College Yearbooks in the Genealogy Department

Yesterday I gave you a list of all the elementary and secondary school yearbooks available in the Ouachita Parish Library. Today I give you the list of college yearbooks we have. If you have any yearbooks you would like to donate that would fill in the gaps in our collection, please let us know! We would like as many area yearbooks as we can get! They are a great genealogical and historical resource. And here is a hint if you want to see a particular yearbook: Many of these Universities have digitized their complete collection of yearbooks and you can see them for free online!

Yearbook TitleYearSchoolNote
Yoncopin1936Centenary College – Shreveport, LA
The Tiger1951Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1959Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1960Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1962Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1963Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1966Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1967Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1968Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1969Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1970Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1973Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1976Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1980Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1981Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1982Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1983Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1985Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1986Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1991Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1992Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1993Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1995Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1996Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger1997Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger2001Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger2002Grambling College – Grambling, LA
The Tiger2005Grambling College – Grambling, LA
Gumbo1917* in SCLSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1927LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1928 (2)LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1931LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1932LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1934LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1935LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1936 (2)1 in SCLSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1937LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1938 (2)LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1940LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1941LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1942LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1943 (2)1 in SCLSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1944 (2)LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1945LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1946LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1947LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1948LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1949LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1951LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1952 (2)1 in SCLSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1953LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1956LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1957LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1958LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1960LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1961LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1962LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1963LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1965LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1966LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1967LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1970LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1971LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1972LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1973LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1974LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1975LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1976LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1977LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1979LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1980LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1983LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo1986LSU – Baton Rouge, LACelebrates 1860-1985
Gumbo1997LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Gumbo2008LSU – Baton Rouge, LA
Sauce Piquante1989LSUA – Alexandria, LA
Sauce Piquante1992LSUA – Alexandria, LA
Sauce Piquante1993LSUA – Alexandria, LA
Sauce Piquante1994LSUA – Alexandria, LA
Sauce Piquante1995LSUA – Alexandria, LA
Lagniappe1927 (2)LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1928LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1932LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1933LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1934 (2)LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1935LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1936LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1937LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1938LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1939LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1940LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1941LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1942LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1943 (2)1 in SCLA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1945LA TECH – Ruston, LAAlma Mater 1895-1945
Lagniappe1946 (2)1 in SCLA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1947LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1948LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1949LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1950LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1951LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1954LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1955LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1956LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1958 (2)1 in SCLA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1959 (2)1 in SCLA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1960LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1961LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1962LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1963LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1964LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1965LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1966LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1967LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1968LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1969LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1971LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1972LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1973LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1974LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1975LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1976LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1978LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1983LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1986LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1987LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1988LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1989LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe1990LA TECH – Ruston, LAAlso an Alumni Directory
Lagniappe1995LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Lagniappe2001LA TECH – Ruston, LA
Potpourri1925Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1934Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1935Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1948Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1950Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1951Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1957Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1958Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1959Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1965Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1973Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1974Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1975Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1976Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
Potpourri1977Northwestern (NSU) Natchitoches, LA
The Cat/Jaguar1952Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Cat/Jaguar1957Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Cat/Jaguar1958 (2)1 in SCSouthern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Cat/Jaguar1959Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Cat/Jaguar1960Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Cat/Jaguar1961Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Cat/Jaguar1968Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Cat/Jaguar1975Southern University – Baton Rouge, LAName Changed from CAT
The Cat/Jaguar1993Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Cat/Jaguar1994Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Cat/Jaguar2000Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA
The Jambalayacirca 1910* in SCTulane University – New Orleans, LAVolume 16
The Jambalaya1920Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1924Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1939Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1945Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1948Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1949Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1950Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1953Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1954Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1955Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
The Jambalaya1965Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
L’Acadien1940Southwestern (USL) – Lafayette, LA
L’Acadien1941Southwestern (USL) – Lafayette, LA
L’Acadien1942Southwestern (USL) – Lafayette, LA
The Chacahoula1933 (2)1  in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LAOuachita Jr. College Vol 1
The Chacahoula1934 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1935ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1936ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1937ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1938 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1939ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1940ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1941ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1942ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1943 (3)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1944ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1945ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1946 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1947ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1948 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1949 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1950 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1951 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1952 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1953 (2) 1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1954ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1955ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1956 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LASilver Anniversary
The Chacahoula1957ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1958ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1959ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1960ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1961ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1962ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1963ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1964ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1965 (2)1  in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1966 (2)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1967ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1968ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1969ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1970ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1971ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1972ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1973ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1974ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1975ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1976ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1977ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1978ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1979ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1980ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1983ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1984ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1985ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1986ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1987ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1988ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1989ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1990ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1991ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1992ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1993ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1994ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1995 (3)1 in SCULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1996ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1997ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1998ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula1999ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2000ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2001ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2002ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2003ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2004ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2005ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2006ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2007ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2008ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2009ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2010ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2013ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2014ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA
The Chacahoula2015ULM (Northeast)  Monroe, LA

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