Christmas Fiesta Parade Float – 1939

This first photo shows a float lined up waiting to start the parade. From the angle of the photo, they were parked along Elysian Fields, next to the Old City Cemetery. This next photo shows the same float, now on DeSiard Street between the Palace and the Style Shop. Notice the banner over the … Continue reading Christmas Fiesta Parade Float – 1939

Merry Christmas Everyone! Photo of the 200 block of DeSiard street at the corner of Jackson street, decorated for Christmas circa 1940. Notice Liggett's Drug store on the corner of Jackson and DeSiard, the Palace all lit up and the Capital Theater sign. Everything up to the Palace on that side is gone and is now a … Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Grand Dame of Monroe: The Palace Department Store Building

For over seventy-five years, the Palace Department store was the Grand Dame of DeSiard Street.  People came from miles around to do their shopping inside its walls.  Many long time residents mourned its passing when the doors closed in 1982.  For twenty-seven years the building sat empty and barren.  The building received new life and … Continue reading The Grand Dame of Monroe: The Palace Department Store Building