Another Iron Coffin Body Found

            Many people in the area are familiar with the story of the “Girl in the Iron Coffin” that was dug up in Lakeshore in 1955.  She was so perfectly preserved that the magnolia blossom in her hair was still fresh looking.  She was later identified as Mary Catherine St. Clair Morrison Wade and was … Continue reading Another Iron Coffin Body Found

The Wedding of the Girl in the Iron Coffin

What a title!  I knew that would catch the eye!  I found this wedding announcement in a very old Monroe newspaper and figured out that Mary was who historians had identified as being the girl in the iron coffin that had been found in the 1960's! The Monroe Olive Branch Thursday, March 18, 1841 Page … Continue reading The Wedding of the Girl in the Iron Coffin

The Girl in the Iron Coffin

On February 3, 1955, an iron coffin was unearthed.  Workers were laying a water line to a construction site on Lakeshore Drive in Monroe when they dug into an underground brick vault.  When the workers hit the wall with their picks and shovels, the wall crumbled and there before them wasan iron casket.  Articles at … Continue reading The Girl in the Iron Coffin