African-American Funeral Home Program Collection Part I: A-L Names

Another treasure available to researchers at the Ouachita Parish Public Library are the fifty-five volumes of African-American Funeral Home programs. A colleague of mine noticed there were not enough research tools available to those researching local African-American relatives. She decided to fill that hole with her collection of funeral home programs. Word soon spread and her collection grew. When she retired, she had collected fifty books worth of copies of obituaries from funeral home programs. That is not counting other parishes and states programs that she had also turned into books. After she retired, I promised her that as long as people continued to bring me their programs to copy, I would continue to compile them. Five more volumes to the work have been added and a sixth is in the middle of being compiled. These records will become invaluable to future researchers! Over the next few days I will publish the master index to the funeral programs. The index includes the name and the volume number the program appears in. Some programs were given to us multiple times, so they show up in several volumes.

NOTE: The entire master index through all current volumes can be found here:

There are tabs at the bottom for other parishes or states we have volumes for. Be sure and check all indexes!

Abell, Bennie Hughes48
Abraham, Andre Marvin Jerald39
Abraham, Roy Lee25
Abram, Amos Emerson18
Abram, Jon Robert2
Abram, Mable Marie Taylor1
Abram, Mable Marie Taylor5
Abram, Mable Marie Taylor17
Abram, Mary27
Abram, Walter Sr.1
Abram, Willie ( Deac )2
Abrams, Walter37
Abron, Luretta Young21
Ad, James ” Button “43
Adams, A. D. ( Brother )47
Adams, Alice19
Adams, Alice Irene ( Shug )22
Adams, Andrew Jr.32
Adams, Angeline Hampton9
Adams, Angeline Hampton25
Adams, Arniece Sampson35
Adams, Beatrice27
Adams, Bertha Reed24
Adams, Billy Ray15
Adams, Clara Turner ( Sister )50
Adams, David Jr. (Rev.)8
Adams, Edgar7
Adams, Elizabeth Eggins2
Adams, Elizabeth Eggins34
Adams, Elnora Alston Murray32
Adams, Gino Arness22
Adams, Harvey Lee ‘ Fluckie’37
Adams, Herman Lee37
Adams, Howard Kenneth30
Adams, Howard Kenneth  ” Mr. Woo”41
Adams, Isadora Green2
Adams, Jessie Bell29
Adams, Johnny6
Adams, Johnny ‘ Solo’37
Adams, Marie Louise36
Adams, Nellie Dorsey40
Adams, Ollie ” Tee Tee “34
Adams, Ray Charles ” Jr. “40
Adams, Robert Carl22
Adams, Rosie Lee4
Adams, Sam ( Rev. )25
Adams, Shirley Ann Knight43
Adams, Woodruff8
Addison, Bessie Mae  ( Sister )40
Addison, Lena Cotton36
Addison, Lillie Pierce42
Addison, Nathaniel  “NaNa”12
Addison, Shirley Mae ” Nunnie “34
Akins, Annie B. Brooks13
Alexander, Annie Bell14
Alexander, Bonnie Cleo35
Alexander, Jacoby Kagwhy20
Alexander, Marvin Lee50
Alexander, McHenry28
Alexander, Otis Lee31
Alexander, Otis Lee ( Brother )42
Alexander, Pinkie Ader19
Alexander, Thomas Moore ( Sergeant )47
Alexander, Vester L. Dawson – Johnson34
Alexander, Vester L. Dawson Johnson50
Alexander, Waldo Miller20
Alford, Barbara A.39
Alford, Barbara A.40
Alford, Dan McKinley28
Alford, Shirley Ann King48
Allen, Aldrich Sr. ( Blood )27
Allen, Bertha B.34
Allen, Catherine7
Allen, Charity Mae16
Allen, Charlie E. Sr.7
Allen, Charlie Edward28
Allen, Clifton5
Allen, Doris Brown ( Sister )44
Allen, Dosie Mary19
Allen, Edith Tucker29
Allen, Ellen Bryant4
Allen, Ethel Roberts9
Allen, Evie Roberson4
Allen, Frank ” Sonny “34
Allen, Georgia Maeae ( Sister )50
Allen, Gladys A.24
Allen, Gladys A.44
Allen, Herbert James4
Allen, Janie Washington38
Allen, Jennie23
Allen, Jennie24
Allen, Jennie46
Allen, Lenard ( Bro. )41
Allen, Mack31
Allen, Mack Jr.2
Allen, Maple Green24
Allen, Ozellar Kilgore3
Allen, Rosie Lee30
Allen, Selena Wilson4
Allen, Vickie Roberson4
Allen, Walter Lee Sr.7
Allen, Walter Lewis6
Allen, Willie Lee29
Allen, Willie Vernell ( Jr. )42
Allen-Thomas, Leslye Mae5
Allison, Mary L.5
Allum, Emma Louise Thompson5
Allum, Emma Louise Thompson8
Allums, Willie Lee8
Alston, Pamela Renee13
Alston, Ross20
Alston, Ross46
Ambrose, Emma H.31
Ambrose, Emmalena Hawkins2
Ambrose, Johnny Laraun2
Ambrose, Johnny Laraun7
Ambrose, Willie Columbus20
Ammons, Gertrude10
Amos, Robert Wayne36
Amos, Robert Wayne43
Anders, Alvin Junior ‘A. J. ‘21
Anders, Mattie Lee ” Kitty”40
Anders, Ora Mae24
Anderson Preston L. ” Pete “44
Anderson, Albert28
Anderson, Alberta  Gordon Fields34
Anderson, Almanda Talton5
Anderson, Arleane Francis Powell5
Anderson, Arleane Francis Powell9
Anderson, Audrey K.37
Anderson, Augustine Bouie21
Anderson, Betty  ( Mother )49
Anderson, Betty (Mother)48
Anderson, Bonita King22
Anderson, Coreata Kaye15
Anderson, Geneve23
Anderson, Geraldine D.35
Anderson, Gregory Keith ( SFC )35
Anderson, Irene14
Anderson, Irene27
Anderson, Ivory Joe7
Anderson, Ivory Joe8
Anderson, Ivory Joe37
Anderson, James26
Anderson, James W.4
Anderson, Jellen34
Anderson, Johnnie Lee Gibson14
Anderson, Johnny34
Anderson, Julia12
Anderson, Kiasha Marie32
Anderson, Malinda Blunt50
Anderson, Mattie Morrison ( Mother )35
Anderson, May Bell38
Anderson, Nathaniel43
Anderson, P. J.33
Anderson, Pearline25
Anderson, Preston L. ‘ Pete ‘24
Anderson, Preston L. “Pete”12
Anderson, Robert14
Anderson, Rocky Lamar32
Anderson, Rosia Lee2
Anderson, Sarah Lee33
Anderson, Shirley Denise Smith37
Anderson, William Henry “Pepper”11
Anderson, William Henry “Pepper” Jr.9
Anderson, William Henry ( Pepper )14
Andes, Mary Bell Allen8
Anding, Ada ( Sister )45
Anding, Anastasia GeneKecia4
Andrews, Eli22
Andrews, Etta Faye32
Andrews, Goldie 6
Andrews, Isaac31
Andrews, Steven Wayne ( Minister )42
Andrews, Xavier Jevon16
Andrews, Xavier Jevon33
Andrews, Xavier Jevon46
Antwine, Elmer12
Antwine, Olevia “Shag” DeGraffenreid41
Archangel, Victoria LaShay Stevenson Moore27
Archangel, Victoria Stevenson  Moore26
Archie, James Cliff ” J. C. “34
Ard, Cherry40
Ard, Warren “Tody”9
Ard, Warren ‘Tode ‘24
Armand,  Bro. Curtis Joseph50
Armand, Gloria Ammons24
Arms, Travis D.36
Armstrong, Ann Elizabeth1
Armstrong, Beatrice Jenkins31
Armstrong, Catherine Beatrice  ( Me Me )34
Armstrong, Dorismarie13
Armstrong, Freddie14
Armstrong, Freddie R. (Rev.)12
Armstrong, Freddie Sr.5
Armstrong, Freddie Sr.9
Armstrong, James Lee12
Armstrong, Julius38
Armstrong, Morris ( Reverend )41
Armstrong, Morris Sr. (Rev.)9
Arnold, Effie ( Sister )40
Arnold, Vivian Ruth17
Artis, Endie Carroll12
Asberry, Pearl C.34
Asberry, Pearl S.29
Ashford, Dorothy Ann24
Ashley, George ( Elder )34
Ashley, Gracie37
Ashley, Laura Butcher ( Mother )45
Ashton, Odie Davenport4
Atkins, Ben3
Atkins, Claudis Lee ( Brother )41
Atkins, Dennis1
Atkins, Dorice34
Atkins, Mattie Lee34
Augurson, George4
Augurson, Gustavia Thornton ( Sister )49
Augurson, James ( Bro. )36
Ausberry, Alberta Ford37
Ausberry, Bennie James ( Brother  B. J. )42
Ausberry, Milton13
Austin, A, G.   ( Bro.)45
Austin, Lonzo4
Austin, Lonzo5
Austin, Lonzo9
Austin, Lonzo18
Autman, Howard (Jack ) Tyson29
Ayatch, Rosena L.27
Badger, Annie Lee ( Sis )43
Badger, Corynthia Alisicia42
Badger, Frances Louise14
Badger, Lorine Reed3
Bailey, Barbara Ann Dixon35
Bailey, Carolyn Douglas14
Bailey, Carolyn K.18
Bailey, Clarice38
Bailey, DeVante Jamal42
Bailey, Joann Woods38
Bailey, Julia26
Bailey, Julia Etta ( Mother )41
Bailey, Morell Thomas2
Bailey, Ozeal Rachel Perry36
Bailey, Willie ( Deacon )41
Baker, Annie Bell Booker6
Baker, Carrie Hawkins7
Baker, Casey Kevin “Turk”4
Baker, Cora Lee48
Baker, Dengeba (Dembie)9
Baker, Freeda Germaine Barron31
Baker, Herman Perry22
Baker, Irene ( Sister )41
Baker, Isadore38
Baker, Joseph ( Lee Joe ) ” Jr. “40
Baker, Lizzie Bell40
Baker, Mack4
Baker, Marilyn Wells1
Baker, Oscar4
Baker, Sylvester Sr.7
Baker, Viola H.38
Baker, Willie L.24
Baker,Gertrude ( Mrs. )46
Baldwin, George O.11
Ballard, Brother1
Ballard, Craig Stevenson17
Ballard, Joe4
Ballard, Joyce Ann34
Ballard, Lorain F.34
Ballard, Napoleon B.34
Ballard, Napoleon Bonaparte9
Ballard, Thelma Houston18
Banks, Alma Dorothy ( Sister )41
Banks, Carrie Lee Johnson4
Banks, Elbert L.25
Banks, George W.40
Banks, George W. Sr.5
Banks, Julia Mae25
Banks, Loretta24
Banks, Mable ( Sister )35
Banks, Willie4
Banner, Daisy Davenport8
Barber, Anthony Jerome23
Barber, Ayinde ” Oddie “45
Barber, Corein Sumler Bailey4
Barber, Corein Sumler Bailey38
Barber, Edgar40
Barber, Lee Andrew6
Barber, Lee Andrew37
Barber, Lee Ella Rodgers28
Barber, Lela ( Sister )40
Barber, Mattie Johnson6
Barber, Mattie Johnson37
Barfield, Andrew33
Barfield, Elois Highshaw33
Barfield, Jimmie33
Barfield, Leon20
Barfield, McArthur ( Jr. )33
Barfield, McArthur Jr.8
Barfield, Willie30
Barnes, Arlean M.30
Barnes, Ceola Banks16
Barnes, Eddie1
Barnes, Frances Richardson9
Barnes, Frank ( Bro. )46
Barnes, Jesse Edward22
Barnes, Johnnie Alvin ( Deacon )43
Barnes, Juliette4
Barnes, Louise31
Barnes, Mary Elizabeth22
Barnes, Obie10
Barnes, Rosa20
Barnes, Telitha Toombs ( Mother )38
Barnes, Walter Tillas16
Barnett, C. L. ” Sr. “40
Barnett, Cedric3
Barnett, Chink19
Barnett, E. L.30
Barnett, Eugene Jr.27
Barnett, Eugenia Davis30
Barnett, Joseph ” Joe Bass ” Baird (Sr. )42
Barnett, Joseph “Joe Bass” Baird45
Barnett, Leroy3
Barnett, Leroy5
Barnett, Solomon DeWayne42
Barns, Mary Alice ( Sister )46
Barr, Caleb29
Barr, Sihara Marie29
Barron, Carolyn  Ann37
Barron, Carolyn Shaw6
Bartlett, Morris Joseph31
Bartlett, Morris Joseph38
Bartlett, Rosie Lee Winslow28
Barton, Esther Marie39
Barton, Osborne22
Barton, Willie Mae  ( Sister )34
Baskin, Jerry4
Baskin, Tremayne De Shawn25
Bass, Camrun JaKyle6
Bass, Camrun Jakyle37
Bass, Earlean Cooper2
Bass, Ethel38
Bass, Faye Jean22
Bass, Lucille ( Sister )35
Bates, Albert38
Bates, Bernice ( Mrs. )34
Bates, Emma Bertha Potts39
Bates, Joseph18
Bates, Joseph23
Bates, Lula B.37
Bates, Rosetta Bowie9
Bates, Shervondalyn Thaxton ( Tready )46
Battle, Bobby Joe37
Battle, James12
Battle, James “JB Hucklebuck”11
Battles, Lettie C.28
Beal, Alex James9
Beal, Jessie Lee Williams43
Beal, Roderick Carne’25
Bealin, Mae Odis27
Bealin, Troy25
Bealin, Troy29
Bean, Willie Gray28
Beard, Eula mae43
Beasley, Louise Wilson1
Beasley, Zettie Mae Blockson43
Beaudoin, Carrie Delores Swayzer37
Beauregard, Alberta Williams24
Beavers, Alan Maxwell20
Beavers, Armour6
Beavers, Armour37
Beavers, Carrie Lee3
Beavers, Carrie Lee5
Beavers, HollisFrazier43
Beavers, Lila ( Sister )46
Beavers, Tom28
Beckwith, Chester F.4
Beckwith, Clinton Obblett28
Beckwith, Clinton Obblett31
Beckwith, Eugene ” Sonny ” ”  Beck “22
Beckwith, John Grover “Rusty”9
Beckwith, Katie B. Clark20
Beckwith, Martha Aline17
Beckwith, Martha Aline25
Beckwith, Wilbur Alvin (Sr. )38
Beckwith, Zettie Robinson9
Becton, Donnie Ray24
Bedford, Louis Linton33
Belizone, Mary Ann Hall12
Bell, Alicia Marie Shelbon40
Bell, Beatrice12
Bell, Beatrice B.13
Bell, Edward A “Slick”4
Bell, Frankie Jean Williams37
Bell, H. Y. ( Dr. )38
Bell, Janet L.43
Bell, Joseph32
Bell, Jurutha Hutchinson11
Bell, Jurutha Hutchinson ( Mother )36
Bell, Noah Jerome42
Bell, Patrice ( Sister )45
Bell, Patricia Hubbard41
Bell, Pearlean Allen27
Bell, Pearline Allen28
Bell, Roosevelt8
Bell, Walter10
Belle, Elbert L.37
Belt, Benny Ray39
Belt, David Eric42
Belt, Lou Tellis17
Belton, Jacqueline A.17
Belton, Jacquelyn A.40
Belton, Jeff 47
Belton, Jeppie10
Belton, John43
Belton, Johnnie Belton Jr.4
Benard, Mattie B. ( Sister )43
Benford, Dorothy Hicks6
Benford, Dorothy Hicks37
Benford, Lucille Shaw25
Benjamin, Alonzo Jr. 43
Benn, Luther11
Bennett, Donnell Ray24
Bennett, Olevia10
Bentley, Elizabeth26
Benton, Dorianna Pearlice31
Benton, Margaret Ruth27
Benton, Odessa30
Benton, Percy  Lee42
Benton, Verna Lee6
Benton, Verna Lee10
Benton, Verna Lee37
Berry, Amanda Davis6
Berry, Amy T.37
Berry, Amy Tolliver6
Berry, Annie Lizzie ( Sister )42
Berry, Bobby16
Berry, Charles Albert37
Berry, Delia37
Berry, Dorothy16
Berry, Gertrude Crumpton ( Sister )34
Berry, Gloria Jean31
Berry, Isam Morrris (Dr.)13
Berry, Johnnie Mae9
Berry, Sarah Janet Greene37
Besant, Corean Ziegler24
Besant, Corean Ziegler ” MoMo “40
Besant, Quinton2
Bess, Effie L.4
Bess, Ivey George Jr.5
Bess, Ivey George Jr.9
Bess, Letis Loyd “Red”2
Bess, Mattie Pearl Dixon2
Bess, Roy ” Chester ” ( Bro. )42
Bess, Sam Sr.2
Bethea, Kimela Scott39
Bethley, Patrick Dewayne46
Bias, Andrew ‘ June ‘24
Bilberry, Donald Ray27
Bilberry, Willie Mae32
Billings, Green3
Billingsley, Ruth Roberta ( Sister )35
Billups, Joshua Will20
Billups, Joshua Will45
Birdon, Clarence10
Birdon, Jimmie, Sr.4
Bish, Patressa Suzette Jackson25
Bishop, Howard Glenn32
Blackson, Willie Rue Jett11
Blade, Betty Calhoun16
Blade, Charlie Vee4
Blade, Dorth E. ” Coach “37
Blade, Dorth E. “Coach “22
Blade, Olevia26
Blake, Angela McDaniels11
Blakes, Lawrence ” Mane” ( Brother )43
Blanche, Maison42
Blankenship, Weddie Frances Charleston45
Blanson, Alexis Joi34
Blanson, Danny ” Lil Dee ” Ray40
Blanson, George ” Jody “, III19
Blanton, Linda Sue19
Bledsoe,  Wilbur H. (Dr. )42
Bledsoe, Christian4
Bledsoe, Isaac37
Bledsoe, Kelly33
Bledsoe, Kelly37
Bledsoe, Moreece19
Bledsoe, Virtha Lee Warren4
Bledsoe, Virtha Lee Warren20
Blockson, Henry Floyd ‘ Bubba ‘36
Blockson-Beasley, Zettie Mae39
Blount, L. V. ( Rev. )38
Blue, Daryl ( Judge )16
Bluford, Jamaal Damitri14
Bluford, Roosevelt ( Bro. )42
Bluford, Roy ( Rachel )22
Bluford, Toney L.42
Bluford, Velson ( B rother )46
Bluford, Velson ( Bro. )36
Blunt, Charles Ray19
Blunt, Derrick Shawn (Brother)48
Blunt, Lonnie25
Blunt, Oreatha Jones ( Sister )36
Blunt, Pearl T.20
Blunt, Willie James19
Board, Lex4
Boatner, Carmerical Ann ( Sister )35
Boatner, Mamie Louise43
Boatner, Orel28
Boatner, Orel Bowman2
Body, Archie James37
Bogan, Violet Charles27
Boker, Shalandria “YAYA” Gilbert23
Bolden, Edward Clayton “Clay “40
Bolden, Essie Smith27
Bolden, Jessie5
Bolden, Lois Marie18
Bolden, Lonnell34
Bolden, Millie Ann18
Bolden, Millie Ann Woods Good13
Boldes, Bobby Ray24
Boley, Annie Viola32
Boley, Viola Perkins32
Bolton, T.A.2
Bonds, Sudrey Mae T.26
Bonner, Barbara Arnester26
Bonner, Catherine Odell38
Bonner, Eva S.43
Bonner, Evelyn Marie4
Bonner, Evelyn Marie37
Boose, Devin Marice10
Boose, Johnny Allen Sr10
Boose, Leola Jones4
Boose, Ruthie Lee30
Boose, Ruthie Lee40
Boose, Sandra Faye26
Bosworth, Eddie T. Jr.2
Bosworth, Eddie T. Jr.3
Bosworth, Marie Holland6
Bosworth, Rose Mary22
Boughton, Ida Bell34
Boughton, Minnie Lee West Sanders14
Boughton, Minnie Lee West Sanders15
Boughton, Pearl Virginia41
Boughton, Robert16
Boughton, Robert Lee41
Boughton, Sallie Dixon31
Bouie, Bertha Perry13
Bouie, Solomon34
Bouie, Willie James37
Boulding, Jessie Lee8
Bowers, Emma Rose ( Sister )35
Bowie, Abraham H.  Jr.43
Bowie, Alberstene9
Bowie, Albertene J.38
Bowie, Albertine J.44
Bowie, Alfred41
Bowie, Corrine C.44
Bowie, Jim ” Iceman “40
Bowie, Joe24
Bowie, Minerva Lee19
Bowie, Willie James Jr.6
Bowler, Willie May Clay12
Bowman, John Henry8
Bowman, John Leon24
Bowman, Lillie Bell45
Bowman, Matalie Williams ‘ Matt’24
Boyd, Bertha  Carter  ( Sister )34
Boyd, Felma Glendora40
Boyd, John L.30
Boyd, Ollie Frank ( Mother )34
Boyd, Thomas8
Bracey, Ida Mae37
Bracy, Gary ( Wankie )  DaVon16
Bracy, Janie Mae ( Mother )47
Bracy, Robert Lee ( Brother )47
Bracy, Willie Mae31
Braden, Henrietta Robertson4
Bradford, ? Armstrong (Sister)4
Bradford, ? Armstrong (Sister)5
Bradford, Cordie (Mother)48
Bradford, Daisy11
Bradford, Geeshala Lashawn22
Bradford, Mary Jean ( Sister )47
Bradford, Mrs.10
Bradford, Rosiana Marshall9
Bradford, Rosiana Marshall (Sister )47
Bradford, Ruth Douglas16
Bradford, Ruth Douglas22
Bradford, Ruth Douglas (Dr.)12
Bradford, Sister Armstrong9
Bradley, Cheryl Denise Jackson McNeill13
Bradley, Deborah48
Bradley, Georgia Mae42
Bradley, Ira  ( Elder- Th. D. )42
Bradley, Irine Smith4
Bradley, Katie L.20
Bradly, John ( Brother )46
Braggs, Adline Williams ( Sister )40
Braggs, Earnestine16
Bramer, Martha Ann Brooks4
Branch, ? Johnson8
Branch, Annie Hillman4
Branch, Annie Hillman19
Branch, Carrye Pearl Holland ( Jennie )35
Branch, Samuel Lee37
Brandon, Bread James4
Brandon, Bread James8
Brandon, Leola H. ( Mother )35
Brandon, Leola Hill9
Brandon, Ollie5
Brandon, Ollie33
Brandon, Rhoda Mae18
Brandon, Velma T. Gibson28
Branson, Lewis Calvin28
Brass, Agness Inez38
Brass, Annie Mae Morrison6
Brass, Annie Mae“37
Brass, Fredonia19
Brass, Johnny Roosevelt37
Brass, Rverend Van Major50
Brass, Wilmor38
Brassell, Porfiroso H.33
Brassell, Porfiroso H.48
Braxton, Willie Bell4
Breckenridge, George, Jr ( Deacon )44
Brewer, Joe Willie38
Brewer, Levert ” BO “35
Brewster, Lee4
Brice, Albertha Jones10
Brice, Alice Evelyn11
Brice, Alice ‘Evelyn’ Cyrus17
Brice, Cleo ( Sister )35
Brice, Herbert  Sullivan43
Brice, Tempie L.14
Brice, Tempie L.18
Brice, Tempie Lee16
Bridges, Brenda Diane ( Sister )36
Briggs,  Reachel Woods ( Mother )34
Briggs, Burton6
Briggs, Elder B.37
Briggs, Elder Burton ( Brother )47
Briggs, Ephraim Walter,Jr.49
Briggs, Ephriam Walter47
Briggs, Mary Osborne37
Briggs, Victoria ( Prophetess)43
Bright, Mary12
Brigson, Stella38
Briton, Breard Ernest, Jr. ( Deacon )35
Britton, Albert Jefferson ( Brother )35
Britton, Alvin Austin,  Sr. ( Deacon )35
Britton, Alvin Austin, Jr.35
Britton, Annie Harris28
Britton, Annie Harris ( Deaconess )35
Britton, Arthur ( Deacon ) Sr.35
Britton, Arthur Sr.4
Britton, Beatrice Myles35
Britton, Charles Gustavous35
Britton, Claude, Jr. ( Brother )35
Britton, Clyde, Jr. ( Deacon )35
Britton, Elizabeth L. Mayo ( Bridges )35
Britton, Floyd ( Brother )35
Britton, Jackie Lamar48
Britton, Johnny B. 35
Britton, Laura Lee Hanspard35
Britton, Lelia Johnson, (Deaconess )35
Britton, Linda Ann Haydel9
Britton, Linda Ann Haydel35
Britton, Loretta10
Britton, Mary W. ( Sister )35
Britton, Mildred Ford ( Sister )35
Britton, Nettie Jean Williams9
Britton, Nettie Jean Williams40
Britton, Robert Lee13
Britton, Robert Lee35
Britton, Ross Clyde28
Britton, Sidney G. ( Brother )34
Britton, Sidney G. ( Brother )35
Britton, Vera Wade35
Britton, Vivain24
Britton, Vivian A. Bell ( sister )35
Britton, William “Buddy”4
Britton, William ( Buddy )35
Britton, Willis Olden  ” Dick ” ( Brother )46
Britton-Elmore, Tereatha9
Broadnax, Anna Hoston27
Broadnax, Gloria Rogers31
Broadnax, Larry W.50
Broadnax, Marine Gray7
Broadnax, Rosie ( Sister )34
Broadway, Allie Mae Heard29
Broadway, Catherine Emerson19
Broadway, Frank19
Broadway, Frank Jr. ( Deacon)45
Broadway, Linda Hunter40
Brook, James Clifton ” Brooksie “19
Brooks, Bernice40
Brooks, Carl Vernon13
Brooks, Cato III4
Brooks, Donaldson13
Brooks, Evelyn37
Brooks, Florida B.21
Brooks, Foster Mason13
Brooks, Foster Mason Sr.13
Brooks, Foster Mason, Sr.4
Brooks, Frank33
Brooks, Freddie mae46
Brooks, Ida Mae Wilson6
Brooks, Ivory29
Brooks, James Clifton20
Brooks, Lawrence Dunbar13
Brooks, Leolia Mason29
Brooks, Mary Reynolds13
Brooks, Maryland13
Brooks, Mattie Brown31
Brooks, Mattie Julia13
Brooks, Noby ( Deacon )46
Brooks, Orel Bertha13
Brooks, Thelma18
Brooks, Webster Bernell ( Jr. )42
Brothers, Ledell14
Brothers, Mary Wallace15
Browhow, Bertha Lee Smith18
Browhow, Bertha Lee Smith “Bird”15
Browhow, Eugene20
Brown,  Annie ( Sister )47
Brown, Aaron Jeams11
Brown, Abe Jr.4
Brown, Abe Jr.7
Brown, Albert Herman14
Brown, Alice ( Mother )36
Brown, Alice Lee ( Mother )42
Brown, Alyma Richard46
Brown, Anna ( Sister )43
Brown, Antinissin Kirston11
Brown, Arthur ( Brother )45
Brown, Arvell McCoy Duncan12
Brown, Beatrice ” Big “35
Brown, Belores45
Brown, Bertha Davis ” Honey “38
Brown, Bertha Davis ( Honey )40
Brown, Bertha Hill31
Brown, Bertha Hill ( Mother )35
Brown, Bertha Mae Ricks42
Brown, Bessie Mae20
Brown, Betty Jean21
Brown, Beulah Gayton8
Brown, Beulah Hall18
Brown, Beverly Ann25
Brown, Bienville ‘ Ben ‘24
Brown, Blanche Alfredo Wilson  ( Sister )47
Brown, Bobby15
Brown, Bruce Coward ( Brother )43
Brown, Bruce Edward ( Bro. )36
Brown, Burlee5
Brown, Carl Edward (Deacon)48
Brown, Carol Sue Radford16
Brown, Castene Dangerfield15
Brown, Chandler13
Brown, Charles36
Brown, Charles Edward11
Brown, Charlie 9 Deacon )34
Brown, Cheryl Lynne42
Brown, Cheryl Lynne49
Brown, Clyde ” Downtown ” ( Brother )47
Brown, Creola Velma Calhoun9
Brown, Creola Velma Calhoun35
Brown, Dave Thomas4
Brown, David39
Brown, David ( Pastor )25
Brown, David Lee15
Brown, Doretha Wright16
Brown, Dorothy Gipson6
Brown, Dorothy Gipson37
Brown, Earline Lynch ( Sister )46
Brown, Elaine Oaks13
Brown, Elbert13
Brown, Eli25
Brown, Eli46
Brown, Elizabeth Foy39
Brown, Ella Mae47
Brown, Ella Mae48
Brown, Ellen Washington38
Brown, Emma Jackson ( Sister )36
Brown, Emma Jean14
Brown, Emma Jean42
Brown, Esther Saucer38
Brown, Esther Saucier29
Brown, Etta Burrell22
Brown, Eugene9
Brown, Eugene13
Brown, Eugene14
Brown, Eugene Jr.13
Brown, Fannie S.4
Brown, Farris Calhoun ( Minister )24
Brown, Farris Calhoun ( Minister )40
Brown, Frances Vaughn31
Brown, Gary Charles40
Brown, George37
Brown, George Jr.5
Brown, George Jr.9
Brown, Georgetta Dotray5
Brown, Henry C. ‘ Popcorn ‘32
Brown, Irene Tyson37
Brown, Irma Bryant4
Brown, Isaac ‘ Ike ‘24
Brown, Israel17
Brown, Isreal1
Brown, Isreal4
Brown, Jack13
Brown, James7
Brown, James8
Brown, James Otis ( Chief – Retired )35
Brown, James Perry29
Brown, Jean Olivia30
Brown, Jennie Lee ( Mrs. )34
Brown, Jennie Mae ( Sister )46
Brown, Jessie11
Brown, Joe ( Reverend )42
Brown, John David ( Elder )46
Brown, John E.13
Brown, John Henry38
Brown, Joseph13
Brown, Joshua7
Brown, Katherine Marshall42
Brown, Kendrick DeWayne34
Brown, Laura Mae26
Brown, Lela8
Brown, Leon19
Brown, LeRoy26
Brown, Lillie Joe24
Brown, Margaret ” Liz “19
Brown, Marshall Donnell49
Brown, Mary23
Brown, Mary Lee Cameron15
Brown, Mary Lee Cameron Carroll24
Brown, Mary Lee Young Richardson28
Brown, Nathaniel8
Brown, Onie Marie1
Brown, Onie Marie 5
Brown, P. Rayfield ( Dr. Rev. )36
Brown, P. Rayfield (Rev. Dr.)10
Brown, Patricia Vaughn39
Brown, Patricia Vaughn45
Brown, Pierre Lee Morrison49
Brown, Priscilla Addison1
Brown, Priscilla Addison20
Brown, Queen Esther ( Sister )46
Brown, Queenesther Lashay24
Brown, Robert13
Brown, Robert Lee31
Brown, Robert Lee ( Sr.)40
Brown, Robert Vernon6
Brown, Roosevelt Sr.4
Brown, Rosie Jackson37
Brown, Ruth3
Brown, Ruth ( Mother )46
Brown, Samuel Lee7
Brown, Sarah Harris17
Brown, Sena Adams36
Brown, Sharon Rene ‘Shebby’ ( Sister )46
Brown, Sidney Ray13
Brown, Spurley Joe24
Brown, Theodore16
Brown, Theoplish ( Deacon )35
Brown, Tillman Jr.32
Brown, Tiney V. ( Sister )34
Brown, Tom13
Brown, Tommy L. Deacon )35
Brown, Tyrone De’Quintez ” Manky “47
Brown, Weldon Kent26
Brown, Willie Jr.10
Brown, Worthy8
Brown, Zellena13
Browne, Cheryl Lynne41
Brownfield, Bessie Taylor22
Browns, Janie Mae14
Browns, Janie Mae27
Brunner, Lonnie Walker22
Brunner, Lonnie Walker ( Deacon )45
Brunner, Lonnie Walter31
Bryan, Patrick Thomas ” Pat “45
Bryant, Ada Mae Mathis25
Bryant, Ada Mae Mathis ( Sister )46
Bryant, Alyon Santez35
Bryant, Bessie Wade4
Bryant, Charles Lavan35
Bryant, Dennis14
Bryant, Dennis50
Bryant, Eula B. – Lula Bell39
Bryant, Howard15
Bryant, Ida C. (Sister)48
Bryant, Kenneth Wayne28
Bryant, Kenneth Wayne35
Bryant, Khaleedah Nyeesha 35
Bryant, Linda Marie41
Bryant, Louis Ray39
Bryant, Mattie ‘ MaaMa ‘37
Bryant, Mattie M.2
Bryant, Mattie M.6
Bryant, Mattie M.17
Bryant, Mertis ( Sister )34
Bryant, Reginald Conrad48
Bryant, Robert Lee15
Bryant, Sam David46
Bryant, Tommie4
Buchana, Phephia15
Buchanan, Minnie26
Buchanan, Minnie Jordan4
Buckles, Rosie L. Brown4
Buckley, Evelyn26
Buckley, Fannie Sharp ( Mrs. )34
Buckley, James9
Buckner, Beatrice3
Buford, Katherine Roy14
Buie, Emma W. ( Deaconess )42
Bullard, Benton G.4
Bullock, Bettye Jo42
Bullock, Hazel Michelle McDonald-Willis45
Bullock, Jessie ( Brother )35
Burge, Donald Wesley2
Burge, Donald Wesley25
Burge, Eula8
Burkes, Shirlene C.45
Burkett, Mary Lee28
Burkhalter, Berry Denson38
Burks, Cora B.28
Burks, Edna Harp ( Sister )36
Burks, LaWanda9
Burks, Ledora McMillion ( Sister )34
Burks, Marvin Lee Sr. ” Hump “40
Burks, Marvin lLee37
Burks, Roydell ” Jr. “40
Burks, Roydell ( Reverend )42
Burnett, Rosie Brass31
Burns, Albert38
Burns, Alex Andrew15
Burns, Alex Andrew ( Reverend )24
Burns, Alex Andrews ( Jr.)18
Burns, Bernice West Allen31
Burns, Bernice West Allen38
Burns, Blanchie Lee ( Mother )41
Burns, George W. Jr.46
Burns, Jesse25
Burns, Johnny40
Burns, Ollie Mae Hamilton37
Burns, Ollie Mae Hamolton ( Mother )35
Burns, Relda ( Mother )34
Burns, Sam Alfred ( Coach )16
Burns, Samuel Alfred6
Burns, Samuel Alfred9
Buro, Willie ‘ Buddy’24
Burrell, Annie Mae Nelson Winters24
Burrell, Bregitta Shelia48
Burrell, Columbus ” BUckwheat “44
Burrell, Columbus “Buckwheat”11
Burrell, Daisy Cleveland1
Burrell, Daisy Cleveland4
Burrell, Deacon George11
Burrell, Debra Ann Wilks11
Burrell, Debra Ann Wilks15
Burrell, Eddie ” Doodle Bugg “22
Burrell, Evelyn Louise Gunn14
Burrell, Evelyn Louise Gunn44
Burrell, George Sr.9
Burrell, James ( Chuck )14
Burrell, Joell Norsworthy33
Burrell, Joella ( Norsworthy )37
Burrell, Kenneth Rodney Gardner15
Burrell, Peter “Fat “44
Burrell, Thelma Dorothy Jenkins5
Burton, Bessie D.27
Burton, Claudette29
Burton, Floyd Edward3
Burton, Jeremy Carbron4
Burton, Riley James19
Burton, Riley James35
Burton, W. B.38
Bush, Adrian42
Bush, Alena Jackson37
Bush, Henry ( Brother )42
Bush, Henry ( Brother )46
Butcher, Sadie6
Butcher, Sadie Marie ‘ Peaches ‘37
Butcher, Sandra LYnn ( Sand )45
Butcher, Sargent1
Butcher, Sargent4
Butcher, Sargent ” Butch “44
Butler, Betty Jane Tribble20
Butler, DeBorah P. K.42
Butler, Irene Marshall ( Sister )40
Butler, Isabell “Bella”10
Butler, James (Rev.)8
Butler, John Caesar ” Sr. “40
Butler, LeRoy ( Deacon )41
Butler, Lunortha M. Bess6
Butler, Melvin Arthur (Dr.)8
Butler, Patricia Ann9
Butler, R. S.26
Butler, Rosie Lee Winchester23
Butler, Solomon26
Bynum, Ardie Mae21
Bynum, Ardie mae29
Bynum, Bennie ( Jr. )41
Bynum, Demartez Dewayne Scott37
Bynum, Don La Vell ” Tank “39
Bynum, Freddie Earl20
Bynum, Ozell1
Bynum, Ozell33
Bynum, Patricia16
Bynum, Richard C.30
Bynum,, Ardie Mae20
Byrd, Gloria “Dean”15
Byrd, Gus6
Byrd, Gus37
Byrd, Jaret28
Byrd, Mary Chase25
Byrd, Samuel26
Caesar, Penola Head Bryant 25
Caesar, Phillip16
Cage, L.T.8
Cage, Lennon T. (Griffin)10
Cage, Louis Charles II35
Cage, Polly37
Cage, Sarah Nell Criner50
Cahill, Robert6
Cain, Dorothy Lee42
Cain, Pamela Rose13
Calcote, Sam15
Caldwell, Allen Henry38
Caldwell, Bennie Dean33
Caldwell, Billy R. ‘ Billy Jack “30
Caldwell, Clarence A. ” Tony “39
Caldwell, Delores Amos29
Caldwell, Idella Pitts4
Caldwell, Leamon ( Brother )45
Caldwell, Rosa Louise14
Caldwell, Rosa Louise18
Caldwell, Roy Glen ( Brother )42
Caldwell, Roy Glen (Brother)48
Caldwell, Vernetta ‘ Hope ‘ Wilson33
Calhoun John ” Parker “38
Calhoun, Allen Speed ( Deacon )35
Calhoun, Candese M.34
Calhoun, Edward W.31
Calhoun, Edward W. (Rev.)2
Calhoun, Foster Ulysses36
Calhoun, Johnnie Ruth19
Calhoun, Johnnie Ruth23
Calhoun, Johnny Ruth ( Sister )35
Calhoun, Jurllean ( Sister )35
Calhoun, Laritta Faye34
Calhoun, Mary A.22
Calhoun, Mary Mosley7
Calhoun, Ola Mae Brown1
Calhoun, Richard26
Calhoun, Richard D.28
Calhoun, Walter21
Calloway, Alphonso (Reverend )41
Calloway, Beulah25
Calloway, Clarence8
Calloway, Clarence19
Calloway, Cora Lee8
Calloway, Cora Lee19
Calloway, James Arthue ( Rev. )45
Calloway, Lula Mae ( Sister )36
Calloway, Mary Williams8
Calloway, Susie Mae ( Sister )46
Calloway, Willie5
Calvin, Evelyn Scott14
Calvin, Gregory Ray19
Cameron, Kemper Jr.7
Cameron, Kemper Sr.7
Cameron, Leroy14
Cameron, Walter Lawrence37
Campbell, Anita D.37
Campbell, Ben ( Pastor )43
Campbell, Corsena37
Campbell, Corsena Jones6
Campbell, Mattie Smith12
Campbell, Susie G.38
Campbell, Tonika10
Campbell, William Everette24
Candler, Betty Ruth Givens5
Canfield, Shellie Manning25
Cann, Harvey ‘ Slim ‘21
Cann, Shelly26
Cann, Woodrow Wilson ( Sr. )18
Cannon, Jesse Lee16
Captain, Gloria Dean Calhoun4
Caraway, Alma Jean31
Caraway, Alma Jean32
Carloss, Orlea Wilford20
Carloss, Vianna37
Carloss, Vianna Gilbert6
Carmouche, Geneva Shelly26
Carodine, Pollie Ann7
Carr, Cornelius37
Carr, Curtis ‘ Bunny ‘36
Carr, Curtis ” Bunny “43
Carr, David M. ( Brother )34
Carr, Jiles C.19
Carradine, Alvin Bernard43
Carradine, Dennis17
Carroll, Casey ” Fletcher”12
Carroll, Essie B. Loring ( Sister )47
Carroll, Henri-Anna Carolyn Johnson22
Carroll, Joyce Ann Baker22
Carroll, Leontine16
Carroll, Leontine17
Carroll, Lizzie12
Carroll, Morris Henry5
Carroll, Morris Henry29
Carroll, Nicie Sampson ( Sister )41
Carroll, Pamela Reene47
Carroll, Regsnal Louis20
Carroll, Rosie Lenoir8
Carroll, Vera LaVern8
Carroll, Vera Mae34
Carroll, Walter12
Carston, Henry, Jr.47
Carter, Allie Mae24
Carter, Annie Lou “Pugh” Burks4
Carter, Annie Lou Pugh22
Carter, Billy Ray43
Carter, Bobby1
Carter, Carrie Welch25
Carter, Carter, Morris Hayes8
Carter, Earnest Elamo21
Carter, Ellis Bernard4
Carter, Ellis Bernard8
Carter, Ellis Bernard ( Brother )35
Carter, Eva Mae42
Carter, Fannie Jackson5
Carter, Gladys McClain12
Carter, Henry Joe ( Hairbear )43
Carter, Herman Mark (Rev.)23
Carter, Joan ( Sister )46
Carter, Joyce Coleman9
Carter, Lillie Mae Rhodes8
Carter, Linda Faye Wroten49
Carter, Lonnie Buck16
Carter, Lonnie Jr.4
Carter, Lorine Duncan4
Carter, Lottie Roberson4
Carter, Lottie Roberson25
Carter, Louise B.22
Carter, Mary Ann Grayson40
Carter, Morris Hayes, Sr. ( Deacon )44
Carter, Naomi Brown34
Carter, Nick Jr.4
Carter, Robert Wesley22
Carter, Robert Wesley ( Brother )44
Carter, Rosa Lee31
Carter, Roy Lee34
Carter, Roy Lee39
Carter, Rueben14
Carter, Sandra Renee Gardner21
Carter, Veronica ‘ Conoco ‘30
Casrton, Nancy Freeman ( Mrs. )44
Cassey, Alberta Zerita McCline24
Cassey, Berry DeWayne5
Cassey, Berry DeWayne37
Cassey, George Otto22
Cassey, Hattie Wooten22
Cassey, Joseph ‘ Junior ‘24
Cassey, Melissa ( Sister )42
Cassey, Ozrie M. Johnson2
Cassey, Ozrie Mitchell35
Cassey, Ozrie Mitchell48
Cassey, Rodriquez Jermaine46
Caster, Walter ‘ Jr. “40
Castle, Minnie Frost50
Caston, Charles Morris13
Caston, Geneva B.40
Caston, Nancy Freeman38
Caston, Sebastian Tobias ‘Toby ‘25
Caston, Willie (Rev.)2
Caston, Willie (Rev.)4
Caston, Willie (Rev.)5
Catgcart, Alberta Bradley4
Cathcart, Timothy4
Causey, Elizabeth ( Mother )46
Causey, Jo Ann Lavender21
Causey, Lee Etta35
Causey, Sonya Renee Cloman4
Ceasar, Penola15
Ceasar, Warren LaJon25
Ceaser, Deon4
Ceaser, Leonard12
Ceaser, Michael DeShun17
Chaffold, Mable Hutcherson6
Chaffold, Mable Hutcherson37
Chaffold, Mertis45
Chaffold, O. C. ” Fat “37
Chambers, Dorothy Jean16
Chambers, Dorothy Jean24
Chambers, JaKia Elisha34
Chambers, James E.40
Chambers, Katie12
Chambers, Landis “Ples”12
Chambers, Mercedeas38
Chambers, Mercedeas J.27
Chambers, Mercedeas J.27
Chambers, Mercedes J.28
Chambers, Robert Lee50
Chambers, Thomas Ray ( Brother )43
Chambliess, Robert4
Charis, Irene Wilson23
Charleston, Edmon ( Brother )41
Charleston, Irene ( Sister )41
Charleston, Jacob37
Charleston, Mattie Tatum ( Sister )36
Charleston, Pamela Paula Denise14
Charleston, Pamela Paula Denise27
Chatman, Boyad4
Chatman, Gregory Scott50
Chatman, Selena Faye Tugwell36
Chatman, Willie James ( Jr. )22
Chatman,, Lark18
Chavers, Beatrice Williams6
Chavers, Beatrice Williams7
Chavers, Beatrice Williams37
Cheffin, Ella Mae Willis27
Cheffin, Horace “Ray “47
Cherise, Winston27
Cherry, Emily Smith17
Cherry, Eugenia Bolden ( Sister )44
Cherry, George Lavelle19
Cherry, Luegenia Bolden4
Cherry, Luegenia Bolden9
Cherry, Mylin Loveless ” Tornado Red “37
Childress, Robert Woody19
Chisley, Alice P. ( Sister )47
Chisley, Allen24
Chisley, Betty Ruth12
Chisley, John Louis ‘ Sarge ‘24
Chisley, Lillie Haynes26
Chisley, Terrence Deontray ( Sr. )16
Claiborne, Lucy Oby14
Claiborne, Lucy Oby18
Clark, Alex19
Clark, Allen9
Clark, Bernett8
Clark, Bernett14
Clark, Bernett24
Clark, Bernett ( Deacon )44
Clark, Bessie Mae Buckley20
Clark, Caesar14
Clark, Claressa ( Sister )45
Clark, Claressa J.22
Clark, Flora Lee ( Sister )47
Clark, George26
Clark, Gladys Montgomery30
Clark, Gussie38
Clark, Gussie  ( Sister )40
Clark, Gussie ( Sister )46
Clark, Henry Sr.4
Clark, Ida Mae24
Clark, Jennifer Marcella47
Clark, Matt ‘ M.C ‘50
Clark, Nicie ( Sister )46
Clark, Olivia Mae Jackson7
Clark, Pearl ” Pat” ( Sister )45
Clark, Robert7
Clark, Robert19
Clark, Robert37
Clark, Robert , Jr. ( Brother )45
Clark, Roosevelt ( Deacon )47
Clark, Samuel Maron ( Elder )28
Clark, Will29
Clark, Willie C.38
Clay, Jerri Dean ( Benton)16
Clay, Sarah9
Clay, Sarah47
Clay, Semon Williams  ( Sister )40
Clay, Sherman27
Clay, Sherman31
Clay, Stephanie Letrece Houston21
Clayton, Eugene ( Deacon )47
Clemmons, Christine Broadnax6
Clemons, Rosalie31
Clerk, Caretta Page (Pilly )14
Clerk, George19
Clerk, Mose ( Sister )41
Cleveland, Eric Mcshawn19
Cleveland, Grover7
Cleveland, Rosetta Hannibal32
Cloman, Alguster ” SNAP ” ( Brother )41
Cloman, Alguster “SNAP”9
Cloman, Bessie Bell17
Cloman, James “Jim”3
Cloman, James “Jim” (Rev.)4
Cloman, James “Jim” (Rev.)6
Cloman, James Prime ( Jr. )22
Cloman, Jim (Rev.)1
Cloman, Joe Nathan47
Cloman, Kenneth Ray10
Cloman, Penelope Sue Bester38
Cloman, Sam Don( Deacon )43
Cloman, Sonya Renee1
Clomon, Bessie Bell1
Coates, Jannie22
Cobbs, Michael Dewayne31
Coffey, Henry DeWayne22
Coffey, Rosa Lee Minor21
Coffey, Thelma Dianne35
Cohen, Parl (Mrs.)48
Coins, Mary Francis Robinson9
Colbert, Clara ( Sister )42
Cole, Annette Joy50
Cole, Betty Jean Corprue9
Cole, Chester26
Cole, Chester37
Cole, Jimmie Theodora Larkin ‘ Jimmie T. ‘24
Cole, Walter28
Cole, Walter40
Coleman, Aaron Jeffrie28
Coleman, Allen Leon30
Coleman, Allen Leon ( Bro. )36
Coleman, Allen Leon ( Brother )43
Coleman, Angela Renee21
Coleman, Angela Renee’36
Coleman, Angela Renee’43
Coleman, Bessie38
Coleman, Bessie Hall Sanders6
Coleman, Bessie Sanders3
Coleman, Bessie Sanders25
Coleman, Beulah Mae Parker42
Coleman, Billy Ray34
Coleman, Bonnie Bell33
Coleman, Carol Jean Scott50
Coleman, Charles Vernon7
Coleman, Cooper H.7
Coleman, Dannie Reese7
Coleman, Don DeWayne42
Coleman, Dorothy G.16
Coleman, Dorothy G.33
Coleman, Ella May Shaw5
Coleman, Elmer ( Deacon )34
Coleman, Frank29
Coleman, George Jr.5
Coleman, Grace George26
Coleman, Grace George36
Coleman, Grace George44
Coleman, Handy4
Coleman, Hattie Bea29
Coleman, Hattie Lavendar4
Coleman, Hattie Lavender13
Coleman, Hattie Mae16
Coleman, Herbert Sr.6
Coleman, Huey P.31
Coleman, J. B. (Deacon )34
Coleman, James Edward42
Coleman, Janice Marie24
Coleman, Jessie James40
Coleman, Johnny B.6
Coleman, Johnny B.19
Coleman, Johnny B.37
Coleman, Leon ( Deacon )44
Coleman, Lou Margaret Lee17
Coleman, Lula Mae Owens37
Coleman, Mary Jane Allen2
Coleman, Mary Louise34
Coleman, Monroe ( Deacon )46
Coleman, Pete Cornelius19
Coleman, Pete Cornelius31
Coleman, Pete Cornelius ” Sr. “40
Coleman, Roberta Neal7
Coleman, Ruth L. McMullen21
Coleman, Saah Jane Neal10
Coleman, Solomon32
Coleman, Toney5
Collins Lucy Binghan Jones40
Collins, Alexander35
Collins, Annie ( Sister )35
Collins, Cindy ” Sue ” Hamilton49
Collins, Classie Beatrice Johnson5
Collins, Elmore50
Collins, Fred Lavelle50
Collins, Janetta Marie Joshua11
Collins, Jeanetta Marie Joshua18
Collins, Jethro Tim43
Collins, Jethro Tim48
Collins, Katie Jenkins ( Mother )47
Collins, L. C. ( Brother )41
Collins, Lealer Jones22
Collins, Lietha Jean Smith4
Collins, Louise10
Collins, Patsy Ann William19
Collins, Pearl Tatum ( Sister )36
Collins, Roderick DeShun17
Collins, Ronnie Lavon6
Collins, Ronnie Lavon37
Collins, Rosie Lee9
Collins, Rosie Lee Williams4
Collins, Shirley Knight34
Collins, Walter ( Cute )33
Collins, William ( III ) ( Bro. Pick )42
Collins, Willie Carolyn ” Willie C. “40
Collins, Willie Carolyn “Willie C”29
Colllins, Classie Beatrice Johnson9
Colman, Charles Vernon7
Colquitt, Earsel Gene9
Colston, Peter ( Deacon )34
Colvin, Alyce Virginia ( Sister )34
Colvin, Deborah ( Sister )34
Colvin, James Rickey ( Sr. )39
Colvin, Nancy Faye42
Colvin, Phyllis Marie28
Colvin, Ricky37
Comanche, Linda Faye Wilson43
Combs, LaSandra Denise ” Piggy “29
Combs, LaSandra Denise ” Piggy “42
Comer, Vadia Lee Walker31
Comer, Vadia Lee Walker ( Sister )44
Conley, Curtis Ray29
Conley, Ella Mae25
Conley, Jessie Mae10
Conley, John Aaron4
Conley, Lucinda21
Conley, Naomi Vann ( Sister )35
Conley, Ora Williams24
Conley, William erl29
Conley, Willie Lee10
Conner, Andy19
Conner, Daniel ‘ Dee Dee’ James30
Conner, L. H.45
Conner, Nathaniel50
Conway, Ivory31
Conway, Lillie Beatice McCarter32
Conyard, Luevunior Webb22
Cook, Edna B. Collins4
Cook, Ida Mae ( Jamison )22
Cook, Inez Smith4
Cook, Kokeith Lynna4
Cook, Lawrence Gene15
Cook, Lawrence Gene16
Cook, Mary A.24
Cooks, Victoria ( Sister )40
Cooks, Willie Mae Brown  ( Sister )36
Cooper, Alma Ruth Williams36
Cooper, Anne Laverne Lavender40
Cooper, Carolyn Joann45
Cooper, Charles Edward31
Cooper, Charles Lee39
Cooper, D.J. (Deacon)7
Cooper, Daisy Washington1
Cooper, Edward ( Sr. )22
Cooper, Friendly Bernard ( Bro. )36
Cooper, Friendly Bernard ( Brother )43
Cooper, Gladys Katie McDonald13
Cooper, Jackie Patrick11
Cooper, Jackie Patrick Manning9
Cooper, Johnnie Lee Bro. )41
Cooper, Louis Donnell “L.D.”23
Cooper, Louvenia M. Cooper ( Sister )35
Cooper, Ollie Mae14
Cooper, Ozella Highshaw15
Cooper, Terry Sr.9
Cooper, Vasa Cook Carradine46
Cooper, Vincent Ivory ( Brother )34
Cooper, Vinine Talton4
Cooper, William (Rev.)1
Cooper, William (Rev.)5
Cooper, William Richardson2
Cooper, Willie  ” Billy Boy “40
Copeland, Beatrice Lewis4
Copeland, Tanya Latrice12
Corbin, Hattie Thomas2
Corbin, Mordessa Richardson50
Corley, Bernice Robinson11
Cornelius, Wilmon Uliece ‘ Ron ‘24
Corprue, Dorothy Mae Henderson35
Corprue, Zellie22
Cotton, Caroline Menyweather29
Cotton, Frances Menyweather16
Cotton, Junior L.11
Cotton, Junior Lee19
Cotton, Theodore Roosevelt16
Coulberson, Henrietta14
Coulberson, Mona Ann34
Covington, Marshall31
Covington, Mattie Stevenson ( Sister )36
Covington, Meshach ( Bro. )36
Covington, Robert Perry20
Cowan, Donell “Coach”5
Cowan, Lavell24
Cowan, Lavell “Uncle Bubba”9
Cowan, Lavell “Uncle Bubba”11
Cowan, Lavell ( Deacon )44
Cowan, Lula M. ( Sister )34
Cowan, Lula Mae ( Sister )44
Cowan, Lula Mae Washington8
Cowan, Mary L. ( Sister )40
Cowans, Charlotte Francis3
Cowans, X.3
Cowart, Edgie42
Cox, Jewel Edward26
Cox, Larry11
Cox, Magnolia B.16
Cox, Thomas ‘ Tommy ‘ Lee42
Craigmire, Paulette Elmore Robinson18
Crane, Kimberly Lynn22
Crane, Rosa Carter22
Crane, Rosa Carter ( Sister )44
Crane, Watson22
Crane, Watson ( Brother )45
Crawford, Ben ( Brother )35
Crawford, Ella28
Crawford, Stanley E.31
Crayton, Emma38
Crayton, Virgus Lewis28
Creagh, Lula T.44
Credit, Isiah2
Credit, Isiah5
Credit, Isiah9
Credit, Mary12
Credit, Mary Ross2
Cress, Deborah Ann Meadows6
Criff, Ella mae40
Critton, Willie  “JC”12
Crockhom, Bennie11
Crockhom, Charles Otis11
Crockhom, Ola Bea Williams24
Crockhom, Otis25
Crosby, Elizabeth Menyweathers1
Crosby, Elizabeth Menyweathers8
Crosby, Gary9
Crosby, Johnny Louis1
Crosby, Melvin Ray10
Crosby, Queen L. Turner15
Crosby, Vivian6
Crosby, Vivian15
Crosby, Vivian37
Crosby, Willie Mae18
Cross, J.S.8
Cross, Mary8
Cross, Mary9
Cross, Mary ( Sister )34
Cross, Vincent30
Crouch, Emma Jean17
Crow, Frank1
Crow, Frank4
Crow, Geneva10
Cruikshank, Amanda42
Cruitt, Willim Thomas29
Crump, Kendra Ureka Latrice39
Culpepper, Cloteen K.23
Culpepper, Cloteen K. ( Sister )35
Cummings, Alberta17
Cummings, Alberta Gurner1
Cummings, Alberta Gurner4
Cummings, Alexandria 26
Cundiff, Shirley Doris Davis33
Cunningham, Charles  Jr.43
Curlee, Ella J. Jackson38
Curlee, Ella Joyce Jackson21
Curry, Elizabeth ( Sister )42
Curry, Horace ( Reverend )24
Curry, Joseph28
Curry, Vernon “Bunny” Allen Sr.4
Curtis, Ben William15
Curtis, Earma Lee ( Baby/Big )33
Curtis, Evelyn ( Sister )46
Cyrus, Annie Hill28
Cyrus, Coleman25
Cyrus, Coleman 35
Cyrus, Coleman Loyce  (Bro. )35
Cyrus, Hattie29
Cyrus, Henry ( Rev. )38
Cyrus, Henry ( Reverend )35
Cyrus, James10
Cyrus, James Clifton ( Deacon )35
Cyrus, Johnnie B.26
Cyrus, Josie Mae25
Cyrus, Josie Mae ( Sister )42
Cyrus, Leandrew  ” Lee” Carol35
Cyrus, Leon Roosevelt ( Brother )35
Cyrus, Mary Ellen27
Cyrus, Novella Smith38
Cyrus, Ronald James ( Reverend )35
Cyrus, Teriece Catherine Ivey Dyer11
Cyrus, William28
Cyrus, Willie Beatrice26
Cyrus, Willie T. ( Bro. )35
Dabbs, Willie ” Bill “47
Dade, Annie Lee17
Dade, Leslie Anthony2
Dade, Lutherne Peevy21
Daggs, Joseph10
Dail, Clara19
Dail, Clara36
Dail, Clara Edwards8
Dale, Lillian Calloway26
Dale, Lillian Calloway  (Mother )44
Dammons, Viola Coleman6
Dammons, Viola Coleman8
Damons, Frances J. Jacobs3
Damons, Frances Jacobs8
Damons, Viola37
Dane, Mary Frances Smith3
Dane, Mary Frances Smith7
Dangerfield, Erma  Jean Nance49
Dangerfield, Melvin47
Daniel, Cassandra Hanes ( Dr. )49
Daniel, Charles Ray ( Master )43
Daniel, Curtis Sr.1
Daniel, Robert Lee14
Daniel, Robert Lee23
Daniel, Robert Lee ( Brother )46
Daniel, Samuel49
Daniels, Anthony Dewayne ( Brother )35
Daniels, Curtis10
Daniels, Isom33
Daniels, Mable ( Sis. )42
Daniels, Mack Henry42
Daniels, Mosie Isaiah44
Daniels, Norma Jean32
Daniels, Prince Ella Hutchinson33
Daniels, Prince Ella Hutchinson ( Sister ) ” Lil Bit”46
Daniels, Samuel d. ( Superintendent )46
Daniels, Washingtin ( Deacon )38
Daniels, Willie Lee33
Dantzler, Kirt ( Brother )47
Dantzler, Rosie lee ( Sister )42
Dantzler, Theary ( Brother )42
Darrington, James Leroy5
Darrington, Lucius, Jr.45
Davenport,  Rosco ( Brother )34
Davenport, Alex8
Davenport, Alice32
Davenport, Catherine8
Davenport, Clarence4
Davenport, Curtis “Buddy”6
Davenport, Ernest ( Brother )45
Davenport, George8
Davenport, George38
Davenport, James M.32
Davenport, Little Eva Marie32
Davenport, Ozell W.Walker4
Davenport, Rosa ( Sister )44
Davenport, Rosa Smith8
Davenport, Roy Lee24
Davenport, Stella4
Davis, Albirdia Bird25
Davis, Alvin31
Davis, Arlinzia38
Davis, Arlinzie Allen8
Davis, Austranda L.47
Davis, Bankie Washington2
Davis, Ben Jr.2
Davis, Bert26
Davis, Breanna LaGail20
Davis, Carrie4
Davis, Cecil Lee43
Davis, Charles Van24
Davis, Clifton A.10
Davis, Clinton Jr.9
Davis, Clotis P.24
Davis, Curtis Lee31
Davis, Daniel Charles Jr.5
Davis, Dennis14
Davis, Edna Hines Roberson31
Davis, Edward11
Davis, Elnora Grayson Young4
Davis, Elnora Grayson Young7
Davis, Elvie Hannah22
Davis, Emma Clark19
Davis, Etta Nickelberry9
Davis, Eugene49
Davis, Eugene Jr.4
Davis, Eunice Beatrice29
Davis, Eunice L.31
Davis, Eunice L. Washington1
Davis, Eura Dell ( Mrs. )49
Davis, Flossie Brothers ( Mother )47
Davis, Frank James19
Davis, Frank Sr. (Rev.)7
Davis, Freddie Lee ( Jr. )22
Davis, Fredrick28
Davis, Hagar38
Davis, Henrietta ( Sister )34
Davis, Henry15
Davis, Henry Lee ” Jr “40
Davis, Hester C.38
Davis, Jackie Marie39
Davis, James Harrison21
Davis, Jane Branch9
Davis, Janis ” Tootie”34
Davis, Jimmy Lee26
Davis, Jimmy Lee26
Davis, Jimmy Lee28
Davis, Jimmy Lee30
Davis, Jimmy Lee33
Davis, Joseph Eugene20
Davis, Joseph Leon12
Davis, Keisha Latrice26
Davis, L. D.16
Davis, Lawrence James33
Davis, Lester Charles ( Sr. )35
Davis, Lester Charles Sr.4
Davis, Lettie S.37
Davis, Lillie Mae18
Davis, Lillie Mae ( Sister )36
Davis, Louvinia Jackson28
Davis, Loyd8
Davis, Lucille White6
Davis, Lucille White37
Davis, Macie B.26
Davis, Marcus Terrell5
Davis, Marion Banks11
Davis, Marshall Edward, JR50
Davis, Mary Lee40
Davis, Mary Pittman3
Davis, Matthew ” Macado “49
Davis, Melvin John18
Davis, Oddie25
Davis, Olivia C.34
Davis, Olivia Jamerson38
Davis, Olivia Jamerson38
Davis, Otis ( Brother )34
Davis, Quinton Jamaal31
Davis, Robert (Captain )34
Davis, Rosie Wilson33
Davis, Ruthis Bell Bradley28
Davis, Sammie24
Davis, Shuntrella Wynette ‘ Shun’ ( Sister )50
Davis, Sister Addie50
Davis, TaTiyanna Latrice ” Teddy Bear “43
Davis, Theresa A.41
Davis, Vera Simmons5
Davis, Vera Simmons9
Davis, Verda Bell Turner3
Davis, Verda Bell Turner25
Davis, Vida Trecia28
Davis, Vida Trecia Mae28
Davis, Vida Trecia Mae35
Davis, Willie H.7
Davis, Young38
Dawkins, Calvin Earl26
Dawkins, Gustava Johnson ( Mother )47
Dawkins, Lizzie Mae11
Dawkins, Seina Hattisburg21
Dawson, Alberta (Sister )47
Dawson, Donnie E.9
Dawson, Johnny Lee ‘ Big John ‘42
Dawson, Walter L.49
Deal, Deborah Helene15
Deal, Paul29
Dean, Carl ” Deno “47
Dean, Ceasar34
Dean, Cecil Ray15
Dean, Dorothy Mae Lightning16
Dean, Edward12
DeBurr, DeMario Vincent1
DeBurr, James Sanders20
Deburr, James Sanders ( Brother )35
DeBurr, Willie1
DeBurr, Willie4
Decatur, Herbert39
Decature, Mollie ( Sister )43
DeGraffenreid, Bernard A. “Bubba”15
DeGraffenreid, Jay Lamar22
DeGrate, Brannon Roberson8
DeGrate, Christine McElhanon8
Degrate, David Carl1
DeGrate, William9
DeJohnette, Dalton ( Deacon )28
DeJohnette, Emmett10
DeJohnette, Flynn28
DeJohnette, Kimberly Latice18
Dennis, Bertha4
Dennis, Betty ‘ Ma Betty “43
DeTeige, Frank Joseph10
DeTeige, Irma Gene Hall ( Sister )41
Dial, Courtney Bernard “Courty”6
Diarse, Gloria Jean4
Dickson, Alton ‘ Randy ” ( Brother )46
Dickson, Barbara ( Bobby ) Ray22
Dickson, Elton  ” Wander “( Brother )45
Dickson, Robbey Dewayne33
Diggins, Carolyn11
Diggins, Chester ( Big Boy )22
Diggins, Francis Louise15
Diggins, Leola Victoria12
Dill, Hazel Lavern47
Dillard, Lillian Mae4
Dillard, Odessa  ( Mother )42
Dishroom, Richard  ( Brother )34
Dishroom, Richard ” Jr. “40
Dismuke, Ola Mack25
Dixison, Daseria Goree22
Dixon, Donald “Duck”4
Dixon, Donald “Duck”5
Dixon, Ella S.40
Dixon, Jacquelyne Denise Meredith7
Dixon, Le Sheau Bernard21
Dixon, Manuel4
Dixon, Manuel8
Dixon, Maxine Harris1
Dixon, Maxine Harris17
Dixon, Maxine Harris28
Dixon, Octavia ( Mother )40
Dixon, Richard Dewayne30
Dixon, Willie Mae18
Dixson, Ella S.33
Dobbins, Hattie Bell Austin18
Dobbins, Willie Gene17
Dobbs, Lillian19
Dolphin, Frank3
Dolphin, Sarah Wade3
Dolphin, Will8
Donahue, Rosie Lee34
Donald, Gregory Dewayne14
Dorsey, Bernice33
Dorsey, Doris Lee Mayfield5
Dorsey, Elnora Bell8
Dorsey, Kamalia Coretta 25
Dorsey, Kamalia Coretta Freeman26
Dorsey, Owen47
Dossey, Victoria33
Dosson, Jerry James7
Dotray, Essie M. Powell4
Dotray, Lucy Lorriane32
Dotray, William Oliver12
Dotson, George W.10
Doublin, John D, ( Brother )44
Doublin, John D. ( Puddin )36
Doublin, Lula ” Lil Sis “45
Dougan, Erma Jean Edwards19
Dougan, Jesse james42
Dougan, Mary Ann4
Douglas, Charles B.47
Douglas, Gwendolyn Lynette26
Douglas, Rosie Mae7
Douglas, Ruthie Ann Douglas ” Poochie “47
Douglas, Sanuel47
Douglas, Sherman D.31
Douzart, Eddie24
Douzart, Eddie27
Douzart, Eddie ” Sr. “40
Dowd,  Iola Scott50
Downs, Ethan Allen15
Doyle, Hope Berry7
Dozier, Gertrude Williams8
Drake, Eddie James12
Drake, Helen Jackson12
Drake, Helen Jackson21
Drake, Jarrod12
Draper, Beulah37
Draper, Bulah Moore2
Draper, Josie Bradford ( Sister )47
Drumgo, Jimmie L. ‘ Punch ‘24
Drumgole, Lula Mae Felton ” Mama Lula “29
Drumgole, Willie B. ( Sr. )40
Drummer Lillian Ann16
Drummer, Debra Denise15
Drummer, Edd33
Drummer, Glen43
Drummer, Howard9
Dublin, John D.9
Dumouil, Hazel Marbles14
Duncan, Delores Sterling30
Duncan, Deloris Sterling1
Duncan, Deloris Sterling3
Duncan, Essie L.14
Duncan, Joseph38
Duncan, Mae Ruth Hall4
Duncan, Melissa Smith40
Duncan, Ruthie4
Duncan, Thomas Green38
Dunlap, Alberta Spears2
Dunlap, Alberta Spears4
Dunlap, Benjamin ” Bill “49
Dunlap, Bernice Hall7
Dunn, Aubrey ( Ba Ba )47
Dunn, Bessie ( Sister )34
Dunn, Debra Matthew27
Dunn, Donald W.25
Dunn, Ella Morgan Davis47
Dunn, Emile34
Dunn, Fannie Bell ( Sister )40
Dunn, France C. Jr.8
Dunn, James Andra37
Dunn, James Hutson2
Dunn, Lula B. Johnson2
Dunn, Maiceo22
Dunn, Maxwell ( Brother )41
Dunn, Myrine (Peewee )  Toston ( Sister )47
Dunn, Olivet “Shortie ” Wright18
Dunn, Olivet “Shortie”15
Dunning, Marguerite Taylor30
Dunning, Piccola Juanita Payne13
Dunning, Piccola Juanita Payne37
Dupree, Ambrose31
Dupree, Ambrose ” Jr. “40
Dupree, Arthurlynne Comer Standfeild12
Dyer, Alberta Marie Jackson22
Dyer, Emma Lee22
Dyer, Emma Lee ( Sister )45
Dyer, Eulos20
Dyer, Eulos Brigom ( Sr. )18
Dyer, Eulos Brigom (III)18
Dyer, Marzell33
Dyers, Alberta Marie Jackson37
Dyers, Charles Bernard37
Ealy, Dorothy Foster48
Ealy, Dorothy Mae Foster28
Ealy, Ezell8
Ealy, Jimmy “J. P. “35
Earle, Robert8
Early, Gloria Jean Lemons4
Early, Thomas10
Easterling, Annie Jewel ( Sis. )46
Eatmon, Steven4
Eaton, Clara White34
Eaton, Hattie B. Harris22
Eaton, John ( Jr. )21
Eaton, Lay6
Eaton, Layfay37
Eaton, Wade Dewayne ( Brother )46
Eaton, Wade Dewayne, Sr49
Eaton, Woodrow6
Eaton, Woodrow ‘ Boy ‘37
Eaton, Zeb33
Eddy, Eugene Elester8
Ederson, Carrie29
Ederson, Carrie30
Ederson, Mary Magdalene ( Sister )46
Edmonds, Tracy14
Edmonds, Trunelle LaMont “Mr. Furly”4
Edward, Leonard29
Edward, Yolander  Blunt42
Edwards, Albertine Newbill4
Edwards, Argusta19
Edwards, Bernice Gulledge32
Edwards, Booker T. , Jr. ( Deacon )47
Edwards, Charles Jr.5
Edwards, Charles Julian22
Edwards, Charles Julian ( Bro. )45
Edwards, Charley5
Edwards, Dave ( Rev. )31
Edwards, David ‘Jack ‘24
Edwards, Estella D.11
Edwards, Flora Johnson5
Edwards, Gloria Dean Ross13
Edwards, Hanna Walker2
Edwards, Hannah31
Edwards, Hervia ( Jr. )21
Edwards, Isaac. Jr. ” Porgie ” ( Brother )44
Edwards, J.P. (Rev.)8
Edwards, Jessie Lee Handy36
Edwards, JoAnna Hopkins2
Edwards, JoAnna V. Hopkins31
Edwards, Joe Perry31
Edwards, Leonard ( Sr. )31
Edwards, Lorene22
Edwards, Lucille Holmes32
Edwards, Margarete Albertine25
Edwards, Margarete Albertine34
Edwards, Mary Holland8
Edwards, Prince2
Edwards, Prince25
Edwards, Susie Anna ( baby Doll )42
Eggins, Leroy21
Elcy, Eula Lee ( Sister )35
Eleam, Raymond46
Eleam, Van ( Rev. )46
Elizabeth, Hill12
Elliott, Andrea ‘ Faye ‘30
Elliott, James Malvin29
Elliott, James Malvin33
Elliott, Justina ” Geraldine “37
Elliott, Justina ” Geraldine “39
Elliott, Loretta L. ( Sister )34
Elliott, Lou Della39
Elliott, Sina mae33
Elliott, Talisha17
Ellis, Agnes Williams38
Ellis, Collean Yvette27
Ellis, Dave Lauphemier ( Brother )35
Ellis, Dora7
Ellis, Ella Harris23
Ellis, Florine Taylor31
Ellis, Georgia Mae17
Ellis, Gustine “Tina” Wadley4
Ellis, Howard Alan6
Ellis, Howard Alan37
Ellis, Josie22
Ellis, Josie ( Sister )34
Ellis, Lena Mae15
Ellis, Lena Mae33
Ellis, Levester ( Brother )46
Ellis, Limmie ( Lil’ Pete )42
Ellis, Limmie Sr. ( Brother )43
Ellis, Limmie, Jr. (Brother)48
Ellis, Lizzie Brownfield  ( Sister )46
Ellis, Martin16
Ellis, Mary Wright15
Ellis, Opu Mae ( Sister )42
Ellis, Perry37
Ellis, Phyllis Easter14
Ellis, Robert22
Ellis, Shelia Ann42
Ellis, Terry Dewayne45
Ellis, Thelma Smith22
Ellis, Wade39
Ellison, Nellie Johnson ( Mother )45
Elmore, Antoinette Lucille Caldwell24
Elmore, Beatrice10
Elmore, Herman18
Elmore, Joseph ‘ Joe ‘20
Elmore, Marine “Big Ma” Peoples4
Elmore, Mary Lee McCauley35
Elmore, Mollie (Sister47
Elmore, Reginald50
Elmore, Treathy Foster ( Sister )42
Elmore, Willie10
Elmore, Willie L. ( Brother )34
Elmore, Wilma Jean18
Ely, Frances Holmes8
Elzie, Ariese H.42
Emanuel, Daniel Kevin II43
Emanuel, LeLoie T.  ( Brother )41
Emerson, Clevon21
Emerson, Dominick19
Emerson, Dominick45
Emerson, Gracie Bradford21
Emerson, Katherine46
Emerson, Susie28
Emerson, Will4
Emmerson, Willa Della Mickle33
Emory, Shirley Newton2
England, Clarence45
England, Denise ‘Nise ‘28
England, Mary Ann42
England, Solomon ( Deacon )38
English, Anthony Jerome25
Ernest, Jesse37
Ernest, Mary Ida6
Ernest, Mary Ida37
Ernest, Samuel (S.J.)10
Ervin, Eliza11
Ervin, Juanita37
Ervin, Junita 6
Ervin, O. B.31
Ervin, O. B.  ( Bro. )34
Erwin, Willie, ( Deacon )34
Ester, Mattie Jane Gladney45
Evans, Bernell14
Evans, Bernell27
Evans, Bernice Leviege30
Evans, Eddie ( Bro. )36
Evans, Evelyn Cooper7
Evans, Lelia Ann4
Evans, Mary Lewis2
Evans, Minnie Orma35
Everett, James9
Everette, Allen4
Everette, Averline M. ‘ Big Momma ‘30
Everette, Averline M. ( Big Mama)31
Facen, Anthony (Brother )35
Facen, Anthony G.22
Fairley, Sarah P.7
Fairley, Washington ” Wash “40
Farmer, Ruby Nell ( Sister )49
Farrien, Adelaide Addie Love ( Sister )46
Farrien, Adelaide Love ( Sister )40
Farrris, Earl34
Feazell, Grover Cleveland46
Feazell, Roosevelt46
Feazell, Susie ( Sister )46
Felton, Bessie Scott18
Felton, Bessie Scott ” Modear “37
Feltus, Adele ( Sister )46
Fenceroy, Oliver James28
Ferby, Lena Amacker2
Ferrand, Henry ‘ Sug’24
Fields, Anderson ( Reverend )34
Fields, Andrew ( Deacon )45
Fields, Averine37
Fields, Beverly Johnson1
Fields, Beverly Johnson17
Fields, Beverly Johnson44
Fields, Dale Evans Carter12
Fields, Dale Evans Carter36
Fields, Dale Evans Carter43
Fields, Dorothy Annette Jenkins13
Fields, Geneva Davis ( Sister )47
Fields, Guy ‘Bubee ‘ Fields ( Jr. )33
Fields, Jacob T.13
Fields, Jacob T.21
Fields, Julia Willis9
Fields, Larry Donnell33
Fields, Maggie Ree Jackson39
Fields, Rosa Lee Velt35
Fincher, Thelnita Brunson43
Findley, Merrilynn24
Finley, Annie Bell28
Finley, Archie Lee ‘ Nancy “33
Finley, Claudia Mae ( Hines ) Sister34
Finley, Herman Lee11
Finnister, Frank ( Deacon )46
Fisher, Mattie46
Fisher, Minnie Lee Hamilton7
Fisher, Rosie Lee33
Fisher, Rosie Lee37
Fisher, Traci Reneta45
Fisher, Willie Billups35
Fitch, Willie Alfred15
Fitch, Willie Alfred Brother43
Fitzgerald, Ann L. ( Sister )46
Fitzhugh, Marie23
Fleming, Glen40
Flentroy, Francis M.31
Flentroy, Maxine Sullivan ( Sister )35
Flentroy, Mittie38
Flentroy, Mose38
Flentroy, Mose40
Fletcher, Johnnie Sue38
Fletcher, Trussie Sellers12
Fleury, Bobbie Jean45
Flintroy, DeWayne5
Flintroy, Edith Nell Jones1
Flintroy, Eugene19
Flintroy, Eugene38
Flintroy, Jessie Mae31
Flintroy, Maggie Robinson38
Flintroy, Samuel P.17
Flood, Katie38
Flood, Lola B.37
Floyd, Cletas24
Floyd, Lonnie F.8
Floyd, Mittie Fletcher27
Floyd, Mittie Fletcher31
Floye, Mittie Fletcher ( Sister )41
Fluery, Bobbie Jean43
Fluke, Katie23
Fluke, Katie24
Ford, Annie Joyce48
Ford, Arbrah ( Deacon)35
Ford, Bennie4
Ford, Bernard ” Ba Ba “40
Ford, Carrie F. ( Sister )47
Ford, Cleveland15
Ford, Cleveland ( Deacon )36
Ford, Daisy Elliot3
Ford, Hattie Timmons Rankins2
Ford, Jerry38
Ford, Jerry Woodrow39
Ford, Jerry Woodrow40
Ford, Joseph38
Ford, L. C.  (Bro. )36
Ford, L. C. ( Brother )34
Ford, Lourinda37
Ford, Nannie Mae Nickleberry38
Ford, Ora Lee Head28
Ford, Ora lee Head ( Sister )44
Ford, Rosie Gibbs ( Sister )47
Ford, Silas Jr.4
Ford, Toni Clark37
Ford, Willie L. Thornton ( Sister )34
Fort, Joe Louis35
Fort, Virgie28
Fort, Virgie ( Sister )35
Fortner, Wesley W.26
Fortson, Lawrence ‘ Larry ‘32
Fortson, Leola Davis22
Fortson, Theodore R.31
Foster,  Freddie L. ( Brother )35
Foster, Andrew W.20
Foster, Andrew W. Sr.8
Foster, Blanch Lewis ( Sister )41
Foster, Blanch Lewis (Sister)48
Foster, Cassandra Jenette Menyweather2
Foster, Cassandra Jennette4
Foster, Charity H.35
Foster, Charles, Sr.48
Foster, Charlie28
Foster, Dorsia ‘Mur”25
Foster, Dorsia ‘Mur”25
Foster, Eddie26
Foster, Ezelle4
Foster, Ezelle5
Foster, Ezelle9
Foster, Ezelle35
Foster, Folly H.35
Foster, Frank35
Foster, Freddie C.35
Foster, Freddie Lee28
Foster, Jimmie35
Foster, Johnnie35
Foster, Katie Williams26
Foster, Katie Williams36
Foster, Lawrence E.48
Foster, Lee Andrew ( Reverend )36
Foster, Lennon26
Foster, Loue Sendie ( Sister )35
Foster, Lula Mae48
Foster, Madison Wright27
Foster, Mattie Pearl Jacobs4
Foster, Melvin Verneal26
Foster, Melvin Verneal26
Foster, Melvin Verneal Foster ( Bro. )36
Foster, Melvin Verneal Sr.4
Foster, Otis Clyde36
Foster, Reuben26
Foster, William12
Fountain Ellen Mae Addison31
Fountain, Frankie L.27
Fountain, George27
Fountain, Theresa14
Fowler, Roy11
Fowler, Roy12
Fowler, Roy30
Foy, Betty Lois6
Foy, Betty Lois11
Foy, Betty Lois37
Foy, Bettye Lois9
Foy, Bettye Lois45
Foy, Brenestine ” Bunny “19
Foy, Clarence3
Foy, Clarence5
Foy, Regina39
Foy, Richard Douglas19
Foy, Terri  Ann41
France, Eural47
Francis, Edna J.7
Francis, Jesse “Preacher” Willie5
Francis, Jesse W.44
Francis, Richelle40
Franklin, Booker T.30
Franklin, Brandon4
Franklin, Henry27
Franklin, Jurshia9
Franklin, LaWanda11
Franklin, Reverend Melvin50
Franklin, Susie Bell Brooks33
Franklin, Zella Mae ( Mother )34
Franks, Elnara34
Frayer, Michelle Yvette4
Frazier, Alice Denise30
Frazier, Anthony4
Frazier, Benedita Renae35
Frazier, Benidita Renae11
Frazier, Curtis29
Frazier, Jerry Clarence42
Frazier, Joseph ( Brother )45
Frazier, Octavia35
Frazier, Yolanda5
Fredrick, Velma ( Sister )43
Freeland, Steve, Sr.46
Freeman, Acie ( Sr. )18
Freeman, Acie (Rev.)23
Freeman, Acie, Jr.50
Freeman, Calvin Will26
Freeman, Charles H.8
Freeman, Doris Stringfellow17
Freeman, Ester Marie ” ReRe “37
Freeman, Eva Mae29
Freeman, Georgetta Ball39
Freeman, Ivory33
Freeman, Jewel  “Gangoe” L.31
Freeman, Millard Walter5
Freeman, Ora Gladys23
Freeman, Paralee28
Freeman, Patricia Adrienne Douglas49
Freeman, Percy Lee30
Freeman, Zola Lee23
Freemont, James McKinley ( Dr. )36
Freemount, Dennis Jr.4
Freemount, Dennis Jr.7
Frost, Earnestine40
Fudge, Augusta Ward Sr.1
Fudge, Clarence ( Brother )34
Fudge, Niccie Wood Watson Burks34
Fudge, Robert42
Fuller, Albert Lee12
Fuller, Albert Lee ( Sr. )21
Fuller, Clarence Sr.2
Fuller, Clarence Sr.6
Fuller, Easter “Esther” Marie Wadley49
Fuller, Joe Lourger ( Brother )41
Fuller, Malinda R.28
Fuller, Quicker Lee ( Sister )43
Furgerson, Marnika Marchel7
Furlough, Verda “Juanita’ Carter49
Gaddis, Cletas Arnetta – Floyd, Cletas A.24
Gaddis, Thelma M. ( Sister )36
Gaines, Georgia Mae17
Gaines, Jessie Mae Thomas1
Gaines, Jessie Mae Thomas5
Gaines, Kenneth O.41
Gaines, Mable ( Sister )44
Gaines, Ollie B.37
Gaines, Reacy24
Gaines, Veola Woods15
Gaines,Susie Mae41
Gallien, Evelyn Jean22
Gallow, Lawrence John21
Gallow, Lawrence John37
Galloway, Butler Jr.5
Galloway, Edward Louis ( Brother )35
Galloway, Gloria Mechelle2
Galloway, Hilton B.1
Galloway, John Henry Sr.5
Gant, Alton A.33
Ganter, Abner Buddie21
Gardnen, Jessie Edwards5
Gardnen, Jessie Lee45
Gardner, Annie Mae35
Gardner, Annie Mae Caldwell (Mrs.)48
Gardner, David32
Gardner, Graham M. Sr. (Rev.)2
Gardner, Mattie Jean39
Gardner, Rosemary11
Gardner, Willie L. ” Sheriff “35
Garey, Jasper3
Garr, Dorothy M. Douglas46
Garr, Willie Mae Watkins36
Garrett, Barbara Jean Moore45
Garrett, Barbara Jean Moore47
Garth, Annie Mae ‘ Aunt Julie “14
Garth, Annie Mae ” Aunt Julie “18
Garth, Annie Mae (Aunt Julia)17
Garth, Jerry R. Gerald ( Brother )34
Gary, Carlene Smith22
Gary, Louvella S.14
Gaston, Altha Young6
Gaston, Altha Young37
Gaston, James Louis ( Mr. )42
Gaston, Robert15
Gaston, Shalandra Michelle ( Shalon )34
Gates, Willie Mae Lewis29
Gates, Willie Mar lewis ( Sister )46
Gatlin, Carrie Mae43
Gatlin, Evan Harold36
Gatlin, Evan Harold43
Gatlin, George C.36
Gaulden, Harold35
Gaulden, Roy ( Brother )35
Gay, Emma Jean Griffin ( Sister )46
Gay, Major Lee21
Gay, Willie Roy ( Elder )20
Gayden, Barbara Gail31
Gayden, Elnora31
Gene, Leola32
Gene, Leola ( Mother )40
Gentry, Fesser11
George, Calvin James42
George, Henrietta38
George, Henrietta H.34
George, Jessie ( Bro )46
George, Rosemary “Katie Bell” Myles48
George, Sally G.46
German, Anne42
Gholston, Bobbie Jean Hanspard4
Gholston, Herbert11
Gholston, Herbert James11
Gibbons, Joseph8
Gibbons, Joseph33
Gibbons, Maggie Mae33
Gibbs, Nancy H. ( Sister )46
Gibson, Annie M. Swann7
Gibson, Annie Marie11
Gibson, Ben18
Gibson, Cassie Manning24
Gibson, Donna Regina16
Gibson, Fred1
Gibson, Jackie13
Gibson, Johnny  “Bug “40
Gibson, Phillip (Rev.)8
Gibson, Richard James18
Gibson, Richard James23
Gibson, Richard James29
Gibson, Robert42
Gibson, Ruby Dell Hogg ( Sister )34
Gibson, Tammar Jones13
Gibson, Versie Mae Wimberly1
Gilbert, Bennie14
Gilbert, Beulah Coleman27
Gilbert, Beulah Coleman33
Gilbert, Beulah Coleman ( Sister )46
Gilbert, Charles L. ( Brother )35
Gilbert, Dan Sr.13
Gilbert, Dan, Sr. ( Brother )44
Gilbert, Leroy C.32
Gilbert, Savannah13
Gilbert, Sherman11
Giles, Edith Mae29
Gill, Joyanese Brownfield19
Gill, Joyanese Brownfield22
Gill, William22
Gilliam, James Vaughn34
Gilliam, Sherry Warren ( Sister )43
Gipson, Henry  Lee ( Mr. )46
Gipson, Henry Lee50
Gipson, Mattie4
Gipson, P.A. (Rev.)8
Gipson, Robert28
Gipson, Zula Johnson3
Givens,  Ora Washington33
Givens, Bill Ray14
Givens, Billy R.18
Givens, Billy Ray ( Pastor )45
Givens, Cephus5
Givens, Frances15
Givens, Frances McHenry ( Sister )44
Givens, Johnny Frank33
Givens, Lula Mae33
Givens, Lula Mae45
Givens, Ora W.9
Givens, Oscar4
Givens, Oscar33
Givens, Preston Alfred1
Givens, Scottie Mae Campbell20
Givens, Tillman5
Givens, Verdell Weeden9
Givens, Verdell Weeden11
Givens, Walter  ‘ W.G. Soul ‘30
Givens, Wilbert5
Gix, General ‘ Daddy Red ‘33
Gix, General ‘ Jim ‘ (III)33
Gix, General “Jim “19
Glasper, Clarice Wilken16
Glass, Curtis “Shake”9
Glass, Emma Lee48
Glass, Ethel Mae Broadnax21
Glass, Genora ( Sister )47
Glass, Modia4
Glass, Olevia Hearns2
Glass, Wyonia ( Deacon )34
Glaze, Dock Jerome34
Glaze, Dock Jerome45
Glaze, Johnny Jerome43
Glaze, Louise Belt32
Glaze, Willie14
Glaze, Willie “Bill”1
Gleixner, Doris White33
Glenn, George, Sr.44
Glennon, Dennis H. ‘ Slim ‘31
Glover, Lil Brian Ashton ” Jr. “40
Godfrey, Deon “Trey” Requon15
Godfrey, Doprothy43
Godfrey, Dorothy36
Godfrey, Henry Ponce DeLeon9
Godfrey, John Willie Jr.4
Godfrey, Ocie Lee26
Goff, Ardonia21
Goins, Bertha Ella31
Goins, Cedric9
Goins, Claudie Ree26
Goins, Cleotha18
Goins, Etta Jean9
Goins, Farmer16
Goins, Georgia M. Hill ( Mother )46
Goins, Gertrude V.9
Goins, Gertrude V.20
Goins, Henry M.1
Goins, Henry M.5
Goins, Henry M.9
Goins, Ira  ( Jr. )26
Goins, Ira ( Sr. )26
Goins, Joshua W.34
Goins, Lillie Bell “Granny”9
Goins, Mary Ann26
Goins, Mary Francis Robinson2
Goins, Mary Francis Robinson5
Goins, Mother Georgia M. Hill50
Goins, Ninrod Roy26
Goins, Oscar Sr.1
Goins, Ray Charles20
Goins, Renita Gail Robinson43
Goins, Richmond Lawrence Jr.5
Goins, Richmond Lawrence Jr.9
Goins, Sister Etta Jean50
Goins, Stonewall Sr.9
Goins, Velma Sims26
Goins, Zedekiah “Zed” Jr.9
Golden,  Louis38
Goldman, Jessie ( Brother )42
Goldman, Linda LeJune Goldston50
Goldman, Mary Annette McClinton46
Goldsby, Frank33
Goldsby, N. C.  ‘Tip ‘33
Goldsmith, Callie6
Goldsmith, Clifton6
Goldsmith, Vada10
Goldsmith, Verdell Russell16
Golston, James Earl4
Gonzales, Shirley L. Tibbs ( Master Sergeant-)43
Good, Miners31
Gooden, Ferris Lee ” Jr. “40
Gooden, Fredia Johnson11
Gooden, Fredia Marie Johnson36
Goodjoint, Jim37
Goodjoint, Jim Sr.4
Goodjoint, Jimmy Jr.6
Goodjoint, Mary Jane ( Sis. )42
Gorbin, George ( Deacon )42
Gordon, Annie Lee31
Gordon, Annie Lee Allen2
Gordon, Betty Ruth Jones2
Gordon, Carruth Fairley15
Gordon, Corruth Fairley36
Gordon, Edith Marie31
Gordon, Henry Lee3
Gordon, Henry Lee Sr.8
Gordon, James6
Gordon, James37
Gordon, Lottie Lewis18
Gordon, Lottie Lewis31
Gordon, Lottie Lewis38
Gordon, Lottie Lewis ( Sister )41
Gordon, Mary Lizzie Banks ( Mother )41
Gordon, Percy31
Gordon, Sarah D.37
Gordon, Sarah Darris6
Gordon, Suetta30
Gordon, Tamara ” Tammy ” Nicole Riley22
Gordon, Willie30
Goree, Simmie ” Rabbit “22
Gospel, Edmund (Rev. Dr.)10
Gospel, Irma ( Sister )46
Gospel, Katie Jones8
Gospel, Willie24
Gospel, Yovonne Horn1
Goston, Naomi Harris1
Govan, Lovelle, Sr. (Brother )47
Grace, Ada Reed4
Grace, Bishop Elmore39
Grace, Sidney28
Graham, Eva Mae ‘MaDea’28
Grant, C. W. ( Brother )35
Grant, Evelyn Johnson38
Grant, Gregory D.4
Grant, Hattie Lee “Doll”4
Grant, Omeria F. ( Sister )35
Grant, Rayfus Jackson33
Granville, Liddell50
Graves, Ella Louise ( Evangelist )35
Graves, Grcver ( Mr. )46
Graves, Jermiah ( Brothers )42
Graves, Jessie Lee Hopskin McKinnis35
Graves, Roosevelt ( Mr. )46
Graves, Sherlie McKeever42
Gray, Adelaid Ballard8
Gray, Annie L. Hodge2
Gray, Annie L. Hodge6
Gray, Annie Lee37
Gray, Anthony Sr.4
Gray, Berdia Mae Wilson ( Sister )42
Gray, Beulah Lawrence ( Sister )34
Gray, Carl Edward , Sr.. ( Brother 44
Gray, Charles37
Gray, Cleo Brown ( Mommy )46
Gray, Earnestine Ross4
Gray, Edna Dudley4
Gray, Ella Mae Slack9
Gray, Ella Mae Slack17
Gray, Etta Mae Slack7
Gray, Floyd McKinley ” Jr.”40
Gray, Floyd McKinley ( Brother )36
Gray, Frank G. ( Reverend )35
Gray, Frank G. (Reverend)48
Gray, Georgia Mae20
Gray, Hobert Ben31
Gray, Jessie De’Wayne III50
Gray, Jessie De’Wayne, JR50
Gray, Jessye Mae23
Gray, Jessye Mae33
Gray, Leola “Essie” Lee4
Gray, Lizzie Hampton25
Gray, Louis50
Gray, Louis Thomas  ” T-Bo’50
Gray, Martha Willis4
Gray, Mary L.24
Gray, Percy Lee Gordon Senion31
Gray, Ronald Frank ( Mr. )45
Gray, Tom10
Gray, Velma T. Williams50
Gray, Willard47
Grayson, Clarence Edward24
Grayson, Iris J.33
Grayson, Iris J.35
Grayson, Lubertha Bledsoe40
Grayson, Mattie Lee17
Grayson, Michael Kidd43
Grayson, William37
Greeley, Annie Mae20
Greeley, Derrick10
Greeley, Dorothy Gene46
Greeley, Helen Louise24
Greeley, Sherman Jr.4
Greeley, Velma McCullum24
Greeley, Velma McCullum ( Sister )35
Greely, Annie Mae29
Greely, Sherman Sr.4
Greely, Sylvia Miles29
Greely, Sylvia Miles ( Sister)47
Greely,Gladys Elizabeth Benton ( Sister )47
Green, Albert14
Green, Albert15
Green, Albert39
Green, Albert43
Green, Benjamin11
Green, Carolyn Ann McDowell24
Green, Carolyn Ann McDowell37
Green, Clara G.37
Green, Clara Gilbert6
Green, Curtis Samuel42
Green, Elijah Kellogg, Sr. “Buddyman”42
Green, Elizabeth4
Green, Florida B.33
Green, Howard ( Chief Petty Officer )43
Green, Howard ( Chief Petty Officer )45
Green, Isaac Anton42
Green, James19
Green, Jessie Mae35
Green, Jim29
Green, John25
Green, John Evan ” Cool “41
Green, Johnny Ray ” Lil Skin “39
Green, Lawrence Terrell46
Green, Leon3
Green, Leon  ( Brother )40
Green, Leon Jr.3
Green, Lillian Dammon3
Green, Lois10
Green, Margaret Louise33
Green, Mayshaylin L. ( Brother )43
Green, Melvin Charles, Jr( Sgt. )45
Green, Minnie Bell Wingard9
Green, Naomie ( Sister )45
Green, Nola Mae24
Green, Oliver ( Jr. )38
Green, Oliver Cippio38
Green, Pinkey J.21
Green, Pinkey J. ( Sister )45
Green, Procter43
Green, Roxie Harris31
Green, Roxie Smith Harris27
Green, Roxie Smith Harris31
Green, Sam33
Green, William30
Green, William ( Deacon )36
Greer, Charles B.32
Greer, Constance Shavondolyn21
Greer, James R.12
Greer, Jerry Lynn ( Brother )49
Greer, Marshall ( Brother )45
Greer, Richard Lee4
Greer, Rosa Belle11
Greer, Rosa Belle Allen19
Greggs, Bertha10
Greggs, Hannah Fable Taylor1
Greggs, Julius A’Neal8
Greggs, Julius A’Neal27
Greggs, Lessie Mae ( Mrs. )34
Greggs, Percy Lee34
Griffin, Aaron22
Griffin, Asberry ‘ Bumpy ‘21
Griffin, Darnell5
Griffin, Evelyn Mickens ( Mother )39
Griffin, Gentry George  ( Reverend )47
Griffin, Hannah1
Griffin, Ida Bell (Sister)48
Griffin, Johnny Lee19
Griffin, Lessie Mae50
Griffin, Mildred Alice38
Griffin, Mildred Alice40
Griffin, Mildred Rivers39
Griffin, Ora West22
Grimble, Willie Lee34
Grodon, Henry Lee10
Guice, Dillard Nathaniel2
Guice, Dillard Nathaniel31
Guice, Lawanda Faye35
Guice, Neller Jean Brass29
Guice, Oscar2
Guice, Shirley Heckard16
Guillory, Remell  I. ( Sister )41
Gulley, David25
Gunn, Charley Sr.4
Gunn, Charley Sr. ( Brother )35
Gunn, Charlie ( Jr. )22
Gunn, Elizabeth Mardell31
Gunn, Patsy Beatrice DeGrate5
Gunn, Patsy Degrate Gunn ( Sister )40
Gunn, Valerie Freeman22
Gwyn, Ruthie Mae4
Hackley, Lena Walker21
Hadley, Arthur Darnell ‘Zeke’24
Hadley, George Bernard39
Hagan, Leonard27
Hagan, Leonard ( Brother )45
Hale, Catherine Sue25
Hale, Doll7
Hale, Sonja Lynetta Garrett28
Hale, Sonja Lynetta Garrett30
Hall, Alberta Elaine Roberson Shepherd42
Hall, Alce4
Hall, Alce6
Hall, Alice4
Hall, Allie Ruth ( Sister )40
Hall, Alma29
Hall, Alma ( Pinkie )20
Hall, Booker T.10
Hall, Cleo Givens20
Hall, Dorothy Wilson7
Hall, Dorothy Wilson10
Hall, Gloria Dean Sumler4
Hall, Gloria Dean Sumler5
Hall, Gloria Jean23
Hall, Hagen29
Hall, James Carroll18
Hall, James Henry22
Hall, Jessie Lee22
Hall, Jessie Lee ( Sister )44
Hall, John ( Brother )45
Hall, Joseph Cleo7
Hall, Lee Bertha38
Hall, Leon44
Hall, Major Alce25
Hall, Major Alce37
Hall, Mary Katherine Davis20
Hall, Mary Katherine Davis45
Hall, Mason1
Hall, Mignon Hill25
Hall, Ocie31
Hall, Oliver  “Bay Bay ” ( Brother )34
Hall, Ruby Dell Davis ( Sister )35
Hall, Sybil Leona16
Hall, Vayrette H.8
Hall, Verline “Pop ” ( Sister )34
Hall, Willie D.10
Halloway, Walter , Jr. ( Pastor )46
Hamburg, Linner Ray31
Hamilton, Adline Jackson13
Hamilton, Barbara ( Mother )40
Hamilton, Barbara ( Mother )49
Hamilton, Bertha Lee ( Sister )35
Hamilton, Bobbie Jean Commings35
Hamilton, Bobbie Jean Cummings37
Hamilton, Carrie38
Hamilton, Frank, ( Jr. )47
Hamilton, Gennie35
Hamilton, Justina Gatlin ( Sister )49
Hamilton, Leola M.38
Hamilton, Martha L.32
Hamilton, Ollie Mae Burns6
Hamilton, O’Sha James10
Hamilton, O’Sha James17
Hamilton, Rosie Mae Scott7
Hamler, Donald Ray24
Hamlin, Jessie M.12
Hamlin, Sefronia Norsweather38
Hammock, George Bernard ( Uncle G.B. )39
Hammonds, Alice M. ( Evangelist )34
Hammonds, Herbert Edward5
Hammonds, Herbert Edward46
Hamp, Fannie Harris18
Hampton – Williams, Jackie Louise ( Sister )36
Hampton, Clara Willis ( Sister )34
Hampton, David Lee50
Hampton, Della24
Hampton, Della R.37
Hampton, Ed1
Hampton, Eddie25
Hampton, Eddie34
Hampton, Ernest16
Hampton, Freddie Lee4
Hampton, Herman ” Plute “37
Hampton, Herman ‘Boone ‘31
Hampton, Joe Louis29
Hampton, Joice Annette32
Hampton, Joy Eileen Freeman29
Hampton, Kansas4
Hampton, Lillie Louise14
Hampton, Lillie Louise29
Hampton, Robert7
Hampton, Robert25
Hampton, Wilfred ( Bro. )36
Hampton, Willie S.29
Hampton-Burks, Eva4
Handy, Eula L. Coleman8
Handy, Jessie Jerome1
Handy, Jessie Lee46
Handy, Joe Lee4
Handy, Katie Robinson19
Handy, Lillie Mae Goins27
Handy, Merrily L.15
Handy, Oliver ( Bil-Bo ) Gwill14
Handy, Ora L.42
Hannibal, John W.32
Hanspard, Curtis Lee ( Rev )37
Hanspard, Curtis Lee (Reverend)48
Hanspard, Lillie Mae5
Hanspard, Mary Lean35
Hanspard, Mert Wilks8
Harbert, Alfred Earl4
Harbert, Alfred Earl44
Harbert, Cynthia Black18
Harbor, Richard37
Harbors, Cleveland Horace39
Hardman, Patricia  Ceasar37
Hardware, Grady6
Hardware, Grady9
Hardwell, Eula Mae ( Sister )45
Hardy, Daisy13
Hardy, I’Kyra Marie41
Hardy, James6
Hardy, James37
Hardy, Jessie J. ( Sr. )22
Hardy, Libert ( Mary ) Jackson37
Hardy, Libert (Mary) Jackson17
Hardy, Lilbert “Mary” Jackson6
Hardy, Obbie Jr.8
Hardy, Our Own Williams22
Hardy, Solonia Manning15
Hardy, Thomas James37
Hardy, William T.2
Hargrove, Martha Lucille40
Haris, Obie Lee32
Harold, Buster37
Harold, Lonnie4
Harold, Lonnie M. ( Honey )26
Harold, Loula Scott7
Harper, Catherine Victoria Parks43
Harper, Eula Renee50
Harper, James Calvin37
Harps, Harvey Lee14
Harrell, Annie ” Mama ” J.38
Harrell, Beverly Diane Kyles45
Harrell, Lula38
Harringron, Willie ‘ Jack ‘ (Deacon )36
Harrington, Louis7
Harrington, Maggie Lee29
Harrington, Maggie Lee ( Sister )36
Harris, Annie D. Beck24
Harris, Annie Maggie28
Harris, Annie Pearl28
Harris, Beatrice14
Harris, Beatrice18
Harris, Bertha M.28
Harris, Bertha M.35
Harris, Beulah T. ( Sister )36
Harris, Beulay T.26
Harris, Calvin28
Harris, Calvin35
Harris, Carl Lee33
Harris, Catherine Madison22
Harris, Charles E.31
Harris, Charlie “T”4
Harris, Charlie “T”16
Harris, Clotine14
Harris, Cynthia June 2
Harris, David Eric4
Harris, Demarrio Kew Trell ” K. D. “19
Harris, Deotha Ford8
Harris, Donald Ray29
Harris, Ethel M.38
Harris, Eugene ( Sr. )22
Harris, Evelyn Williams ‘ Madea ‘50
Harris, Felix Jefferson46
Harris, Glasper29
Harris, Gwendolyn Audrey29
Harris, Hattie Johnson29
Harris, Helen Virginia Deal ( Sister )43
Harris, Henry “Mose” Jr.6
Harris, Houston22
Harris, Houston ( Deacon )41
Harris, Ison “Bay”9
Harris, Issac Sam ( Deacon )36
Harris, James Everett21
Harris, James ‘Skip’ Everette31
Harris, Janice10
Harris, Janice12
Harris, Jannie Hines1
Harris, Jeanette Carolyn Holmes42
Harris, Jimmy Jr.4
Harris, John Henry1
Harris, John Henry ( Jr. )43
Harris, John Lee11
Harris, Johnny ( Deacon)28
Harris, Josie Lee37
Harris, Joy Lee “James ” Johnson41
Harris, Joyce Marie46
Harris, Katie38
Harris, L. C. (Deacon )28
Harris, Lawyer H. ” Mose”37
Harris, Lessie28
Harris, Levester32
Harris, Lillie Bell ‘ Tobe ‘24
Harris, Lizzie “Georgia” Ross4
Harris, Lizzie ( Georgia ) Ross14
Harris, Lizzie ( Georgia ) Ross35
Harris, Lottie28
Harris, Luches5
Harris, Lucille Wilson ( Sister )36
Harris, Lula M.27
Harris, Martha Lee Burks2
Harris, Martha Lee Burks37
Harris, Marvin Charles29
Harris, Mary22
Harris, Mary28
Harris, Michael Wayne26
Harris, Mitchell Jr.4
Harris, Myisha Nicole ( Sister )43
Harris, Myisha Nicole ( Sister )49
Harris, Myrtice25
Harris, Nancy Crawford28
Harris, Nashall, Jr.2
Harris, Nelson T.28
Harris, Novelean31
Harris, Oscar28
Harris, Oscar ( Brother )35
Harris, Pattie Smith ( Sister )35
Harris, Percy Wellington30
Harris, Percy Wellington43
Harris, Percy Wellington ( Sr. )35
Harris, Queen28
Harris, Richard11
Harris, Roberta Lea21
Harris, Sarah E,37
Harris, Sarah E.Winn6
Harris, Selena Davis6
Harris, Sylvester ” Sexy Syl “14
Harris, Terrance25
Harris, Terrance25
Harris, Thomas J.28
Harris, Thomas J.35
Harris, Thomas Lee ( Deacon )36
Harris, Thomas Lee Jr.1
Harris, Vic Damone33
Harris, W. G. ( Willie George )28
Harris, William (Brother)48
Harris, Willie James ( Deacon )34
Harris, Willie Jean Barnes43
Harris, Wilma Hill ( Sister )49
Harrison, Jessie Mae Johnson13
Harrison, Luretha Thomas5
Harrris, Deotha Ford ( Sister )34
Hart, Dorothy Simpson35
Hartwell, Alice Faye Gray45
Hartwell, Audrey Crocket7
Hartwell, Darmisha Deneice22
Hartwell, Sears13
Harvey, Eugene Isaac37
Hatfield, David Lee39
Hatfield, Gloria ” Gene “45
Hatfield, T. A.37
Hatfield, T. Arthur18
Hatfield, Terry Lemont29
Hathorn, William (Rev.)7
Hatter, Febbie Wright6
Hattin, Roosevelt25
Hattisburg, Mary Jean12
Hattisburg, Mary Jean13
Havard, Ann Bailey22
Hawkins, Constance Marie “Tee Lee”48
Hawkins, Glen Jerome Sr.2
Hawkins, Henry6
Hawkins, John Edward34
Hawkins, Louis ” Baby Son “37
Hawkins, Melvin11
Hawkins, Melvin12
Hawkins, Odalie Elizabeth Taylor18
Hawkins, Ronald Lynn ( Brother )35
Haydel, Sharon Britton35
Hayes, Audryfaie ( Sister )35
Hayes, Charles C.50
Hayes, Dottie Mae Lewis6
Hayes, Frank ( Brothwr )35
Hayes, Lena Nickelberry32
Hayes, Lillie Tatum7
Hayes, Mary Louise27
Hayes, Robert Lavelle42
Hayes, Samuel5
Hayes, Samuel40
Hayes, Stella22
Hayes, Stella44
Hayes, Willie8
Hayes, Willie James46
Haynes, Eddie Sanford34
Haynes, Elvenia Thompson28
Haynes, James O.21
Haynes, Lancey Williams4
Haynes, Mildred Jones24
Haynes, Oscar J.10
Haynes, Samuel Eugene24
Haynes, Samuel Eugene44
Haynes, Warner2
Haynes, Willie Sr.7
Haynes, Zola L.10
Hayney, James O.32
Hays, Celeste Jackson Spellman34
Hayward, Bertha O. Daniel Ridley39
Haywood, Ethel L.38
Haywood, Ethel L. Dixon8
Haywood, Ida Mae47
Haywood, James D.27
Haywood, Joseph ( Brother )34
Haywood, Larry Darnell11
Head, Ethel C.22
Head, Hernert40
Head, Ida Mae Goins33
Head, Ida Mae Goins39
Head, Janice Hanspard3
Head, Swaneas Bledsoe ( Sister )44
Head, Toney ( Reverend )46
Heard, Cleola Elmore ( Sister35
Heard, Gable26
Hearn, Margie Nell31
Hearns, Eddie Van ( Deacon )47
Hearns, Eligah29
Hearns, Emma39
Hearns, Ezzie Lee ” Jack “29
Hearns, Jerry Lee37
Hearns, Maggie Johnson29
Hearns, Stella Viola29
Hebert, Julia Ann ” Judy ” Reagan40
Heckard, Ciscero C.19
Heckard, Lillie Mae3
Heckard, Lillie Mae5
Heckard, Lillie Mae11
Heckard, Lillie Mae33
Hedgermon, Tommie Lee Thompson7
Hegwood, McQullar8
Henderson, Ada Mae37
Henderson, Alice Faye19
Henderson, Annie Bell ( Mother )31
Henderson, Armenthra Foster ( Sister )35
Henderson, Bernie, SR.45
Henderson, Berta10
Henderson, C. W. ” Son “40
Henderson, Claude Ray30
Henderson, Claude Ray46
Henderson, Cortez C.40
Henderson, Curtis Lee42
Henderson, Curtis Lee ( Bro. )36
Henderson, Curtis Lee ( Brother )49
Henderson, Denise43
Henderson, Denise Warbington19
Henderson, Dennis Lee19
Henderson, Dorothy Jean ( Dot ) McNeal34
Henderson, Dorothy Mae19
Henderson, Ernest ( Jr. )35
Henderson, Eula Pearl31
Henderson, Grant ( Brother )42
Henderson, Grant ( Reverend )47
Henderson, James4
Henderson, Jerry (Brother)48
Henderson, John Henry11
Henderson, Juanita “Fox”11
Henderson, Kimberly DeAnn45
Henderson, Linda T.22
Henderson, Louvenia “Bom Bom”25
Henderson, Mary Lee31
Henderson, Octavia10
Henderson, Robert ( Jr.  – Deacon )35
Henderson, Roderick19
Henderson, Samuel ( Brother )34
Henderson, Sandra Blade15
Henderson, Whitney Hazel LaJane43
Henderson, William14
Henderson, William27
Henderson, Willie James40
Henderson, Willie James ( Brother )34
Hendrick, Mark Stanley22
Hendricks, Erma Jean37
Hendricks, Erma Jean Johnson7
Hendricks, John Wesley9
Hendricks, John Wesley10
Hendricks, Majorie Hendricks24
Hendrix, Jessie Mae32
Hendrix, Waymon32
Henning, Ronnie Wayne26
Henry, Barbara Ann Byrdsong9
Henry, Clara38
Henry, Clara38
Henry, Doroth Mary21
Henry, Dorothy  Mary25
Henry, Ella Faye26
Henry, Gracie Francie Stell1
Henry, James L. , Sr.44
Henry, Jessie42
Henry, Jessie49
Henry, Jurutha Lee ( Sister )35
Henry, Katie McGhee7
Henry, L.C.4
Henry, Louis Claiborne, Sr.44
Henry, Marion4
Henry, Marion5
Henry, Marion9
Henry, Marion15
Henry, Mary Alice Fields38
Henry, Rhodie Mae18
Henry, Robert11
Henry, Robert (Rev.)15
Henry, Scott44
Henry, Sherman ‘Bones’ Alonzo28
Henry, Sherman ‘Bones’ Alonzo31
Hensley, Gladys Darden35
Henson, Robert C.30
Herman, Celia Lewis8
Hermon, Elijah8
Herring, Rosie L. Harris4
Herring, Rosie L. Harris10
Herron, Donald “Donna” L. Chambers Herron12
Herron, Earline”Miss Honey” Duncan4
Hester, Alberta Goston ( Sister )47
Hester, Alberta Goston ( Sister )49
Hester, Bennie Maurice2
Hester, bennie Maurice40
Hester, Daryl Wayne25
Hester, David C.27
Hester, Edmond26
Hester, Eugene L. Sr.2
Hester, Herbert Theodore9
Hester, Herbert Theodore24
Hester, Jesse James ( Rev. )31
Hester, Naomi Clark29
Hester, Orris Vernall24
Hester, Theresa G.31
Hester, Theresa Geneva4
Hester, Theresa Geneva26
Hester, Vivian Robinson ( Sister )42
Hester, William Lincoln37
Hester, William Lincoln Jr.1
Hester, William Lincoln Jr.6
Hewitt, Freddie Mae Taylor ( Sister )34
Hewitt, Maggie ( Sister )43
Hezekiah, Percy J. ” Jr. “40
Hickman, Clementine “Duckie” 4
Hickman, Ozona “Buddy”7
Hickman, Tony L.42
Hickman, Willie James13
Hicks, Agnes Major24
Hicks, Brenda16
Hicks, Clarence  Anthony12
Hicks, Hazel Marie4
Hicks, Johnny ‘ Blunt ‘30
Hicks, Johnny ” Blunt “37
Hicks, Johnny Lee “Blunt”6
Hicks, Louella McNeal2
Higggins, Isiah ( Brother )34
Higginbottom, Fred45
Higgins, John A. ( Brother )40
Higgins, John Edward20
Higgins, Mollie Mae ” Madea ” Lewis40
Higgins, Pearlie Mae ( P. J. )21
Highshaw, Dorothy Johnson33
Hiley, Alonzo4
Hiley, Alonzo ” T-Turkey “37
Hill, Alice M.45
Hill, Alice M. ( Sister )46
Hill, Allie Rae Swayzer7
Hill, Arneice Carroll40
Hill, Arniece Carroll38
Hill, Billy Joe ” Bill “37
Hill, Carl D.31
Hill, Charlie Bernard15
Hill, D. C.19
Hill, David Lee36
Hill, Delores Jean ( Sister )36
Hill, Delores Jean Francine J.15
Hill, Delores Kilpatrick5
Hill, Donald Ray18
Hill, Elbert Henry16
Hill, Elias8
Hill, Ethel Robinson23
Hill, Ethel Robinson31
Hill, Ethel White7
Hill, Evelyn ‘ Soul ‘ Massey46
Hill, Evelyn C.14
Hill, Evelyn C. ( Sister )36
Hill, Fannie Mae ( Mother )34
Hill, Freddie, Sr. ( Brother )44
Hill, Herbert ( Brother )43
Hill, Herbert Douglas ( Brother )35
Hill, Huey Lee37
Hill, Ida Odell ( Sister )44
Hill, Joe “Munkee”4
Hill, John Tilden Miller2
Hill, John Tilden Miller44
Hill, Lillie Cyrus ( Mama Lillie )35
Hill, Linda Manyweather50
Hill, Maggie Lee44
Hill, Mark D.15
Hill, Sadie ( Mama ) Lewis-35
Hill, Sam40
Hill, Samuel D.30
Hill, Simon ( Brother )35
Hill, Terrance Antonio8
Hill, Terrance Antonio “Tee”  Jr.27
Hill, Vera Bailey37
Hill, Viola  Holts22
Hill, Willard7
Hill, Willie B.5
Hill, Willie B.8
Hill, Willie B.27
Hill, Willie Henry10
Hill, Willie Henry11
Hill, Willie Henry19
Hill, Willie Henry27
Hill, Willie Henry ( Brother )36
Hillard, Lois Lavern Patrick4
Hillard, Mose10
Hilliard, Charlie15
Hillman, Jim6
Hillman, Jim37
Hilton, Azzie Lee21
Hines, Martha Baker33
Hines, Sam4
Hines, Travis Dean5
Hines, Travis Dean9
Hoard, Gertrude B.12
Hoard, Milton11
Hobson, Clifton Gregory10
Hobson, Demetrius11
Hobson, Demetrius16
Hobson, Dovie Mae Tucker5
Hobson, Georgia ( Mrs. )42
Hobson, Gertie Mary6
Hobson, Gregory Lane5
Hobson, Gregory Lane7
Hobson, Jeanette34
Hobson, John L.6
Hobson, John L.7
Hobson, Juanita7
Hobson, Juanita “Skeet”16
Hobson, Pearlie7
Hobson, Ronald7
Hobson, Willie Lee7
Hodge, David44
Hodge, Dominique Dante’42
Hodge, Dominque Dante’ Jr.43
Hodge, John Henry34
Hodge, Leon Sr.3
Hodges, Joe Ed3
Hodges, Joe Ed10
Hodges, Sherman47
Hogans, Zola Johnson8
Hogg, Emeal ” Sr. “40
Hogg, Frankie Lee31
Hogg, Frankie Lee Givens33
Hogg, Mary Ailes33
Hogg, Mildred Givens1
Hogg, Robirda33
Hogg, Warren33
Holdness, Hattie Hobson7
Holiday, Pinkie Johnson5
Holland, Abe ( Reverend )37
Holland, Arthulia Powell( Aunt Skeet )44
Holland, Elijah Sr. (Rev.)2
Holland, Elizabeth ‘ Lizzie ‘38
Holland, Emma Lee Stamper21
Holland, Hattie Mae ( Mother )47
Holland, Janice Latrice49
Holland, Martha Grace Chisley ( Mother )43
Holland, Mattie Byrd23
Holland, Sam Ervin28
Holland, Terrace Lee21
Holland, Vinella ” Queen “35
Holley, Odie B.10
Hollie, Sandra Gail21
Hollings, Susie Mae Glass29
Hollingsworth, Bobby4
Hollingsworth, Harriet Odell42
Hollins, Annie Harris ( Sister )34
Hollins, Dwandya Faye Lawson37
Hollins, Ellen Brown-Sanders9
Hollins, Shirley Mae 8
Hollins, Warren37
Hollins, Warren ( Deacon )34
Hollins, Warren Sr.6
Hollins, Wilma Zeigler9
Hollis, Harrison1
Hollis, Henry26
Hollis, Henry Lee Jr.4
Hollis, Janie11
Hollis, Jennie Mae Burks6
Hollis, Kimbery Tereze17
Hollis, Ola Sims McDonald4
Hollis, Recie Mae6
Hollis, Recie Mae10
Hollis, Retha41
Hollis, Savannah48
Holloway, Walter L. ( Pastor )43
Holly, Henrietta Lee38
Holmes, Alberta ( Sister )47
Holmes, Alberta (Sister)48
Holmes, Charlie24
Holmes, Charlie43
Holmes, Dasy Mae4
Holmes, Eula Mae30
Holmes, Jeffery ( Sr. )35
Holmes, Jessie Mae28
Holmes, Leanna Johnson3
Holmes, Mary Frances ( Sister )36
Holmes, Mildred Lewis9
Holmes, Shannta Shavon50
Holmes, Willie Mae15
Holston, Elizabeth Bee24
Holts, Lillie Blanche27
Honeycut, Tosa Mays4
Honeycutt, Herbert  ” Lil Son ” ( Brother )42
Honeycutt, James Edward31
Hood, Bobbie38
Hood, Eliza Brooks Lewis18
Hood, Rose Lee Douglas17
Hooker, Jake4
Hopkins, E.A.7
Hopkins, Herman ‘Big Buddy’17
Hopkins, Versie Bell6
Hopkins, Versie Bell37
Hopskins, Mollie ‘ Cleo ‘24
Hopson, Mary Payne31
Horace, Carolyn Ann Brown13
Horace, Carrie37
Horace, Charles Lee13
Horace, Joan Sampson27
Horn, Larry Elgin41
Horne, Bobby Lewis ‘ Joe’33
Horne, Christopher Latrone47
Horne, Patricia Butler22
Horne, Thomas4
Horne, Wiley14
Hoskins, Alma C.38
Hoskins, Alma C. ( Sister )40
Hoston, Cahrlie, Jr. ( Brother )46
Hoston, John David47
Hoston, Michael2
Hoston, Precious T.4
Hoston, Precious T.5
Hoston, Precious T.9
Houston, Arthur George23
Houston, Laverne “Lyvorne” Dunaway15
Houston, Willie Mae ( Sister )42
Howard, Bernard James33
Howard, Bobbie Thomas “Red”1
Howard, Bobbie Thomas (Red)9
Howard, Dexter Leland8
Howard, Gloria Glowanda33
Howard, James Jr.4
Howard, Janice Denise Hopkins37
Howard, Louiza G.15
Howard, Roberta Burrell ( Mother )44
Howard, Sam22
Howard, Warner5
Howell, Dorothy La Faye7
Howell, Dorothy La Faye ( Sister36
Howell, Dorothy La Faye Kimp2
Howell, Louise Evelyn Calhoun18
Howell, Michael Lionel48
Howell, Sarah Nell Owens Clay 24
Hubbard, Gustena28
Hubbard, Harrison ( brother )40
Hubbard, Mammie B.27
Hubbard, Mattie Lee Dejohnette8
Hubbard, Nathaniel19
Hubbard, Robert6
Hubbard, Robert Lee7
Hubbard, Robert Lee37
Hubbard, Theresa37
Hubbard, Ward Lee41
Huckleberry, Buford James38
Hudson, Elbert Edward Louis39
Hudson, Elbert Edward Louis ” Bro. “41
Hudson, Eliza Mercy ” Sister “41
Hudson, Ella D7
Hudson, Hazel ( Sister )36
Hudson, Hazel Hines17
Hudson, Jesse Sr.2
Hudson, Jimmie “Lil Bro” Hudson12
Hudson, Jimmie ‘Lil Bro’17
Hudson, Jonathan Lavelle23
Hudson, Michael DeWayne “Tokeyo”16
Hudson, Modessie Poe8
Hudson, Nathaniel16
Hudson, Rosa7
Hudson, Rosa10
Hudson, Silmon15
Hudson, Silmon (Rev.)5
Hudson, Winona10
Huff, Gladys ( Bertha Robinson)25
Hughes Wallace James47
Hughes, Ballard Nathaniel11
Hughes, Ballard Nathaniel17
Hughes, Eugene ” Dean”19
Hughes, Fannie33
Hughes, Laura38
Hughes, Laura38
Hughes, Naomi C.10
Hughes, Wade L.15
Hughes,Naomi “Nemi”11
Hughey, Willie B. Tatum ( Sister )49
Hullaby, James Alton32
Humphrey, Jo Anna Blade4
Humphrey, Mona Lee3
Humphrey, Tony38
Humphries, Madlean22
Hunt, Eddie Lee19
Hunt, John Tom2
Hunt, John Tom40
Hunter, Cherry Lean ( Sister )35
Hunter, Euckle11
Hunter, Gertrude, W.38
Hunter, Hattie Cepher7
Hunter, Herman “H.H.”4
Hunter, Herman H.H.1
Hunter, Inez Smith9
Hunter, Inez Smith24
Hunter, Lakisha Lafaye22
Hunter, Minnie Bell Price30
Hunter, Minnie Tyson7
Hunter, Ora15
Hunter, Plas ( Brother)43
Hunter, Riley2
Hunter, Sanford10
Hunter, Stonewall ( Rev. )38
Hunter, Stonewall Sr. (Rev.)2
Hunter, Theodoshia Consuela Joshua ( Ne-Ne)18
Hunter, Tivis M. Whitlow31
Hunter, Vickie Carlette Collins21
Hunter, Wallace Jr.13
Hunter, Wilbert Pinell ( Deacon )35
Husdson, Jonathan Lavelle43
Hutch, Betty L.42
Hutchinson, Bertha Mae ( Mrs. ) 46
Hutchinson, Conrad Jr.45
Hutchinson, David A.8
Hutchinson, James Arthur41
Hutchinson, Nathaniel8
Hutchinson, Orangie  ” Dee Dee “34
Hutchinson, Porter Daniel8
Hutchinson, Simon Paul43
Hutchinson, Willie2
Hutson, Thomas ” Jr. “40
Hutton, Otha Lee24
Ignot, Mary Butcher15
Ignot, Mary Sue12
Iseah, David23
Iseah, David ( Deacon )43
Iseah, Dorothy Jean Mercy24
Iseah, Dorothy Jean Mercy37
Iseah, Dorothy Jean Mercy44
Iseah, Otis30
Iseah, Thelma Williams2
Iseah, Veria Jo Francis47
Ishop,  Ellis17
Ishop, Geneva28
Jackson Ernestine43
Jackson Lorene38
Jackson McHenry Van33
Jackson, Addie Hubbard8
Jackson, Alemedia Walker4
Jackson, Alice Mae17
Jackson, Alice Marie Gray12
Jackson, Allen Ray39
Jackson, Allen ‘Woot’28
Jackson, Alvin “Jack ”  ( Brother )49
Jackson, Alzenia Logwood37
Jackson, Amos ( Deacon )34
Jackson, Andrew G.37
Jackson, Annie Mae38
Jackson, Annie Mae N. ( Sister )40
Jackson, Arcola14
Jackson, Artee Young27
Jackson, Aunbre Van4
Jackson, Beatrice47
Jackson, Bernice Toney ( Sister )41
Jackson, Bertram Dion11
Jackson, Betty Jean19
Jackson, Billy Ray40
Jackson, Bobby Lee1
Jackson, Bobby Lee4
Jackson, Brother Albert50
Jackson, Cammie Waites ( Mrs. C. W. )43
Jackson, Carolyn28
Jackson, Charles “Patches” Jr.4
Jackson, Charles Wayne ‘ Woo’31
Jackson, Chester4
Jackson, Clarence11
Jackson, Clarence ” Snake ” ( Deacon )41
Jackson, Clyde McKinley ( Deacon )34
Jackson, Daisy Lee46
Jackson, Darrett Bernard32
Jackson, Dora Lee West44
Jackson, Earnest ( Deacon )35
Jackson, Eddie Lee ( Deacon )40
Jackson, Ellis R. “Son”1
Jackson, Elnora23
Jackson, Elnora Williams8
Jackson, Elvira ” Doll” Sewell ( Mother )47
Jackson, Emma Louise4
Jackson, Erameans “Tee” Graves8
Jackson, Ernestine24
Jackson, Ernestine36
Jackson, Essie Lene21
Jackson, Estella Wilson9
Jackson, Estella Wilson11
Jackson, Estellar ( Sister )46
Jackson, Eugene “Gene”11
Jackson, Eugene “Gene” Jr.9
Jackson, Eula Barron8
Jackson, Eva  M. ( Sister )34
Jackson, Eva M.43
Jackson, Ezra Lee “Ricky “34
Jackson, Faulkner  ( Jr. )35
Jackson, Flanders ‘ Ned ‘31
Jackson, Flood Jefferson3
Jackson, Flood Jefferson ( Rev. )38
Jackson, Florine Duncan19
Jackson, Florine Duncan34
Jackson, Fred5
Jackson, Freddie Mae ( Sister )34
Jackson, Geoffrey Alan46
Jackson, Geraldine29
Jackson, Geraldine “Jerry”14
Jackson, Gertrude40
Jackson, Gwendolyn Gale ( Sister )36
Jackson, Harold Lee ” Bro”27
Jackson, Hattie L.17
Jackson, Hattie, L.12
Jackson, Helen Marie Edwards17
Jackson, Herbert Clavon, Sr. ( Mr. )46
Jackson, Hosea ( Brother )35
Jackson, Irene  Mary Mouton40
Jackson, Irene May38
Jackson, Jack13
Jackson, Jamar “Tavion J.D.” De’Sean6
Jackson, Jamar Tavion De’Sean ” J. D. “37
Jackson, Jeney Brother )35
Jackson, Jennie13
Jackson, Jessie James16
Jackson, Jimmy Ray46
Jackson, Joan G.46
Jackson, Joe Henry14
Jackson, John L.3
Jackson, John L.10
Jackson, John S. ( Deacon )35
Jackson, John Warren43
Jackson, John Warren ( Presiding Elder )38
Jackson, Joseph42
Jackson, Joseph ( Deacon )40
Jackson, Joseph Benjamin47
Jackson, Kessie Taylor4
Jackson, L. Bruce38
Jackson, L. Bruce ( Dr, )36
Jackson, Larry16
Jackson, Larry50
Jackson, Lee ( Mr. )46
Jackson, Leo Samuel29
Jackson, Leola ” Madear “40
Jackson, Leon31
Jackson, Leona Toney ( Sister )35
Jackson, Leroy “Scooby Do”15
Jackson, Linda Louise ( Sister )49
Jackson, Lizzie Jacob1
Jackson, Lizzie Jacob3
Jackson, Lola Mae Sims2
Jackson, Lola Mae Sims17
Jackson, Lorene G.40
Jackson, Lori Ann1
Jackson, Lori Ann5
Jackson, Louis8
Jackson, Lucille Butcher25
Jackson, Lucille Ellis3
Jackson, Lucille Ellis 2
Jackson, Lucille Payne8
Jackson, Lue Virginia Wright31
Jackson, Lue Virginia Wright32
Jackson, Lula Horton18
Jackson, Lunie ( Brother )35
Jackson, Mamie D.4
Jackson, Mamie Stevens Freeze3
Jackson, Mandy Jane Dismuke37
Jackson, Mandy Jane Jr.6
Jackson, Mariah Marshall Dixon21
Jackson, Marshal C.44
Jackson, Mary Bethune Hanspard8
Jackson, Mary Lee ( Mother )42
Jackson, Mary Stella32
Jackson, McHenry Van8
Jackson, Milliard Filmore16
Jackson, Milliard Filmore37
Jackson, Milliard Filmore Sr.6
Jackson, Millie R.17
Jackson, Moses9
Jackson, Moses33
Jackson, Mozell Elizabeth ( Aunt Boots )35
Jackson, Naomi31
Jackson, Odell ( Brother )40
Jackson, Ollie Bradley26
Jackson, Pearlie Jean46
Jackson, Percilla Wesley8
Jackson, Reginald46
Jackson, Rekisha Shanette31
Jackson, Rekisha Shanette45
Jackson, Robbie Edwina White13
Jackson, Robert Annie Lee Simmons35
Jackson, Robert Annie Lee Simmons (Sister)48
Jackson, Robert Earl ( Shine )41
Jackson, Roberthea9
Jackson, Roberthea31
Jackson, Roosevelt17
Jackson, Rosa W.43
Jackson, Rosie Lee13
Jackson, Ruth 9
Jackson, Ruth Ellen36
Jackson, Ruth Ellen43
Jackson, Ruth Williams5
Jackson, Ruth Williams9
Jackson, Ruthie Lee2
Jackson, Sam ‘ Dewayne ‘24
Jackson, Sandra Faye7
Jackson, Sandra Kay Brantley21
Jackson, Sarah L.34
Jackson, Sharon ( Sister )42
Jackson, Sidney “Jack”4
Jackson, Sovolia Bledsoe29
Jackson, Tericia Faith46
Jackson, Thomas Edward1
Jackson, Thomas Edward17
Jackson, Vencie Rae ( Deacon )38
Jackson, Vird Mae49
Jackson, William M.3
Jackson, William Marshall18
Jackson, Willie18
Jackson, Willie B.17
Jackson, Willie B.31
Jackson, Willie B. (Rev.)4
Jackson, Willie Lee5
Jackson, Willie Lee9
Jackson, Willie Lee10
Jackson, Zola Lee ( Sister )34
Jackson. Orneal33
Jaclson, Carolyn Ann50
Jaclson, Roberta ( Sister)40
Jacobs, Catherine Smith16
Jacobs, Clarence3
Jacobs, Dennis24
Jacobs, John Lee5
Jacobs, John Lee9
Jacobs, John Lee12
Jacobs, Lillie B. ( Sister )43
Jacobs, M.C.3
Jacobs, Shenderrick Lamar33
Jaggers, Freddie Lee29
Jamerson, Carmeal31
Jamerson, Carmeal ( Sister )46
Jamerson, Josie Hester ( Sister )35
Jamerson, Oliver ” Ricky ” III37
James Robert( Cigar )40
James, Angia Nicole47
James, Anna Johnson6
James, Anna Johnson25
James, Anna Johnson36
James, Delanius Antonio ‘Duke’25
James, Dorothy Rushing4
James, Earl McKenzie2
James, Elizabeth Marie29
James, Geraldine31
James, Geraldine Hamilton2
James, Gloria Payton16
James, Helen Ernestine ( Sister )40
James, Helen Ernestine Richard5
James, Hugh Tellis4
James, John Joseph ( Deacon )44
James, John Joseph ( Sr. )22
James, John Joseph Sr.4
James, John Joseph Sr.45
James, Johnny Lee15
James, Josephine13
James, Joy Gibson11
James, Lasandra “San” Lynette12
James, LaSandra Leonette ‘San’25
James, Leroy III “Ricky”2
James, Louvenia Brantley31
James, Matthew ” Mack-Pa-Pa “45
James, Matthew ” Mack-Pa-Pa”49
James, Robert ” Cigar”41
James, Sam13
James, Susie Mae Wilson32
James, Tyneisha LaShun4
James, Veronica Johnson37
James, Walter  ( Brother )42
James, Walter ( Brother )45
James, Willie11
Janson, Doris38
January, Aileen Jones6
January, Ibra B.27
Jefferson, Annie Clark40
Jefferson, Blanchie Lee31
Jefferson, Bobbie2
Jefferson, Bobbie8
Jefferson, Classie31
Jefferson, Classie ( Mother )44
Jefferson, Classie Benson2
Jefferson, Ethel Loubertha Lollie37
Jefferson, Ethel Lubertha “Darling” Lee Lollie6
Jefferson, Larry D. ( Jr. )39
Jefferson, Lillie Keal ( Mother )36
Jefferson, Marie2
Jefferson, Robert  ” R. D. ” ( Sr. )22
Jefferson, Viola King16
Jefferson, William29
Jeffery, Ruby Lee Brunner31
Jenkins, Alice Marie29
Jenkins, Alice Marie39
Jenkins, Annie Mae25
Jenkins, Ben5
Jenkins, Ben II8
Jenkins, Bennie6
Jenkins, Bennie8
Jenkins, Booker10
Jenkins, Booker T.38
Jenkins, Cedrick Lee18
Jenkins, Christell Sandford ( Sister )46
Jenkins, Christerll Sandford ( Mother )45
Jenkins, Clarence (Rev.)3
Jenkins, Cle Arthur ‘ Peanut ‘39
Jenkins, Cordell4
Jenkins, Cordell9
Jenkins, Detraz11
Jenkins, Dorothy Paster4
Jenkins, Eddie Mae West32
Jenkins, Ella Bell 7
Jenkins, Ellen26
Jenkins, Elmira15
Jenkins, Elmira ( Sister )45
Jenkins, Eonnie Joe39
Jenkins, Eugene ” Pipe “49
Jenkins, Fay Evelyn ( Sister)43
Jenkins, H. P.31
Jenkins, H.P. (Dr.)1
Jenkins, H.P. (Dr.)3
Jenkins, Hayes Junior18
Jenkins, Hebert5
Jenkins, Hebert9
Jenkins, James2
Jenkins, James Edward ( Brother )45
Jenkins, James Elton ( Brother )46
Jenkins, Jerry Wayne20
Jenkins, John E.1
Jenkins, John E.5
Jenkins, John E.9
Jenkins, Katherine Austin2
Jenkins, Kerrick ‘Kerry’ Lydell20
Jenkins, Laura C. Sims18
Jenkins, Lela Mae35
Jenkins, Leroy ( Deacon )39
Jenkins, Lillian J.25
Jenkins, Lillian J.35
Jenkins, Lorraine22
Jenkins, Mack25
Jenkins, Martha Harris8
Jenkins, Mary Shaw1
Jenkins, Michael29
Jenkins, Pansy Dawson13
Jenkins, Robbie Handy31
Jenkins, Robbie Harris2
Jenkins, Roberta25
Jenkins, Rodzerkery Demonte17
Jenkins, Rosa Lee45
Jenkins, Rubin2
Jenkins, Ruth Marie 43
Jenkins, Ruth Marie ( Mrs. )45
Jenkins, Terry Lenn6
Jenkins, Terry Lenn7
Jenkins, Terry Lenn37
Jenkins, Timothy Wayne21
Jenkins, Wanda32
Jenkins, Will25
Jenkins, Willard31
Jenkins, Willie8
Jenkins, Willie33
Jenklin, Harvey4
Jennings, Enora Pea Scott39
Jenson, Doris ( Sister )40
Jenson, Newton (N.J.)9
Jerry, Johnny Lee19
Jiohnson, Chastity Lashon ( Little Miss )46
Johes, Melvin , Sr.43
Johnson Ben ( Brother )42
Johnson Herbert ( Sr. )38
Johnson Ladell Williams37
Johnson Mildred ( Mother )36
Johnson, A. Z. ” Reverend “37
Johnson, Adner6
Johnson, Adner37
Johnson, Albert ( Jr. )42
Johnson, Albertine Rena1
Johnson, Alice Lazara3
Johnson, Alice Lazara ( Ms. )45
Johnson, Allen ” Bill ” ( Brother )41
Johnson, Allen “Bill”16
Johnson, Allen ( Brother )43
Johnson, Alma Dean43
Johnson, Alma Dean ( Sister )42
Johnson, Alvin ( Brother )34
Johnson, Anna W, ( Sister )46
Johnson, Annie Augustine Jacobs5
Johnson, Annie Jacobs1
Johnson, Annie Jacobs3
Johnson, Annie Mae Ellen46
Johnson, Anthony6
Johnson, Arilla Sillers23
Johnson, Armelia Saucer7
Johnson, Ashley Latrice Dangerfield46
Johnson, Beatrice38
Johnson, Beatrice ( Sister )36
Johnson, Ben37
Johnson, Ben G. Jr.1
Johnson, Ben James35
Johnson, Bernice ( Sister )36
Johnson, Betty Jean23
Johnson, Betty Jean34
Johnson, Betty Joyce46
Johnson, Beulah L.17
Johnson, Bill ( Brother )34
Johnson, Billy Ray14
Johnson, Bobby  Ray ” Turk ” ( Brother )45
Johnson, Brenda 11
Johnson, Brenda Delores25
Johnson, Bruce Bernard47
Johnson, Calena T.11
Johnson, Callie Mae21
Johnson, Camille Charleston ( Sister )36
Johnson, Carl James6
Johnson, Carl James37
Johnson, Carla Wade24
Johnson, Carrie  ( Sister )34
Johnson, Charity Jenkins ( Mother )47
Johnson, Charles E.27
Johnson, Charles Harold ‘ Bub’25
Johnson, Cierra Shanta’  ( Sister )34
Johnson, Cloteal11
Johnson, Coleman ( Brother )34
Johnson, Collette Jean49
Johnson, Collette Jean50
Johnson, Cora B. ( Nookie ) 40
Johnson, Daisey ( Sister )34
Johnson, Daisy B. “MiMi” Futch4
Johnson, Daisy B. (MiMi) Futch13
Johnson, Darien Reginald ” Doby “45
Johnson, Darrien DeQuarrius43
Johnson, David2
Johnson, Dennis Ray6
Johnson, Dennis Ray24
Johnson, Dennis Ray37
Johnson, Dollie Dollbaby ( Mother )43
Johnson, Dorothy Allen ( Sister )42
Johnson, Dorothy M.11
Johnson, Dorothy Mae42
Johnson, Dorothy Smith 11
Johnson, Earl James18
Johnson, Earl James26
Johnson, Earnest Ray ( Brother )41
Johnson, Eartha Lee33
Johnson, Eartha Lee ( Sister )34
Johnson, Edna B.31
Johnson, Edward6
Johnson, Elijah14
Johnson, Ella Harris17
Johnson, Eloise 8
Johnson, Elouise27
Johnson, Emma Lee22
Johnson, Essie Lee34
Johnson, Essie Mae19
Johnson, Estelle4
Johnson, Ethel Hatten28
Johnson, Ethel Jean Keys17
Johnson, Ethel Jean Keys25
Johnson, Etta Louise26
Johnson, Eugene4
Johnson, Evelena Carr24
Johnson, Foraker, Windham4
Johnson, Frank H.5
Johnson, General Lee ( Reverend )34
Johnson, George Marvin ( Deacon )36
Johnson, Gertrude L. ( Sister )40
Johnson, Glen Benard4
Johnson, Gloria Dean21
Johnson, Green ” Buck” William41
Johnson, Hardie1
Johnson, Hardie26
Johnson, Hattie Williams29
Johnson, Helen R.31
Johnson, Henry38
Johnson, Henry A.17
Johnson, Henry Jr.1
Johnson, Hezekiah J.40
Johnson, Hezekiah J.44
Johnson, Hilda Mae Collins4
Johnson, Hollis, Sr. ( Deacon )44
Johnson, Horace Jr.17
Johnson, Horace Sr.1
Johnson, Horace Sr.17
Johnson, J.C.9
Johnson, Jackie40
Johnson, Jackie Randolph ( Brother )42
Johnson, Jake (Brother )46
Johnson, James2
Johnson, James ‘ Frog ‘31
Johnson, James ” J.J. “34
Johnson, James ( Bro.)36
Johnson, James Edward27
Johnson, Jessie Mae13
Johnson, Joanna31
Johnson, Joe Jr.14
Johnson, John B.11
Johnson, John Baron18
Johnson, John H.4
Johnson, John Henry8
Johnson, John Henry ” Peanut “34
Johnson, John Henry ” Peanut “43
Johnson, Johnnie Lee20
Johnson, Johnny10
Johnson, Joseph33
Johnson, Joseph ( J. B. )41
Johnson, Julia Mae50
Johnson, Karther16
Johnson, Ladell Williams6
Johnson, Ladell Williams46
Johnson, Leanna McClaurin7
Johnson, Lenora Lemons31
Johnson, Lenora Ruth42
Johnson, Leon17
Johnson, Leon30
Johnson, Leonard ( Elder )45
Johnson, Lillian ” Jean “45
Johnson, Lottie M.26
Johnson, Lovie Dee “Rosie Lee”6
Johnson, Lula P. ( Sister )41
Johnson, Luvenia Washington20
Johnson, Lydia Faye45
Johnson, Major4
Johnson, Mamie Scott6
Johnson, Margaret Herron2
Johnson, Margaret Herron26
Johnson, Margaret Marie17
Johnson, Mario Antonio24
Johnson, Martha Ridgley3
Johnson, Martha Scott37
Johnson, Martin40
Johnson, Mary9
Johnson, Mary ( Sister )43
Johnson, Mary Beavers14
Johnson, Mary D. Hunter4
Johnson, Mary Davenport8
Johnson, Mary Louise Smith30
Johnson, Mildred M.22
Johnson, Mose47
Johnson, Myrtle Elliott3
Johnson, Nancy Jane Taylor7
Johnson, Nancy Taylor44
Johnson, Nancy Taylor ( Sister )35
Johnson, Odell Scott37
Johnson, Ollie Mae Smith4
Johnson, Orell Williams1
Johnson, Orell Williams5
Johnson, Otis ( Reverend )34
Johnson, Palmer26
Johnson, Patrick ( Sweetie )50
Johnson, Patrick Wayne22
Johnson, Patrick Wayne ( Brother )45
Johnson, Pearlie ( Sister )43
Johnson, Percy T ( Brother )43
Johnson, Pinkie Lillie Smith ” Lillian “42
Johnson, Precocious ” Cody ” Mitchell45
Johnson, Quince ( Brother )34
Johnson, Raphael14
Johnson, Renner Wilson  ( Sister )34
Johnson, Robert Earl34
Johnson, Robert L.18
Johnson, Robert L.19
Johnson, Ronald Lanier42
Johnson, Roosevelt8
Johnson, Rubylee Jones1
Johnson, Ruth Laura Ashton5
Johnson, Samuel4
Johnson, Shedrick4
Johnson, Sherman3
Johnson, Shirley Mae Cherry33
Johnson, Simmie ” Jo Jo “37
Johnson, Simmie (Rev.)6
Johnson, Solomon Jr.1
Johnson, Solomon Jr.2
Johnson, Solomon Jr.5
Johnson, Solomon Sr.8
Johnson, Sue Ann12
Johnson, Susie Jones10
Johnson, Terrence Marlowe38
Johnson, Terrence Marlowe46
Johnson, Vanessa James (Sister)48
Johnson, Verdia17
Johnson, Verdia Williams1
Johnson, Verdia Williams24
Johnson, Willard Charles47
Johnson, Willie3
Johnson, Willie42
Johnson, Willie James50
Johnson, Willie Roy4
Johnson, Willie Roy8
Johnson, Willie Sr.8
Johnson, Willie Washington (Mrs.)1
Johnson, Zolee11
Johnston, Ruth Laura Ashton14
Jolly, Nellie Mae Golden7
Jones , Brother Melvin50
Jones Brother Derrick50
Jones,  Albert ( Brother )46
Jones, Alma12
Jones, Alma ( Bessi )29
Jones, Alma ( Bessie )21
Jones, Alma Smith4
Jones, Alvin Charles37
Jones, Angela ” Christi ” Neal19
Jones, Anna Jean32
Jones, Annie H. (Sister)48
Jones, Annie Lee4
Jones, Anslem Cosmo37
Jones, Archie29
Jones, Arguster Phillip3
Jones, Arguster Phillip8
Jones, Augusta Allen3
Jones, Azlea33
Jones, Barbara Ann McKinney5
Jones, Bennie Freeman33
Jones, Bennie Freeman33
Jones, Bessie Alma45
Jones, Bessie Anna Williams4
Jones, Betty Ray Newton4
Jones, Bobby Lee23
Jones, Bobby Ray5
Jones, Calvin11
Jones, Carolyn ” Flukie “37
Jones, Carolyn W. ( Sister )41
Jones, Celestine Olga Franton14
Jones, Clarence38
Jones, Claudette Calhoun Burton35
Jones, Dale Robert5
Jones, Darlene ( Sister )46
Jones, David M. ( Brother )42
Jones, Dorothy Williams21
Jones, E. Edward, Sr. ( Dr. )47
Jones, Earline Williams14
Jones, Earnest2
Jones, Eddie M.2
Jones, Eddie M.4
Jones, Eddie Mitchell26
Jones, Edna15
jones, Edna45
Jones, Edna Abram2
Jones, Effie ( Mother )39
Jones, Ellen May Henry ( Missionary )43
Jones, Ernest31
Jones, Ernest Dean  ( Shack )21
Jones, Ernest James33
Jones, Ernest James “EJ”4
Jones, Ernest Lee13
Jones, Eugene26
Jones, Eugene Lavern29
Jones, Eva Lavelle Bryant15
Jones, Ezekiel C.28
Jones, Frank Alvin33
Jones, Frank Ira13
Jones, Frankie Lee ( Brother )35
Jones, Frankie Lee ( Brother )44
Jones, Gary L.34
Jones, George2
Jones, George8
Jones, George Arthur31
Jones, George Washington Jr.4
Jones, Geraldine29
Jones, Gilbert33
Jones, Gregory Lewis33
Jones, Hattie Clark ( Sister )34
Jones, Herman E.19
Jones, Herman Lee29
Jones, Herman Lee, Sr. ( Sir)49
Jones, Hilery8
Jones, I. V.28
Jones, Irene Wesley4
Jones, Irene Wesley8
Jones, James M.. 42
Jones, Jeannette P. ( Sister )41
Jones, Jerry  ‘ FJ ‘39
Jones, Jessie Hines4
Jones, Jessie L.31
Jones, Johnnie Mae Lee ( Sister )44
Jones, Jonathan Lavon (Big John)13
Jones, Jubie6
Jones, Jubie37
Jones, Katie Frances Johnson15
Jones, Katie Johnson14
Jones, Leon A. “Tony”23
Jones, Leroy37
Jones, Lillial26
Jones, Lillie Mae Willis4
Jones, Lorenso ( Bro. )46
Jones, Lucille8
Jones, Lucille Brown28
Jones, Lula Mae Nash21
Jones, Mary D. ( Sister )42
Jones, Mary Fisher28
Jones, Mary Lee Brown10
Jones, Mary Lee Brown13
Jones, Melba Smart Decatur 42
Jones, Melvin42
Jones, Merdis L. Berry32
Jones, Mildred Catherine Brown29
Jones, Mildres Catherine Brown13
Jones, Missionary Nell Price9
Jones, Moody ( Reverend )46
Jones, Mose18
Jones, Nathan Jr.2
Jones, Nell Elizabeth  Price37
Jones, Nell Elizabeth Price6
Jones, Nettie Lee Williams4
Jones, Newton Jr.4
Jones, Onzie Lee29
Jones, Otis Donovan ( General )25
Jones, Pearlie Mae ‘Cohea’39
Jones, Ralph Waldo Emerson24
Jones, Ray Donald25
Jones, Raymond Romeo16
Jones, Raymond Romeo23
Jones, Robert15
Jones, Robert37
Jones, Robert Lee ( Mother )31
Jones, Robert Lee Moore2
Jones, Rosetta18
Jones, Ruby Lee Hollis34
Jones, Ruby Lee Hollis39
Jones, Samuel Leslie ( Reverend )42
Jones, Sarah L.9
Jones, Sarah L. 11
Jones, Taylor11
Jones, Taylor “Bro”12
Jones, Thelma R.37
Jones, Torrence ‘ Tori ‘ Vashon20
Jones, Tyrone DeEdrick ( Maestro )20
Jones, Tyrone DeEdrick ( Maestro )45
Jones, Villion R, C. Williams ( Sister )46
Jones, Villion R. C. Jones ( Sister )47
Jones, Viola Bellman8
Jones, W. T.40
Jonse, Emmett31
Jordan Calvin46
Jordan Macy A.12
Jordan, Annie Mae ( Anna ) ( Sister )36
Jordan, Annie Mae Smith12
Jordan, Derrick20
Jordan, Donnie Ray14
Jordan, Earnestine Jones8
Jordan, Earnestine Jones33
Jordan, Heffery Lee Jones30
Jordan, Henrietta14
Jordan, Henrietta22
Jordan, Laura Candler7
Jordan, Laura Candler ( Sister )44
Jordan, Lillie ‘ Man ‘ ( Brother )36
Jordan, Macy M.21
Jordan, Mariah Ward29
Jordan, Mattie B. Hogg33
Jordan, Ollie McCarty21
Jordan, Ollie McCatty12
Jordan, Robert Felton ( Deacon )42
Jordan, Roosevelt29
Jordan, Sylvia Perry ( Sister )36
Jordan, Warren17
Jordan, Warren H.24
Jordan, Will Lewis4
Jordan, Willie B.24
Jordon, Stonewall J.7
Joshua, Genevieve21
Joshua-Collins, Janetta Marie6
Joyner, Charlie ( Mr. )43
Joyner, Cora Byrd ( Sister )40
Junior, Fred Thomas6
Kaltabdul, John H.49
Keal, Prince Cornelius8
Keal, Sarae Marie27
Keegan, Jerry4
Keeton, Josie ( Mrs. )43
Keeys, Gertrude Lucelia Facen43
Keller, Gregory Lewis2
Kelley, Bobbie Jean C.35
Kelley, Daniel Edward1
Kelley, Delrorse W.10
Kelley, Huey P.35
Kelley, Lauretta Williams1
Kelley, Ruby Louise Johnson25
Kelley, Ruby Louise Johnson ( Sister )46
Kelley, William ” Bill “35
Kelley, Willie ( Brother )35
Kelly Christopher Deshon40
Kelly,  Stewart Emil50
Kelly, Alyce V. ( Sister )35
Kelly, Christopher Deshon39
Kelly, Claudean50
Kelly, Delores Winston7
Kelly, Ella Lee ( Dr. )45
Kelly, Emma Delores31
Kelly, Henry Lee30
Kelly, Leroy40
Kelly, Lovie Lee39
Kelly, Lurean50
Kelly, Ned Lee33
Kelly, Shanderrick ” Montrell “40
Kelly, Viola Jean Byrdsong14
Kelly, William9
Kelly, William ‘ Pumkin ‘21
Kelsey, Aaron37
Kelsey, Aaron ( Brother )36
Kelsey, Alverne Carr ( Sister )36
Kelsey, Elizabeth37
Kelsey, Lavern36
Kelson, Reginald Elliott36
Kemp, Annie16
Kemp, Marian Tanya Prud ‘homme39
Kendrick, Jacqueline Faye ( Sister )45
Kendrick, Phillip W.  ( Sgt. )47
Kendricks, Jacqueline Faye (Sister )47
Kendricks, Malinda ( Sister )47
Kenerson, Harry20
Kenerson, Hattie20
Kenerson, Lloyd20
Kennedy Cora T.37
Kennedy, Alice Patterson (Mother)48
Kennedy, Brenda Faye Smith4
Kennedy, Carolyn Rose Marie Jackson22
Kennedy, Cora Thomas6
Kennedy, Donald Ray4
Kennedy, Eddie Lee ( Brother )47
Kennedy, Emmma Mary Griffin ( Sister )47
Kennedy, George ( Jr. )18
Kennedy, James16
Kennedy, Katie Mae Moore27
Kennedy, Katie Mae Moore29
Kennedy, Lawrence L. C.13
Kennedy, Mary Jane Gransberry ( Mother )47
Kennedy, Monica Latrice (Sister)48
Kennedy, Prentiss, Kavell47
Kennedy, Sammie Gene16
Kennedy, Steve31
Kennedy, Wendell L. “Babe”4
Kennerson, John20
Kent, Fannie ( Sister)40
Kent, Fannie Scott23
Kent, Reva Williams ( Sister )34
Key, Mary William42
Keys, Arnedia Faye Roy42
Keys, Rosalind24
Kidd, Armentha Mary37
Kidd, Clella Irene7
Kidd, Doris Jean7
Kidd, Henry C.24
Kidd, Johnny ( Mr. )46
Kidd, Percy ( Bro )36
Kie, James ( Noe )47
Kilgore, LeRoy12
Kilgore, LeRoy21
Killian, Lloyd22
Kilson, Helen15
Kilson, Robert Myles, Sr. 43
Kimble, Henrietta Cornelius ( Sister )44
Kimp, Ruth Iola20
Kims, Harriet Johnson2
Kims, Harriet Johnson7
Kindle, Lawyer5
Kindle, Lawyer9
Kindle, Lela Mae41
King, Allen20
King, Beatrice39
King, Bessie Mae Watson47
King, Brenda Joyce16
King, Cora Mae Hearn30
King, Dorothy Jeana31
King, Enos Elijah24
King, Enos Elijah35
King, Essie Mae39
King, Ezell43
King, Jack Jummer Jones15
King, Jessie Johnson23
King, Joh H.  ( Deacon )44
King, John L.15
King, Katie Green12
King, Luvell14
King, Robert L. ( Reverend )34
King, Thomas32
King, Travis15
Kinison, Javers20
Kiper, ? Allen8
Kirk, Kenneth James Jr. (Sgt.)3
Kirkendolph, Henry Lee34
Kirkpatrick, Climmie Lee Allen ( Sister )46
Kittling, Grover C.38
Kline, Betty Jean ( Sister )34
Knight, Eardis4
Knight, Eardis5
Knight, Eardis9
Knight, Joseph ‘ Joe ‘30
Knight, Olivia McClary9
Knox, Emma Lee32
Kober, Edith19
Kyle, Ronald Lee34
Kyles, Bobby Wayne42
Kyles, Katrina39
Kyles, Uganda Rhodesia9
Kyles, Uganda Rhodesia17
Kyles, Uganda Rhodesia31
Kyles, Uganda Rhodesia47
Lacender, Henry29
Lacy, Essie B.8
Lacy, Michael Charles10
Lain, Arthur41
Lain, Bertha Lee Otis37
Lain, Clyde20
Lain, Robert Earl46
Lain, Sir Clyde50
Lamb, Bro. George50
Lamb, Carey Dell19
Lamb, Ceasar18
Lambert, Azalee Carr3
Lampkin, Francis Lott27
Lancaster, Freeman28
Lancaster, Willie Mae37
Lancaster, Willie Mae39
Lancaster, Willie Mae40
Land, Bertha Gardner36
Land, Betty J. ‘ T. T. ‘24
Land, Curtis Thomas8
Landers, Lorine Gix18
Landrum, Jewel Juanita Hanspard16
Landrum, Jewel Juanita Hanspard ( Sister )35
Langford, Shirley Mae1
LaPolle, Alfred, Sr. (Brother)48
LaPoole, Gregory “Tink “40
Larence, Verter Lee “Auntie”4
Larkin, Jessie B.29
Larkin, Willie34
Latchison, Remona Marie Foster ( Sister )46
Lathan, James Cranford32
Lattimore, Judy Gail ( Sister )42
Lavander, Lena8
Lavender, Henry2
Lavender, LaKita37
Lavender, Ruthie Lee Jackson31
Law, Clara Shepherd2
Law, Clara Shepherd31
Lawrence, Alzine Grant23
Lawrence, Ethel20
Lawrence, Gilbert26
Lawrence, Ida Kinsey1
Lawrence, L. V. ( Sister )42
Lawrence, Willis ‘ Ricky “50
Laws, George ‘ Bubb” Edward31
Lawson, Amos ( Deacon )43
Lawson, Edward ” Jr. “40
Lawson, Joe ‘Joby “24
Lawson, John Robert  ” Pap”18
Lawson, John Robert, Sr. ” Pap”46
Lawson, Julia Mae30
Lawson, Rosie L. ( Sister )49
Lawson, Shirley A. ( Deaconess )49
Lawson, T. L.35
Lee, Aubrey15
Lee, Bertha James14
Lee, Betty16
Lee, Betty Ruth Tillman26
Lee, Carolyn York31
Lee, Charlie9
Lee, Charlie James ( Sr. )22
Lee, Cynthia Gail Stevenson29
Lee, Dora Atkins ‘Sweetie’ ( Mother )42
Lee, Elzy29
Lee, Hazel W.19
Lee, Hue M.45
Lee, James25
Lee, James Jr.4
Lee, Johnnie B. (Rev.)13
Lee, Joseph S. L.47
Lee, Katie Newton ” Sister “40
Lee, Lizzie ( Sister )41
Lee, Marcus Lionel1
Lee, Marcus Lionel19
Lee, Maude L.31
Lee, Millard Dean12
Lee, Nellie B. 17
Lee, Nellie B. Jones8
Lee, Pearlie M.34
Lee, Robert “Little Robert”1
Lee, Thomas Lucas ‘ Smokie ‘24
Lee, Thomas Lucas ” Smokie “19
Leggett, Neural46
Leigh, Van E.37
Lemon, Rosie12
Lemon, Rosie21
Lemon, Sylvester12
Lemon, Sylvester21
Lemons, Marion14
Lemons, Roylene Ellis31
Lenard, Roosevelt ( Brother )43
Lenoir, Cora Lee Gibbs28
Lenoir, Jimmy Jr.2
Lenoir, Jimmy Jr.4
Lenoir, Jimmy Jr.9
Lenoir, Tonya Tiese Smith6
Leonard, Lydia Conway1
Leonard, Lydia Conway15
Leonard, Ruby Nell White14
Leonard, Ruby Nell White16
Levels, Herman B.25
LeViege, Samuel L.20
Levingston, Arezellar1
Levington, Arezellar37
Lewis, Ada Melinda38
Lewis, Alverne Regale Ford ( Sister )46
Lewis, Andrew Lee12
Lewis, Avery Clive7
Lewis, Billy Ray7
Lewis, Christine Turner Lewis38
Lewis, Clarence30
Lewis, Clarence, Sr. ( Bro. )43
Lewis, Corby C.9
Lewis, Dexter Jerome ( Brother )36
Lewis, Dorothy ” Doris “35
Lewis, Dorothy Jean Joyner34
Lewis, Edward Lamon10
Lewis, Elizabeth Rodgers ” Lil Bo “41
Lewis, George2
Lewis, Gertrude Ross ( Sister )43
Lewis, Hallie Lee White37
Lewis, Hannah “Donnia”19
Lewis, Hattie ( Sister )40
Lewis, Helen50
Lewis, Ivory Lee42
Lewis, J.B.5
Lewis, J.B.9
Lewis, James  “SonnY “35
Lewis, James  ( Deacon )35
Lewis, James ” Sonny ” , Jr.49
Lewis, James ( Deacon )35
Lewis, James ( Jr. )38
Lewis, James Clifton22
Lewis, James Clifton (Deacon)48
Lewis, James Jr.9
Lewis, Joilet Elgin ( Sr. )18
Lewis, L. L.18
Lewis, Lois Marie ( Sister )40
Lewis, Marion16
Lewis, Nealy Jr.2
Lewis, Retha A.41
Lewis, Robert13
Lewis, Robert Rougeou Jr.45
Lewis, Rosella  ( Sister )35
Lewis, Sallie Wade1
Lewis, Sallie Wade4
Lewis, Sally Wade ( Sister )35
Lewis, Tiny Mae ( Sister )46
Lewis, Vicki LaVette6
Lewis, Vickie La Vette37
Lewis, Willie14
Lewis, Willie Bell Devenport5
Lewis, Willie Lee42
Lewis, Willie Roy1
Lewis, Winona J. Fitch “Baby Jo”23
Lewis, Winona J.Fitch “Baby Jo”16
Lewis, Yvonne McGee12
Lexing, Terry Wayne10
Lindsay, Joe Robert37
Lindsey, Ovella M.48
Linkford, Willie “Dan”23
Linwood, LaTonya Beatrice Norsworthy17
Little, Donna Claudine29
Little, Donna Claudine36
Little, Earling30
Little, Earling Jr.9
Little, Emma ( Sister )46
Little, Esther M. Smith9
Little, Esther M. Smith39
Little, Henry Bernard27
Little, Jerry ” Leola “22
Little, Jerry Donnell1
Little, Jerry Donnell4
Little, John Edward17
Little, Lucille ” Sue ”  Marie22
Little, Lueretha19
Little, Lueretha Wilhite8
Little, Marrie34
Little, Tyrone Deon11
Littlejohn, Jenette S. (Minister)48
Littleton, Teneesha LaTrice35
Lloyd, Edna Earl DeGraffenreid18
Lloyd, Edna Earl DeGraffenreid19
Lloyd, LeRoy Jr.2
Lloyd, Mandy5
Lloyd, Sister Betty Davis50
Loche, Birdie Monroe38
Lockett, Lela35
Lockhart, Keidan Jamal42
Lofton, James Wayne25
Logam, Minnie Lee47
Logan, Cheryl Annette22
Logan, Cheryl Annette31
Logwood, Alee37
Logwood, Frankie Williams4
Logwood, Georgetta6
Logwood, Georgetta37
Loing, J. D.31
Loing, J. D.39
Loings, Mary Ann Aquillard28
Lomax, Vennie Tillman6
Long, Arthur Harold20
Long, Ashton Jacobi20
Long, Clinton Lorenzo14
Long, Ernest15
Long, Ivory “Ira” Grayson18
Long, Jolterrance Travelle ‘ Puzz’32
Long, Lamika Lashea27
Long, Lennie Mae Benjamin (Mother )31
Long, Lucinda Jones1
Long, Lucindy ‘ Cindy ‘31
Long, Michael Ernest ( Deacon )49
Long, Peter ( Deacon )38
Long, Thurmon32
Long, Travoria Steve Rashade37
Long, Vernon Joe32
Lord, Edgar7
Loring, Alfred28
Loring, Callie Mary ( Mother )40
Loring, Jesse19
Loring, Johnny L.32
Loring, Lillie Jewel Carroll28
Loring, Lillie Jewel Carroll ( Mother )40
Loring, Mary Jones19
Loring, Reed (Deacon )46
Loring, Ruthie ( Sister )42
Loring, W. T.” Dub “19
Loring, Willie Mae Jones49
Loring, Willie Mae Jones50
Lott, Len Archie25
Louis, Donald Ray13
Louis, Harriet ( Missionary )46
Louis, Hilton ‘ Papa’50
Louring, Annie Lee19
Louring, Charles Ronnie19
Love, Kathleen Henderson31
Love, Van9
Love, Van10
Love, Velma ( Mother )40
Lowe, Clarence 34
Lowe, Ike ( Brother )42
Lowen, Mary19
Lowens, Joseph19
Lowens, Joseph ( Brother )42
Lowens, Joseph ( Brother )47
Loyd, Mary Louise16
Lucas, Jessie Jr.3
Lucky, Bevelyn Moss5
Lumpkins, Tranisha James42
Lunnon, Christine37
Lunnon, Christine Reed6
Lunnon, Christine Reed8
Lusk, Brother Jerry50
Lusk, Jimmie9
Lusk, Jimmie ( Brother )36
Lyles, Henrietta ( Sister )40
Lynch, Delores J. Kittling33
Lyons, Frank ” Dad Frank “19
Lyons, Joseph Sidney22
Lyons, Juanita Virginia Jordan ( Sister )45
Lyons, Melvin37
Lyons, Mildred Hodge45
Lyons, Mose Edward Jr.2
Lyons, Mose Edward Jr.4
Lytle, Matilda Jo Haynes36

2 thoughts on “African-American Funeral Home Program Collection Part I: A-L Names

  1. Good day! I just came across your funeral program listing and believe you have records for persons that I am researching. How do I obtain a copy of the funeral program? I’m in NJ . . . and for now, like most – home bound!
    Much thanks


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