Monroe

I have found that LSU has digitized some of their thesis books and have made them available for free download. One in particular has caught my attention. In about 1937, a Doctoral student named Grace E. Ingledue, decided to study the speech patterns of six life-long Monroe residents. The six persons she studied (all white) came from various economic, social and educational backgrounds. Three of the six were different generations of one family! Their names were:

Azenea Trouard Breard (77 yrs.), John Marcelin Breard (55 yrs.), Charlotte Breard Hamilton (28 yrs.), Caroline Bell Standifer Sholars (81 yrs.), Alyce Daniel (24 yrs.) and Isaac Henry Hamilton (59 yrs.). Isaac was the father of the locally famous Ike Hamilton! You can read the study here: https://digitalcommons.lsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=8801&context=gradschool_disstheses

The thesis includes biographical sketches of the participants and some of Ms. Ingledue’s observations about her subjects.

Please keep in mind there includes some racial and ethnically insensitive language towards African Americans, Italian and Jewish people.

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