A List of Ouachita Parish High School Alumni Who Fell During War

Back in May, 1945 Ouachita Parish High School’s seniors had a newsletter called the Ouachita Lion. It served as a sort of yearbook since the yearbook wasn’t publishing during WWII. On one of the pages of the May, 1945 issue, they paid tribute to what they called “Gold Star Honor Roll”. Basically, alumni of OPHS from 1894 to 1945 who had died during conflict. It covered the Spanish American War all the way to WWII. Here were the names listed:

Aubert, Bendel

Aubert, George

Benison, Walter

Boles, R.E.

Carter, James E.

Coverdale, Milton, Jr.

Craighead, Billy

Cullom, Malcolm

Cummings, Harold

Davidson, Earl

Edgar, Bill

Eubanks, Earl

Evans, Rolla

Grant, Boyd

Gregg, Harvey

Heckler, Earl

Hodnette, Roy

Horne, Robert

Hudson, Harmon

Hundley, James R.

LeBlanc, Alvin

Leehy, Bernard

McAllister, Donald

McFarland, Edward

Msling, Clifton

Masling, Robert

Moore, Dan W.

New, edward

Olmstead, W.K., Jr.

Pace, Paul

Perry, hal H., Jr.

Platt, Jack

Platt, Layton

Scruggs, Howard R.

Stennent, James

Sumrall, Mitchell

Takewell, Owen

Thatcher, Johnnie

Turett, Jim

Waldroup, Hugh H.

Watkins, G.B.

Whitlock, Francis

Williams, Harry, III

Wright, Guilford

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