Willie’s Birth Certificate?

Last week, a hint popped up on my Ancestry tree I have created for Sidney and Annie Saunders’ son Willie. It stated there was a birth record in New Orleans for Wm. L. Saunders, born March 27, 1874, son of S.W. and Annie “Loving”. Close. Very close. I sent off a request to the State Archives to send me a certified copy of the original. Yesterday, it came in. I am pretty sure this is our Monroe couple and their son! There are a couple of minor things that are off. First, William L. for Willie St. John. Willie is a nickname for William, but what does the L. stand for? The index butchered Annie’s last name when you can clearly see “Livingston” on the record. However, born in California???? Everything else fits. Ah well. We may now ACTUALLY have a birth date for Willie!

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