Hide the Naughty Stuff From Mom! A Hilarious Monroe Letter.

This little one paged, water-damaged letter was written in the Garden District back in 1954 (Scroll to the middle of the page).


It is from a collection of the poet Gerrit Lansing, housed at Yale University’s Special Collections. It is written from a man in Monroe who signed the letter, “William Faulkner”. He informs Gerrit his mother is coming to collect his things and to take out the pornography so she wouldn’t see it. Yale librarians state in the notes that it may be written by Speed Lamkin, who was a classmate of Gerrit’s. I’m not so sure. In 1954 the Wright family lived at 420 Auburn. They had a son the right age that could be the writer. I can’t find where Speed ever lived there. I also am unsure of any connection between all three men, or if Gerrit knew Wright.

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